Nakshatra/Star Series: Ardra (6°40’ – 20°00’ Mithuna)


Ardra is the 6th nakshatra/star of zodiac also known as “The Star of Sorrow”/“The Star of Achievement”. Ardra means moist and it carries a feeling of renewal within it.For example, word ”moist” may refer to moisture in air,which forms clouds,which in turn cause rain.Rain in turn brings life to earthly vegetation and makes them ”fresh” and ”green”.

Ardra image

Its main symbol is a diamond,even though many scholars see a teardrop as its primary symbol.Rahu rules this nakshatra and its presiding deity is Lord “Rudra(destructive and transformative aspect of Shiva)”.

Ardra is female nakshatra. Even though its presiding deity Rudra is male ; Terms associated with Ardra, like ”tenderness”, ”moistness” and ”freshness”,can only be regarded as being feminine.Renewal which earth’s vegetation experiences after rainfall is also one of nature’s feminine phenomena.

This nakshatra relates to”Yatna Shakti”- power to make efforts.Its main theme is searching and reaching desired goal.Ardra thus finishes off searching that began in Mrigashira. Achievement is result of Ardra’s energy.Getting to root of matter is very important to this Nakshatra.Ardra is therefore directly connected to one’s depth of perception.That’s why a “Human head” is its alternative symbol.

Natives born with Ardra rising on Lagna usually have large faces,curly hair and sullen expression.Eyes have a particular piercing quality about them and expression ”going red with anger” literally applies to Ardra natives.Mad,absent-minded professor archetype is an Ardra character.They have good memory and are quick to respond to facts and figures.It must be noted that Ardra natives don’t usually verify facts before they speak.Although they may appear calm outside,there is usually some raging storm going on in their heads.Their lives are full of extreme changes and complete turn-arounds. Ardra natives are intense and unrelenting observers of both themselves and others.This quality,coupled with fact that they usually put their thoughts into speech,makes them appear impolite and critical.In some cases their sarcasm can cause much pain or agony to others. In lesser evolved souls,Ardra displays its childlike tendency to serve selfish ends through lying,unscrupulousness etc.They are,however,courageous like Rudra and don’t mind any type of confrontation.


Because of illusionary energies of Rahu,Ardra can create a whole lot of confusion and make Ardra natives scatter away their intellectual and mental energies in meaningless pursuits.It can also make them stubborn,arrogant and reckless.In present day and age,where science and technology have a strong hold over mass consciousness,Ardra natives usually waste their potential on these material sciences, which in most cases don’t bring about any evolution on soul level. It is seen that a lot of physicists make shift from physics to metaphysics late in their lives,after exhausting all its possibilities.This shows how people can waste their whole lives before coming to any meaningful conclusion.All Ardra natives get a chance to transform their lives for better,but in today’s hyper materialistic age, where all types of illusions abound,it is no easy task.

This Nakshatra is favorable for all destructive kind like activities; like demolishing old buildings; discarding old and worn-out habits and objects; good for research and creative activities within its domain.

Unfavorable for any type of beginning; generally inauspicious for all auspicious activities like marriage,travel,giving and receiving honors,religious ceremonies and like.

Profession :

Electrical engineers and electricians;electronic & computer industry; computer software developers; sound engineers & technicians;musicians,especially those involved in electronic music;English language experts;weapon experts; photographers;special effects people in film industry; computer game designers & Sci-Fi buffs;3D & virtual reality experts;manual laborers of all types;physicists, mathematicians & researchers; scientists; profound thinkers & philosophers; writers & novelists,especially of science fiction genre;surgeons;physicians who administer poisons in small amounts as remedies, like homeopaths; allopathic doctors; those involved in mental sports like chess,scrabble,bridge etc. ; morticians;chemical & fertilizer industry;pharmaceutical industry; professions involving handling poisons of any type; those working in nuclear power plants;eye & brain specialists & surgeons;psychoanalysts & psychotherapists;those specializing in healing or curing brain & head disorders;investigators,detectives & mystery solvers;analysts of all types;lighting experts;X-ray specialists & radar personnel;food processing places which produce canned,frozen & junk food; thieves;legal & illegal drug dealers; sales people adept at lying and double talk; biotechnologists;chemotherapists;politicians & manipulators;snipers & hitmen.

Pada and Letter:

First Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Sagittarius Navamsa  ruled by  Jupiter. This  Padarelates to  exploratory and curious  side of Ardra. Grahas placed  here have a  happy-go-lucky disposition,  butare prone to material excesses. 1st Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Ku”.

Second Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Capricorn Navamsa  ruled by  Saturn. This Pada gives a strong  interest in all  types of materialistic  pursuits and frustration  therein. Most  of negative qualitiesof  this Nakshatra  are  manifested  through this  Pada. Second Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Kha”.

Third Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Aquarius Navamsa  ruled by  Saturn. This Pada relates  to electrical,  scientific  and research  oriented  part  of Ardra’s  functioning.  Storm  here is  at  its  peaklightning stage and thus  Grahas posited here can give  short sudden bursts of inspiration.. Third Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Na”.

Fourth Pada of this Nakshatra falls  in Pisces  Navamsa  ruled by  Jupiter. This is Pushkara Navamsa  Pada of  Ardra. It relates  to sensitive  and compassionate  aspect of  Ardra. It has  a strongdesire to  help those less  fortunate than itself  in process  of evolution.. Fourth Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Chha”.

Guna  (essence), Gana (type), Tatva  (element),Caste, Yoni, Direction, Body Parts and Gender:

Ardra Nakshatra people belong to Tamasik Guna, Manushya Gana, Watery element, Female in gender and Butcher caste.  Ardra Nakshatra rules South-West, West  and North direction. Eyes and back and  front of head are body parts related to this Nakshatra. Yoni for this Nakshatra is Dog.

According to Varahamihira,Chandr’s placement in Ardra makes one ”ungrateful,wicked,violent and proud”.

Remedy : Worshipping lord Rudra is highly commended for Ardra Natives to get rid of afflictions caused by this nakshatra.

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