Delhi Election 2015: Who will be CM of Delhi ? Kiran or Kejriwal ?


Dear friends , election is in full swing in Delhi and nobody is sure that who is going be coming CM of Delhi as there are close fight between Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi, Even great election analysts and Pandits are unable to say anything about this close fight. Let’s see what stars are saying about these 2 candidates. So we will do Horoscope analysis of Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal and will try to find out the final winner.


Name: Kiran Bedi

Date of Birth: Thursday, June 09, 1949

Time of Birth: 14:10:00

Place of Birth: Amritsar

Longitude: 74 E 56

Latitude: 31 N 35

Time Zone: 5.5

Ayanamsa used: KP


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Kiran Bedi


As per birth chart of Kiran Bedi, Virgo Ascendant is rising and Ascendant Sub lord is Saturn, which is connecting with 5th, 6th and 11th houses which indicates that slow and permanent gain in life.

10th Cuspal sub lord is Moon, Moon is placed in 2nd cusp and owner of 11th houses, Moon is placed in star of Saturn which occupies Leo sign and connecting 5th, 6th and 11th houses, so as Moon is connecting with 2,6 and 11 houses which shows strong win against opponent. So there is strong promise in birth chart to be CM.


Dasha is key factor for win in current election, because apart from promise in birth chart we need support of Dasha to see results in current time. Currently she is going under Dasha of Sun-Mercury-Jupiter up to 31st January 2015 and then Sun-Mercury-Saturn from 31st January to 21st March 2015, and Voting in Delhi will be there on coming 7th February and Results will come on 10th February, and this time will be very crucial , so Kiran Bedi will be under period of Sun-Mercury-Saturn during Voting and results.

I always give importance to 2nd level and 3rd level Dasha, Mercury is placed in Star of Moon and connecting with 1,9,10 and 2,11 houses , so Mercury is clearly indicating for Win and high post, 3rd level Dasha of Saturn, so Saturn always gives slow results after some hurdles, obstacles and delays , but as Saturn is also connecting with 6th and 11th houses so it will be a fantastic time for Kiran Bedi and her opponents will be speechless ultimately.


Let’s see 2nd part of Coin, I mean Arvind Kejriwal horoscope analysis which will clear the picture.


Name: Arvind Kejriwal

Date of Birth: Friday, August 16, 1968

Time of Birth: 23:46:00

Place of Birth: Hissar

Longitude: 75 E 45

Latitude: 29 N 10

Time Zone: 5.5

Ayanamsa used: KP

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Arvind Kejriwal


As per reference, Kejriwal birth details are doubtful and not accurate as per our website too, but still I will try to go with available birth details, but we cannot do deep analysis up to Sub lord level unless we are sure about birth time.


So just look at current dasha of Kejriwal as per given birth details, Kejriwal will be under dasha of Jupiter-Venus-Ketu from January to February at the crucial time of elections, Venus is conneting with 1st and 4th houses and Venus is in own star, which shows support of Public due to connection of 4th house but 2nd 6th and 10th and 11th houses are missing, 3rd level dasha lord Ketu has occupied 5th house which is 12th from 6th , Ketu is again a negative factor, Though Ketu is connection with 6th cusp due to sign lord Mercury connection but 5th cusp is strong here. Again but 2nd 6th and 10th and 11th houses are missing, Moon, star lord of Ketu is connecting with 1st and 4th houses, again support from public is there but no major gain as a CM post.


So as per analysis of Kiran Bedi’s chart, Chances for Kiran Bedi is higher for CM post in Delhi in this time, we can not go deep analysis of Arvind Kejriwal due to doubtful birth details but Kiran Bedi chart is giving enough indication that an IPS officer is going to rule Delhi.


We wish Best of Luck to both candidates.


Note : Astrological Prediction depends on accuracy birth details.

By : Astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha


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