Placement of Mars in 1st,4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house (Some says 2nd too), is considered Mangalik Dosha, that means problems in married life. It is also considered that if Mars is placed in friendly sign or in own sign in these houses, will not be malefic or will not cause Mangal dosha. Some conditions are like this :

If Mars is placed in 1st house: the person will be short-tempered, mars 4 aspect on 4th house will destroy the family happiness, 7th aspect on 7th house will affect the married life and 8th aspect on 8th house will destroy the sex life.

Mars placed in 4th house : Mars will destroy the family happiness, 4th aspect on 7th house.. again mars will hit the married life life.

Mars in 7th house : Mars will hit the married life , mars 7th aspect on lagna, will make the native short-tempered , 8th aspect on 2nd house will hit the family life.

Mars placed in 8th house : Mars will hit the sex and physical pleasure life of that person, 7th aspect on 2nd house.. will destroy the family.

Mars in 12th house : Mars 7th aspect on the 6th house (Dispute, enemy, court cases , disease) and 8th aspect on 7th house (marriage partner).. that means disputes with marriage partner.

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So these are the logics behind Mangal- Dosha. That means 60-70 % people are manglik as per Lagna chart and Moon chart. Which is a totally wrong concept that only one planet (Mars) and one Dosha (Managalik) will be able to destroy your married life/death of partner/divorce etc.

Not only mars.. if any malefic planet like Rahu/Ketu, Saturn, Mars or Lord of 6th, 8th and 12th house (Mool trikona sign) are placed or hitting 7th house will cause problems in married life but that does not mean that death of partner, Divorce etc. at least 2-3 planets must be supporting for such kind of big mishappenings. A single planet can’t do that as there are 8 more planets.


So do marry with the person whom you want to marry.. forget about this. I have many examples where Manglik and non-mangalik couple are living happy married life. In the ancient time of SWAYAMVARS.. there was such kind of traditions. If there are problems.. there is a solution.. for any kind of prediction and problem we have to see the complete Horoscope with sub-divisional charts/Promise of Cuspal Sub lord, better to go with right person for horoscope reading rather than phobia spreading people.


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