Aries : Aries is a fiery and movable sign ruled by mars. Aries rules the following areas of profession Defense, weapons and fire related work, Government related work ,Sports, Engineering, Iron, brick, mining related work, expertise in surgery, cooking and agriculture, commanders-in-chief, dentists, executives, executioners, gangsters, manufacturers, military and para-military forces, police, project erectors, surgeons, vocations employing fire and metals etc.

Taurus : Taurus is an earthly and fixed sign, ruled by Venus. Professions areas are designers, engineers, technocrafts, administrators, industrialists, house keeping,Cattle feeding and nurturing, Jewelry trade, finance or money handling, Textiles and handicrafts, showpieces, scents, luxury hotels, dealers of flowers and fruits, all artistic pursuits like acting, music, poetry, story telling and writing and singing etc.


Gemini : Gemini is a an airy and dual sign, ruled by Mercury. Profession areas are accountants, auditors, advisory roles, authors, writers, communicators, business men, computer programmers, engineers, experts in analytical work, intellectuals, journalists, lawyers, poets, publishers, salesmen, secretaries, software engineers, state services, All modes of data communications like letter, books, telephone, TV, cable,Information and broad casting etc, space related research, accountants, auditors, lawyers,judges, councilors, ambassadors, mathematicians etc.

Cancer : Cancer is a watery and movable sign, ruled by Moon. Cancer rules the following areas of profession, administrators, public relations managers, healers, nurses, house keepers, hoteliers, restaurant owners, catering professionals, cooks, eating-establishment owners, professionals dealing with liquids, Export and Import, transportation (through planes, ships etc), agriculture, milk,grocery, vegetable & medical outlets, pearl dealers, hotel & restaurants, water related work.

Leo : Leo is a fiery and fixed sign ruled by the Sun. Profession areas are high service in government which offers security and fixed income, may earn through entertainment, sport, medicine, speculation or scientific pursuits, or may head large organizations, becoming organizers, administrators, contractors, corporators, leaders, politicians, Social & Charitable work, Government and administration related work, Engineering.

Virgo : Virgo is an earthy and dual sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo rules the following areas of profession, accountants, artists, craftsmen, draftsmen, teachers, mathematicians, engineers, traders, writers, etc. They will be good at jobs that involve detailed work, Virgo: Teaching, writing, Auditing, Accounts work, Business, Teaching, writing, Auditing, Accounts work, Business, retail outlets.

Libra : Libra is an airy and movable sign ruled by Venus. Libra rules job/business pertaining to all forms of artistic work (acting, dancing, singing etc), all professions of money, actors, actresses, financial advisors, hoteliers, legal advisors, managers, musicians, physicians, etc.

Scorpio : It is a watery and fixed sign ruled by Mars, Scorpio rules over administrators, advocates, chemists, detectives, officers in the Armed Forces, policemen, politicians, surgeons, traders in metals and chemicals, Raw materials, Iron, Metal, Mining & Engineering Industry, Agriculture, Electricity work, Instrument handling & Manufacturing, precision work, religion work, astrology,mantra, tantric, occult practices etc.

Sagittarius : Sagittarius is is a fiery and dual sign ruled by Jupiter. it rules over social & charitable work, Wood and Forest related work, law, temple, All financial institutions like banks etc, education or teaching related, military, trainers for jobs, financial advisors, lawyers, legal advisors, teachers, physicians, religious leaders etc.

Capricorn : It is an earthy and movable sign ruled by Saturn. Capricorn rules over agriculturists, lawyers, leaders, politicians, stone, mining, sand & construction business, Hotels, food products, manure,fertilizers and pesticide trade, oil merchant, hardware, spare parts and old articles, shoe & leather business, porters, & coolies etc.

Aquarius : Aquarius is an airy and fixed sign ruled by Saturn . Profession related to Aquarius are Religion, Teaching, Research and Development, Psychology,Astrology,Philosophy, Consultancy, Administration, Oil and Natural Gas, Air force, Space missions and research, Defense service, Fire Service, Jail Dept., manufacturing of mass scale destructive weapons, tourism related, central excise dept, butcher shop, Investigating agencies etc.

Pisces : It is a watery and dual sign ruled by Jupiter. It rules on Education or teaching related, religious & Financial Institutions, Medicine, Law,External Affairs, Navy & shipping, religious worker, professions of commerce, development, financial advisor, legal advisor, training, etc.



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