Star series : Bharani( 13°20’ –  26°40’ Mesha )


Bharani  is the 2nd Nakshtra/Star of zodiac , this is a female Nakshatra and ruled by Venus. The Bharani means, carrying some responsibilities like a pregnant woman, an elephant.  The sysmbol of Bharani is vagina of woman, to represent fertile aspect  of nature which contains a lot of secrets in it , so such type of people are shy nature but they goes to the extreme level once they are explored . their nature is serious type and matured .  they are very deep thinker and can be good research oriented person too. They are not frank in sexual matters as Ashwini people but they go to extreme once they start. 

Bharani Nakshtra


Bharani people carries restraint,  caution, jealousy, secrecy,  forbearance, struggle,  sacrifice,  catharsis, sexuality,  nurturing and maternal  love. Sometime Bharani is an unpredictable Nakshatra, which operates in hidden ways and revels in secrecy. 

All Bharani  natives have a  creative urge  inside them. Feminine  sex usually expresses  this creativity  through bearing children,  while male  sex tries  to be creative  on other  levels. Bharani is  a Nakshatra  where interplay between  male and  female  takes place.  This  makes it  one  of most  sexual  Nakshatras  of zodiac.  Bharani is representative  of  nature’s  force  which  creates  attraction  between  opposites. 

Bharani  types are  usually enthusiastic     and  energetic in  their  approach to  life. They have a strong  sense of adventure  in fields  they pursue.  It is  seen that  they can  only achieve  their  goals if  they are  under constant guidance from a more mature and wiser source. 

Profession :  

All type of profession which are related to birth and taking care of others, like Babysitters,  nannies, nursery  school teachers;  all professions  involving children;  professions connected  with amusement,  theme parks;  children’s toys  industry;  gynecologists; midwives;  all professions  connected  with birth  &  death;  professions  related  to  fertility  clinics;  morticians;  all  those  connected  with  morgues  and funerals; coffin makers; obituary writers;  officials handling birth / death records; homicide detectives; dancers from all schools  and styles;  tobacco, coffee and  tea industry;  cooks, caterers,  hoteliers; professions connected to   slaughterhouses;   veterinarians;   fire   fighters;   automobile   industry;   motor   sports;   stuntmen;   coal   & petroleum  industry; heavy  industries;  surgeons; film  &  entertainment industry;  photographers;  models; all professions  involving use  of  sex and  glamour;  exotic professions;  striptease  artists;  pornography industry;prostitution;  occultists  &  Tantrics using  sexual  energies;  judges; those  in  elite positions  requiring  extreme secrecy; volcanic & earthquake experts;  geophysicists; biologists & microbiologists; seed & fertilizer industry.


Pada and Letter:

First Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Leo Navamsa  ruled by  Sun. Focus here  is on creativity and  self-immersion. Planets here can be extremely self-centric and can often offend others without meaning to.  Drive and will-power inherent in this Pada can be used for  positive ends,  if nativity as a  whole allows for it. 1st Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Lee”.

Second Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Virgo Navamsa  ruled by  Mercury. Emphasis  here is on  service and  hard work.  Planets here function in an altruistic way.  A certain degree of organization is seen even in typically extreme and chaotic Bharani mode. Second Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Lulu”.

Third Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Libra Navamsa  ruled by  Venus. Ability to relate and harmonize opposites characterizes this  Pada. There is however no sense of any  limits here when  it comes to sex and relationships,  which can be either a  good thing or a bad  thing, depending upon evolutionary  level of nativity in question. Third Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Lay”.

Fourth Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Scorpio Navamsa  ruled by  Mars. Energy here is Extreme in every sense of word.  Planets here work in an uninhibited primeval fashion. It  can  be a  highly inventive  and original  Pada,  if its  explosive  energy can  be channeled  properly.. Fourth Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Lo”.

Guna  (essence), Gana (type), Tatva  (element),Caste, Yoni, Direction, Body Parts and Gender:

Bharani Nakshtra people belong to Rajasik Guna, Manushya Gana, Earthly element, Female gender and Maleccha (outcaste) caste.  Bharani Nakshtra rules East, South-East and South directions. Bharani Nakshatra rules head and bottom parts of feet, generally these parts come out of womb while birth of a child, so this Nakshtra relates with these parts. Yoni for this Nakshtra is Elephant. 

Ruling deities are Yama, Parvati and Kali. Bharani folks should worship these deties to reduce hurdles in life. 

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