Both Mars and Saturn are transiting in Libra, which is a cardinal/Movable sign with air element, These 2 super malefic planets have started making disasters from last 10 days. Accidents in air, already 2 planes crashed and one helicopter fell down, As Libra is an airy sign so impact in air will be higher but we need to be careful in these days up to 4th September, after this Mars will quit from Libra. So this transit will influence everyone. I tried to explain the effects for every Ascendant.

Please note down my intention is just to make you cautious not to afraid of this transit, because any major events cannot take place unless it is promised from Dasha and other planetary influence in individual horoscope but this transit can make worst situation in daily life.

Aries: For this ascendant Mars and Saturn will be their in 7th house so relation with life partner needs attention, be careful while communicating with your spouse. Those people who are in business, they need to careful in dealing with clients and business partner, one need to be careful in matter with foreign affairs and travelling. Spouse health can also give you tensions.

Taurus: For Taurus Ascendant, Transit will be in 6th house, matters related to 6th house like enemy, legal matters, health, job etc. can be reason for worries for you. So need to be careful in such matters.

Gemini: For Gemini Ascendant people, Mars and Saturn transit in 5th house can affect stomach, children, fame, As 5th is 12th from 6th so problems in job can be there. Not a good time for love matters, there can be defame.

Cancer: For Cancer Ascendant, transit in 4th house can affect domestic happiness, health of Mother, Property matters, Politician can get punch from public. One of my Cancer ascendant friend got fire in Kitchen, so all those matters related to 4th house needs attention.

Leo: Leo Ascendant people should avoid traveling during this period, loss in travel; relation will siblings can be affected. This is not a good time to communicate in new matters, media/communication devices can give you problems. Need to avoid unnecessary risks as your confidence can result in overconfidence and you can be beaten.

Virgo: Virgo ascendant people need to be careful in financial matters, good time for settling the loan or any other financial negotiations but savings will be on/off as expenses will be high. Communication with voice needs extra care, Think before speak. Money matter will be a problem for you. Avoid arguments. Problem in mouth, eyes can be there.

Libra: For Libra Ascendant 2 malefic are hammering on your head, so mental peace will be disturbed, problem like migraine, headqe etc can be there. Chances for wrong decision are also there. Negative thoughts can be there.

Scorpio: For Scorpio Ascendant, both these malefic can increase your expenses on health matters, sexual enjoyments, court cases, luxurious pleasures etc. One need to be careful in long distance travel in air.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius Ascendant people need to take care of elder siblings and relation with friends. If your Mars and Saturn are good in horoscope, you can get great chance for huge gain/income. Relation with seniors will not be good. Overall this transit can give good money.

Capricorn: For Capricorn Ascendant , this transit can create problems in working environment, pressure will be there and problems with Co-workers and supervisors will be there . Not a good time for job change, promotion etc. Do not expect support from government and higher authorities. Chances for defame, scandals are also there, so be aware if you do black marketing or black money.

Aquarius: For Aquarian ascendants, not a good time for long distance travel as we have seen crashes. Your belief on spirituality and god can go downwards. Father health can also give you tensions, not a good time for politicians and media workers.

Pieces: For Pieces Ascendants, need to be careful for accidents, sexual scandals, CBI- raid, criminal allegations etc. One need to control his materialistic desires as it can give defame and scandals. Opposition from parents and relatives can be there. Overall transit is very bad for Pieces.

As I said above these are transit indication of these 2 malefic planets and for any specific prediction, we need to see individual horoscope.