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Whether my Loan application will be approved or not? When?

Here is another proof of Magical KP Horary system for loan application, Native asked the question on 7th January 2015 as he has applied the loan for property purchase, but there was so many obstacles and problem in documents, name and civil reports. Here is the question and analysis.


Date : January 07,2015

Time: 11:23:41 AM

Place of Judgment: Ahmadabad, India

Ayanamsa calculation: KP New

Rahu Position: Mean

Rule: If 3rd cuspal sub lord is connecting with 3rd, 9th or 11th house, application will be approved.

For loan, if 6th cuspal sub lord is connecting with 2nd, 6th or 11th houses, person gets the loan.



Here 3rd cuspal sub lord is Venus (2,4,9) and it’s star lord is Moon (11th), so connection of 9th and 11th houses are there. Rule 1 satisfied here.

6th cuspal sub lord is Saturn (2,5,6) and placed in his own star, so connection of 2nd and 6th houses is found so rule 2 is also satisfied, though it Saturn and connection of 5th house is also there so there can be some problems and delay too, but result will be positive.

Timing for approval : As per Horary chart, period of Saturn-Jupiter-Mercury was going on up to 9th April 2015 and the period was looking positive due to Saturn-Jupiter connection of 2,6,11 houses but Mercury was a bit doubtful as connecting with 12th house, but as Mercury has occupied 4th house which is good for property matters and 4th is 11th from 6th house, so I took it as neutral went to 4th level Dasha to get more closer for the timings, Ruling planets were Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Mercury at time of Judgment, Moon was strongly indicating 11th house, I selected Dasha of Saturn-Jupiter-Mercury-Moon from 23rd January to 2nd February 2015. Prediction given that loan should be approved in this period.


Result: The loan application was rejected from one bank due to document issue, Native went to another bank on 19th January, and again the application was filed with other bank on 23rd January in other bank with complete documents. Despite of 25th Sunday off and 26th January Holiday, due to great effort of Manager and builder loan was approved and confirmed on 31st January. On coming Monday 2nd of February copy of check was issued to the builder.


Astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha

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