Star Series : Ashwini (0°0’- 13°20’ Mesha )


Ashwini is the 1st Nakshatra and it is beginning of everything,  Ashwini shows horse head. It is ruled by Ketu. In Vedic legend they are twin  brothers, who were born out of union of  Surya and his wife Sanjana. Ganesha, elephant-headed son of  Parvati and Shiva, is also strongly  attached with this Nakshatra. Ganesha also represents beginnings  of all  things and is  regarded as  remover of obstacles. horse

All  associated  qualities  with  quickness,  like  agility  and  speediness,  form  core  of  Ashwini’s  functioning. One  can see  that in  order to  be quick,  one has  to be  direct and  to  point. This  Nakshatra has a straightforward, no nonsense approach to dealing with things and  life in general.Natives  with prominent Ashvini  never lose a minute in  converting their  impulses  into thoughts and their thoughts into  action. This  often results  in an  impulsive behavior  pattern, which  in its  negative aspect  often leads to rashness. All  phrases like ”Hurry causes delay,  and haste makes waste”, seem  to be aimed directly at Ashwini natives. 

When Ashvini  is rising  on  Lagna, it  makes  person short,  athletic,  robust and charming  in an  innocent  sort of  way.  In fact,  natives  with prominent  Ashwini can be  singled  out by  their innocent looks and  childish demeanor. Ashwini people are very daring, they have lot of courage, if a 70 years old person is riding a horse, he can be an Ashwini born. Ashvini natives  usually like  to dress well  and can  be seen spending  a considerable  amount of  time on their wardrobe. Ashvini  natives like  to be unique in whatever  they do  and how they are seen.  They are passionate in love and sex with huge sex drive like a horse.


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This is male Nakshtra and It belongs  to Vaishya (merchant) caste of Nakshatras.  Equestrian professions,  horse trainers &  keepers and all  those involved in  equine jobs or sports;  horse racing , enthusiasts  /  gamblers;  all  types  of  healing  professions  (in  present  day  and  age  physicians,  therapists, chemists, counselors,  physiotherapists, druggists &  surgeons); marriage counselors  and childbirth specialists; those involved in promotional  & motivational jobs & campaigns;  physical arts like dancing; those involved in transportation  industry; athletes  and all sport  related jobs;  herbologists; gardeners;  teachers & educators  for beginners; all  those involved  in racing professions  like motor sports;  adventure sports;  explorers; stunt men; researchers &  pioneers; concretors &  all those involved  in laying foundations in  building industry;  people in law   enforcement   agencies;   soldiers;   generals;   mechanical   engineers   &   those   involved   in   engineering professions in general; jewelers, especially goldsmiths;  small business owners and shopkeepers in general.

Padas of Ashwini Nakshtra & related letters  :

First Pada of  this Nakshtra (0° 0’ –  3° 20’ Mesha) falls in Aries Navamsa and is ruled by  Mars. This is Pada which relates to most  pioneering, courageous and physically active part  of this Nakshatra. This  Pada is full of initiative and bestows abundant energy and drive. First Pada of this Nakshtra corresponds to the letter ”Chu”.

Second Pada of this Nakshtra (3°  20’ – 6° 40’ Mesha) falls in Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. This  Pada relates to  more  practical  and  resourceful  aspect  of  this  Nakshatra.  It  is  connected  to  splendorous,  graceful  and indulgent aspect of Ashvini Kumaras. This Pada  likes to see material manifestation of its thoughts and ideas. Second Pada of this Nakshtra corresponds to the letter ”Che”

Third Pada of this Nakshtra falls in Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury.  This Pada relates to light, humorous, communicative  aspect of this Nakshatra. This Pada gives a very quick comprehension  and makes one adept at all kinds of mental activity.  It can be said to be speedy jack of zodiac. Third Pada of this Nakshtra corresponds to the letter ”Cho”.

Fourth Pada of this Nakshtra falls in Cancer Navamsa  ruled by Moon. This Pada relates to  healing part of  Ashvini. This  Pada has  an eye for  people’s needs, and  is usually  very in tune  with pulse  of  collective consciousness  at  any given  point  in time.  It  is  birth place  of  emotional  faculty,  which manifests itself as empathy. Fourth Pada of this Nakshtra corresponds to the letter ”La”.

Guna  (essence), Gana (type), Tatva  (element),Caste and Gender:

Ashwini Nakshtra people belong to Satvik Guna, Dev Gana, Earthly element, Male gender and Vaishya  (merchant) caste. 

Ashwini people should worship lord Ganesha to remove obstacles and problems in life.


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