Nakshatra/Star Series: Mrigashira (23°20’ Vrishabha – 6°40’ Mithuna) 

Mrigashira is the 5th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac often known as Searching Star. Mrigashira means “Deer Head”, association with a deer makes this nakshatra possess all deer-like qualities,such as timidity,lightness,fragility,fickleness,wandering etc.Deers are portrayed as elusive,magical,divine and enchanting creatures.Its alternative symbol is a ”pot full of Soma”.Soma is preferred drink of gods.It is a kind of celestial nectar,associated with Moon.

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Main planetary influences affecting this Nakshatra are Mangal,Sukr and Budh. Mangal is main ruling Graha of Mrigashira.Mangal is source,which provides energy for  Mrigashira’s ”search”,Sukr and Budh are ruling planets of  Vrishabha and Gemini respectively. Mrigashira is a passive and neutral nakshatra.  

Main deity of this Nakshatra is Chandra.All primary qualities of Chandra like inconstancy,fickleness,changeability,tenderness,persuasiveness,gentleness, sensuality,perceptivity – apply to this Nakshatra. Parvati,wife of Shiva and one of  three main representatives of universal goddess energy,is also its main presiding deity,searching for her perfect spouse; a spiritual aspirant searching for true  knowledge; or a soul searching for new mental,emotional or physical experiences. 

Most ancient tale,related to formation of this Nakshatra is as follows: ”Brahma,creator among Trinity,became obsessed with his own daughter Rohini.He was chasing Rohini in form of a deer.Shiva,destroyer among Trinity,cut deer’s head off with an arrow and thus deer’s head stars of Mrigashira came into being.” 

In Vedic epic of”Ramayana”,it was a magical deer(actually a demon posing as a deer) that caught Sita’s attention; and her craving to possess it resulted in disruption of her and Rama’s marital felicity.This is reason why Mrigashira is associated with problems in married life through illusion,undue suspicion or plain misunderstanding. 

Mrigashira is most curious amongst all Nakshatras,and thus makes one seek new  areas of experience.This seeking brings contentment,fulfillment and enlightenment  only when it is in keeping with one’s life purpose.In other cases,it only brings about temporary satisfaction,which usually gives way to sorrow and disillusionment. 

Mrigashira natives are usually thinly built with youthful delicate features;a smiley, jovial and lighthearted disposition and warm,gentle manners.They are restless type  and may appear as flaky or fidgety to others.They usually convey a sense of fragility through their appearance and mannerisms.Their mind is always roaming about,which in many cases takes form of day-dreaming.They are charming,spontaneous,enthusiastic types who enjoy meeting and relating with people.They are good conversationalists,advisors and enjoy all vocal activities like talking and singing.They have a poetic soul and enjoy beauty in both spoken and written forms of  communication.They are natural satirists and have a strong sense of humor which comes about due to their varied experiences.Despite their conversational skill and sociability,they are naturally shy.Their shyness has to do with their inherent timidity.They don’t like confrontations and therefore are very cautious regarding whom they mingle with. 


Mrigashira natives often display a highly suspicious nature.This comes about due to their high alertness levels and their ability to sense danger,just like deer or stags do in their forest environment.This suspicious nature is especially troublesome in  regards to marital felicity.Like all Nakshatras ruled by Mangal,Mrigashira promotes domestic bickering due to suspicion and inability to be attentive to their partner’s needs.Their partners usually get more attached to them than they do.Mrigashira is a part bohemian Nakshatra and doesn’t like restricting its affections  to one person.Those having a strong influence of this Nakshatra in their charts, usually experience marital disharmony in one form or other.However,if both partners give each other enough space,Mrigashira through its lovingness and delightfulness, promotes profound marital stability like that of Parvati and Shiva.

Pada and Letter:

First Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Leo Navamsa  ruled by  Sun. This Pada relates  to  fixed  and  unyielding  side  of Mrigashira,   which  however  has  ability  to  express  its  experiences through creative and artistic activities. 1st Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Ve”.

Second Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Virgo Navamsa  ruled by  Mercury. This   Pada represents discriminatory, calculative,  satirical and humorous side of Mrigashira. Second Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Vo”.

Third Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Libra Navamsa  ruled by  Venus. This is first  Pada of Mrigashira which  falls in Mithuna.  Emphasis here is  on sociability and  a penchant for exploring  mental side of all  types of relationships. Just  like previous  Pada, a fusing  of mercurial  and venusian energies  takes place here,  but on  a whole,  this Pada  is more  airy in  comparison  to previous  Pada,  and thus  cannot give  strong material results.. Third Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Ka”.

Fourth Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Scorpio Navamsa  ruled by  Mars. This Pada relates to intellectual,  argumentative, suspicious, flaky and whimsical  part of this Nakshatra.  This Pada is not as superficial  as previous  Tula Pada,  but tends  to over-intellectualize  matters, rather  than getting  to root of anything.. Fourth Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Kee”.

Guna  (essence), Gana (type), Tatva  (element),Caste, Yoni, Direction, Body Parts and Gender:

Mrigashira Nakshtra people belong to Rajasik Guna, Dev Gana, Earthly element, Duality (Male-Female) in gender and Farmer caste.  Mrigashira Nakshtra rules South-West and North-West direction. Eyes and eyebrows are body parts related to this Nakshatra. Yoni for this Nakshtra is Snake.  

Profession:  Artists of all types; singers & musicians; painters; poets; linguists; romantic novelists; writers; thinkers and seekers; gemstone dealers; dealers  in earth related products; those involved in textile & garment industry; fashion designers & trendsetters; veterinarians; all professions dealing with animals as pets; salespersons of all kinds; advertising agencies; administrators; landscapers;  farmers & gardeners; forestry workers;  real estate developers; map makers &  navigators; travelers &  explorers; psychics  and  astrologers; teachers, especially those dealing with beginners; artisans & clerks; commentators.


Remedy: Worshipping Goddess Parvati or Lord Chandra is highly beneficial to get rid of any affliction caused by this nakshatra.


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