A big confusion ! Transit from Moon or from Ascendant?

planet transit

Transit is very tricky concept for Astrologers, Generally people are confused about this, few people say transit should be seen from Moon, few says, it should be from Ascendant. I will try to clear this concept and It will help you. Transit cannot oveeride result of Dasha promise of an individual horoscope, so we should keep this in our mind while analyzing a transit. 

If you follow Vedic/Hindu/Parashari/Tradition Astrology:

If you follow Vedic Astrology, We need to see the house of transit from Moon sign, it will clear whether this transit will give god results or bad. Then we need to see transit from Ascendant , it will tell this good or bad transit will affect what matters in other words Transit will be good or bad, look from Moon, What result the transit will give, see from Ascendant.

For an example, if your Ascendant is Aquarius and Moon Sign is Gemini, Right now Saturn is transiting in Scorpio, Which is 10th form your ascendant and 6th from Moon Sign. Saturn gives good results in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses from Moon. So in this transit Saturn will give you good results in the 10th house of career, fame, job etc.

kavita 2

In the same way if your Moon Sign is Cancer and Ascendant is Ascendant, then Saturn in Scorpio is 5th from your Moon sign, Saturn will create problems in career because Saturn transit is considered bad in 5th,9th and 12th houses from Moon.

You can see transit result of all planets (Good or Bad) in this picture from Moon, and then you can see the affected house from your ascendant. Those houses that are not in good or bad houses, they can be considered neutral.

transit planetsedited

These transit results should be considered as general results in all way. We must always remember that transit of any planet cannot give any major events unless it is promised by those planets who are in Dasha-Antardasha . Dasha promise is must for any major events like Marriage, job, major accidents. Suppose few Mars and Ketu are transitting in 8th house from Ascendant , so you can slip down due to effect of transit but no major accident will take place because it is not promised by Dasha-Antardasha lords.

One more clearance from my end . We should give importance in transit to those planets who are in Dasha-Antardasha….and in this case transit should be seen from Ascendant only.

Transit of slow moving planets like Jupiter,Rahu,Ketu and Saturn should always keep in mind.



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As per KP Astrology:

If you are a KP system follower, transit should always to be seen from Ascendant only. In KP system transit of Dasha lords (DBA) are seen in houses, Nakshatra and sometimes Sub level also.

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