Arvind Kejriwal horoscope/Birth Chart and transit of Saturn



Date of Birth: Friday, August 16, 1968
Time of Birth: 23:46:00
Place of Birth: Hissar



As per the birth details of Arvind Kejriwal, period of Jupiter-Venus is going on up to February 2015, it was started from June 2012.
As per me Venus and Mercury are the best planet in the horoscope and Rahu placed in 11th in star of Mercury so Rahu is also very good for him. Kejriwal won against Sheela Dixit in period of Jupiter-Venus-Rahu and lost against Modi ji during period of Jupiter-Venus-Saturn. As per current Dasha of Jupiter-Venus, time is good up to February 2015 for him. So if Delhi elections happens before February 2015, Kejriwal will win the election as he will be in Dasha of Jupiter-Venus-Mercury or Jupiter-Venus-Ketu, as I said Mercury and Ketu are good, during sub-sub period of these planets , chances for win is there.

Now we talk about transit of Saturn in Scorpio, which will be in 7th house of Kejriwal, so in general, 7th house is known for partner, wife, trade, client, opposition etc. In transit of Saturn, there can be problems with partners within the party which may create loss for him, as 7th house rules opponent , so opponent will be strong and Kejriwal has to face a lot of problems, specially after 28th November when Saturn will be in his own star/Nakshtra in Scorpio, because Saturn is not good for him in natal, it is in debilitated position in 12th house. The Saturn transit in star of Saturn will be there for long time during 2015, so I can not see relief for Kejriwal from opponents from inside and outside both. There can be a lot of loss in party and many people can leave his party, because after February 2015, Dasha of Jupiter-Sun will be there, Sun is good for public support but Sun is not giving any big success.


All the best for him.

Astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha