Star Series : Krittika (26°40’ Mesha – 10° 00’ Vrishabha)


Krittika is the 3rd Nakshtra/Star of Zodiac. It is a Female Nakshtra and is second highly liked by planet Moon after Nakshtra, Rohini. Its Name is of so because Krittikas (seven wives of seven celestial Sages) roused up Karttikeya (Lord Shiva’s son whose birth is primarily for Destruction of Daemons).Thus this Nakshtra rules Wars and Aggression. People born in this Nakshtra are also very fiery in nature. Agni (God of Fire) and Karttikeya (God of War) are its Ruling Deities.


  It is an active Nakshatra and it belongs to Brahman Caste.Its main symbol is an axe, razor or any sharp-edged instrument like blade or knife. All sharp  instruments can  be used for both constructive or  destructive purposes. A knife, for example,  can be used for cutting  vegetables or hurting someone. In same way, Krittika’s  penetration can be used for  cutting through superficial layers of mental  and emotional functioning. On  other hand, it can  be used for causing harm  out of anger or enmity.  In some cases, its destructive aspect  is constructive from a universal  point of view, especially when  those at end of blade are crooked or evil. 

Grahas  placed  in  Krittika  give one pointed  action  and  fiery  bursts of energy.  They  act  in a sudden  and explosive manner.  Krittika natives  have a  direct and  straightforward approach  and  don’t like to  beat about bush. They  usually have  cutting and  blunt manners  which often  offends or  intimidates those  around them. They have an  extreme temper, but it does not last for more than a few seconds. 

Krittika  natives  usually hide their  caring, nurturing and  maternal side beneath  hard, stern exteriors.  Fire, despite its  dangerous and destructive  potential, cooks our  food, warms us  up on a  cold day and  helps make most of  things we  require for  a comfortable  living.  In other words,  fire is  what makes  civilization possible. Going  one step  further,  we find  that  Surya’s fire  makes  life possible  on earth.  This  is reason  why Krittika natives are usually life-sustaining  element within their social sphere. They like to support  others around them through their warmth, independence and will-power.  In some cases this may be excessive and result is  similar to overcooked  food. Krittika  natives can  alienate those  around them  by their sharp  tongue and  nature even though they don’t have any real malefic intent. 


Profession: All Professions involving use of Fire and Sharp Objects. Critics; managers; generals & people in authority positions; technical professions in general; teachers; educators; University  related professions;  lawyers; judges;  surgeons; swordsmen;  fencers; people  who make swords, knives  and other sharp  instruments; blacksmiths;  creative arts involving  use of fire-based  processes;jewelers and  glassmakers; all  military professions;  police; fire fighters;  explosive experts;  those who  work in foster  homes  &  orphanages; professions  connected  to  rehabilitation  of addicts  of  all kinds,   whether  it be related to drug addiction, smoking,  alcoholism, weight problems; professions involved  in promoting methods & techniques  for self-improvement  or self-assertiveness;  spiritual teachers  who promote  strong purificatory measures  or worship  involving  Surya or  fire;  professions  involving fire,  like  fire dancers  or  fire sacrifices; professional  dart  players  or  archers;  barbers  &  hairdressers;  tailors;  work  involving  use  of  needles,  like embroiderers  or vaccinators; gold  diggers &  miners; cooks of  all varieties;  those who make  clay objects,  like bricks for building houses or ceramic  objects; furnace makers; those who make cooking  utensils or trade tools.

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Pada & Letter:

First Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Sagittarius Navamsa  ruled by  Jupiter. This is a highly moralistic,  generous and  altruistic Pada.  There’s a  daredevil  element to  this Pada,  which connects  it to  one type of  military pursuit  or other. 1st Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “A”.

Second Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Capricorn Navamsa  ruled by  Saturn. This Pada also has a strong sense of  ethics, but its vision is more material  rather than mental or spiritual. Even  its spirituality is  expressed  through  matter. Second Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Ee”.

Third Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Aqaurius Navamsa  ruled by  Saturn. This is  also a humanitarian and  altruistic  Pada. It  combines futuristic  visions and  ancient knowledge  on a  weave of fixed principles. Third Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Oo”.

Fourth Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Pisces Navamsa  ruled by  Jupiter. This Pada  has ability to  manifest  its deep sensitivity  on a  material  plane. It  promotes group  work of  all types  in a  joyful, benevolent way. Fourth Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Ay”.

Guna  (essence), Gana (type), Tatva  (element),Caste, Yoni, Direction, Body Parts and Gender:

Krittika Nakshtra people belong to Rajasik Guna, Rakshas Gana, Earthly element, Female gender and Brahmin caste.  Krittika Nakshtra rules from East, South-East to South. Hips, loins and crown of head are body parts related to this  Nakshatra. Yoni for this Nakshtra is Lion. 

Worshiping Lord Karttikeya or Lord Surya (along with Gayatri Mantra Recitation) is recommended for Krittika Folks.


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