Question: Will I get success in today’s Interview or not?

KP Horary Number: 209 Date and Time: 28 July 2014, 18:47.

Place of judgment: Ahmadabad, India.


We can see Moon is connecting with 6th house So question is genuine.

Rule: If 3rd Cuspal sub lord is connecting with 6,10 or 11th houses, success

In there in interview.

3rd Cuspal Sub lord is Venus in star of Rahu and signifying Venus 5 (4, 9) and

 Rahu (8). No connection with 6, 10 or 11 houses, negative houses like 5 and

8 are there as prime siginficators.


Answer: no success in this interview.


Result: Native confirmed on 30th July that he was not successful.