Welcome to world of Predictive Astrology.  Predictive Astrology is different from normal astrology what we see or watch on Television and Social media like forecast based on Sun Zodiac sign , name sign, number sign . There are 12 zodiac signs only and population of people are in billions , one zodiac sign , number etc will cover millions of people , so predictions based on this is not considered more than entertainment or time pass, which is not good for Astrology as people do not take it seriously . You can see nowadays that not only general forecast but gemstones, colors, nature, love matters and even I have seen astrologers are suggesting that which color you should use while using colors in Holi, so all these things are not more than entertainment or time pass with name of Astrology.

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Astrology and Prediction!


We promise you a seasoned, knowledgeable and accurate astrological consultancy on any aspect of your life, be it marriage, finance, children, career, heath or education. Both email & phone consultancy services are available for the clients.

Learn Predictive Astrology

We are ready to profess our seasoned astrological knowledge to aspiring astrologers with a knack towards predictive astrology. We have got video tutorials to ensure a convenient learning process right from home.

Problem in Married Life ?

Are you having issues in your conjugal life? Thanks to our seasoned knowledge and expertise in Jyotishshastra we are equipped to find remedy for any trouble disturbing the marital bliss- adultery, problem with children, in-laws issues, incompatibility etc.

Mrityunjai Ojha

Experience: 10 years in Predictive Astrology.
Astrological skills: Vedic and KP Astrology. Teaching KP Astrology.

A well known name in the field of Predictive Astrology on internet and social media having more than 2 lacs followers from 50 countries. He uses Vedic astrology and Krishnamurthy Paddhati for better accuracy in predictions. He is a research oriented Astrologer in field of Profession, Relationship and health.. His interest about astrology aroused when he was studying in 10th standard later he studied many branches of astrology with blessing of Mercury and Jupiter placement in his horoscope.

Mrityunjai Ojha belongs to a Brahmin family from Gorakhpur, UP. Astrology and Spirituality were never new concepts for him. His interest about astrology aroused when he was studying in 10th standard in his village and he read many books of Hindu/Vedic Astrology like Phaldeepika, BPHS etc .


Career consultation

Career consultation covers topic like Which career is best for you? Your destiny and Dasha time supporting career for you. Time for job change, promotion or job loss. Good and bad phase in career. Job or business?

In a horoscope , career and money is ruled by 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house , For career, 2nd , 6th and 10th house are main factors, this trine is called Arth Trikona too , 2nd house is money , 6th is attempt to

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Marriage consultation

Correct birth time forms the essence of an accurate horoscope and any discrepancy in the birth time will lead to a faulty natal chart. There are 3 parameters of locating the right birth time- date, place & time of birth.

However, given our in-depth knowledge on Jyotishshastra, we have come up as one of those rare astrology portals who are equipped in detecting the perfect birth time by analyzing the life events.

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