Will I crack this deal?

Pin point answer by KP Horary Prashna Astrology

One of my friends asked me that he has meeting with his client and he wanted to know that whether this client will come to take his services or not? Moreover he wanted to know whether he will crack this deal or not as it was very important for my friend business.


Question: Will I crack this deal?
Horary no: 109
Time of Judgment: 12th August 2014, 16:17
Place: Ahmadabad India.
Ayanamsa: KP New
Rahu Position: Mean
Rule: If 7th Cuspal sub lord is connected to 2nd or 11th house, It shows you have gain from opposite partner/Clients/Customer.
7th house is known for clients, partner, customer etc.

As per this Prashna chart, Cuspal sub lord of 7th house is Saturn who has placed in 2nd house and owns 5th and 6th house. Saturn is placed in star of Jupiter who is placed in 11th house and owns 4th and 7th house.
So we can see 7th Cuspal lord and star lord are connecting with 2nd house of money and 11th house of gain. As Saturn is a slow planet having malefic nature, so I predicted that his client will surely come after few delay and exercise.

Result: My friend called me today and informed that deal was successful and he is going to work with this client.