Nakshatra/Star:  Magha(  0°00’ – 13°20’ Leo )

Magha “The Royal Star’’ is the 10th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac.Ancestors(Pitra) rules this nakshatra.The word ‘Magha’ is derived from Maghaban (cloud; Megha; Devataa — Indra).The cloud represents a grave and fearful look. It is the store-house of electricity, the great energy of fires,the terrible thunders are hidden in it.Its sudden lightning, anger wherever falls there is seldom any protection against it.It roars and shakes the very bones. But it has in it the most lovable and nourishing properties of rains. It sheds rains freely for the benefit of the earth and everyone on the earth. It is a selfless gift — it does not want anything in return. So, Magha Stands for suva-karma — a good action particularly for selfless gift for the welfare of others.

Magha is the first nakshatra which relates to individualization process ; as it falls wholly in sign of Leo and Sun being its lord; give emphasize on one’s soul, self-identity, higher authority, inner higher morals. Ketu (the south lunar node) is Planetary lord of Magha. Ketu, is a genetic Graha and it represents paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother in a chart.Our connection with our ancestors has a lot to do with our past lives,which is again a Ketu domain.To sum it up, Magha has a lot to do with genetic and past heritage aspect of Ketu. It also relates to fact that Ketu is responsible for bringing wisdom of ancient ages and civilizations to present.

The symbol of Magha is the Throne (the Royal seat and that includes the Palanquin — the seat that is used to carry the king through the kingdom).Also, Ketu is planet responsible for separation or detachment; same as in case of its symbol palanquin which shows path or journey covered from one place to another. Shakti (Power) here is “Tyage Kshepani Shakti –The Power to Leave the Body”.Magha guides souls to Pitra Loka(realm of ancestors) after one’s death. Thus Magha is basically a facilitator in change of state.

Symbol :   Royal Throne,Palanquin


Star Lord :  Ketu (the south lunar node)
Ruling Deity :  Pitra( Ancestors )

We must understand that the king is not elected, it is not a democracy. The king claims the kingdom through birth right, heritage and legacy. It is that section of Leo which has a sense of entitlement to power. Leaving a legacy behind, especially through having children, is a great motivation for Magha types.

Magha’s throne denotes all that we have inherited, whether it be genes, roots, property, wealth,knowledge or status, through our parents and ancestors. Magha is therefore Nakshatra which is most closely related to our sense of identity. It relates to who we are and where we are coming from.

Natives with Magha rising or strong Magha influence are easy to spot because of their big noses and regal demeanor. Magha people have middle stature and lion-like top heavy bodies. They have arrogant mannerisms which make them misunderstood in general. Their power lies in covering up weaknesses through reservedness. They usually align themselves with their ancestral lineage and derive pride through a sense of belonging. They are usually magnanimous to those below their station in life. Following a moral and ethical code is important for their inner peace of mind.

Poonam Bora

A person born in this Nakshatra is strong-hearted, respects his father, is a learned man, intelligent and is a winner. Magha born will respect the elders and their experience. They are straight forward, do not like to harm others and expect that others should not harm them in any way. These people are often failures if they undertake independent business, as reckless profit making is not in their blood. A person born in this Nakshatra will respect others and in turn expect respect from them. 

Ascendant in Magha: Devoted to God and forefathers, has servants, receives praise, respect, susceptible to allurement of sex, deep-rooted dislike for certain people.

The Moon in Magha: Honored and recognized by learned people, worship of gods and ancestors,involved in some mystical work, enterprising, enjoys life, charitable, physically strong, hot tempered.

The moon in Magha indicates a person who is noble, eminent, ambitious and generous, with leadership qualities, strong traditional values and a drive for power and wealth. They are amiable and have a positive outlook on life. They are loyal and proud of their family and ancestors, but can also be elitist and arrogant.

Males born in this nakshatra get a good, trustworthy wife.
Females born in this nakshatra are religious minded and most devoted to their husbands and they will suffer from uterine problems. They have the capacity to command, are wealthy, devoted, social workers and have moral standard.

The Sun in Magha: Leadership, authority positions, entertainer, musical, seeks attention, kingly, proud nature, adventurous spirit, love of travel, connected to a spiritual lineage.

Career interests: Administrators; managers; royalty; those who bestow (or receive) honors like ”knighthood” etc. ; high places in government; people at top of their chosen professions; legends; bureaucrats; aristocrats; officials; chairmen(those in a position of authority); lawyers; advocates; judges, referees, magistrates and like; politicians; historians; librarians; orators; dramatists & performers; upholders of traditions; professions relating to museums of all types; occultists; black magicians; exorcists; astrologers; dealers in antiques of all types; archaeologists; genetic engineering experts; professions related to using and researching ancient knowledge, monuments etc.; those researching & documenting lineages.

Auspicious activities: Ceremonies of all kinds, especially those requiring pomp and grandeur; marriage ceremonies; stage & public performances whether it involves music, oratory or drama; public displays; coronations and other royal events; parades; award ceremonies; researching one’s lineage; anything involving past; historical / classical studies & research; studying ancient knowledge; religious activities of all types, especially those involving ancestor worship; good for settling disputes or other war like activities; a good time to seek favors from powerful persons, government and other authority figures.

Inauspicious activities: Not favorable for lending money; not good for servile, mundane or common activities; not good for futuristic planning and exploration; not very conducive for dealing with new technologies.

Health issues: Heart problems, stomach, ulcers, skin problems around mouth.

Shadowy side: Arrogance, racial superiority, prejudice and identification with class status. As they are attached to material prosperity, they can win the kingdom but lose their souls. Chronic discontent on their failure to attain their lofty ideals of success. Failure to hit the mark set up for their standards of perfection. Inclined to cruel and fierce activities. Problems faced due to sexual allurements.

Pada and Letter:

First Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Aries Navamsa, ruled by Mars. This is Pada relating to willpower aspect  of Magha. This  is Pada  where throne  is won after  killing of many  headed serpent of Magha. Magha qualities, like self assertion,  leadership, courage and  idealism, are displayed here to their fullest. 1st Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Ma”.

Second Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Taurus Navamsa, ruled by Venus. This is a very ambitious  Pada, where  emphasis is  on image,  duty and materialistic organization. Planets placed here bring about favors from superiors. Second Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Mi”. 

Third Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Gemini Navamsa, ruled by Mercury. This Pada relates to often ignored intellectual side of Magha. After throne is safe, king indulges in more literary  artistic pursuits and listens  to discourses  from learned  men. Emphasis here is on  mental activity  and a  quest for knowledge (knowledge of ancients  in present times!). Planets placed here make one succeed through group activity, even though it is Magha’s essential nature to go it alone.. Third Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Mu”.

Fourth Pada of this Nakshatra falls in Cancer Navamsa, ruled by Moon. This  is Pada  which brings  out  Magha’s  love of  ritual,  ceremonies,  ancestor  worship and  family  pride.  King here concentrates  on wellbeing  of  his subjects,  his  family life  and  looks for  progeny  to keep  his  lineage going. Planets placed in this Pada  make one derive pride from one’s  family, ancestors and one’s charitability. Fourth Pada of This Nakshatra represents letter “Me”.

Guna  (essence), Gana (type), Tatva  (element),Caste, Yoni, Direction, Body Parts and Gender:

Magha Nakshatra people belong to Tamsik Guna, Rakshasa Gana, and Watery element, Female in gender and Shudra caste.  Magha Nakshatra rules East, South, North-West and South-West. Nose, lips and chin are body parts related to this Nakshatra. Yoni for this Nakshatra is Rat.

According to Varahamihira, those born with Moon in Magha have ”lots of wealth, many servants, live a life of luxury and enjoyment, are persevering and devoted to gods and ancestors”.

Remedies: Pay respect and reverence to elders and ancestors. Performance of a ”Shradha” ceremony for one’s ancestors in prescribed Tithi of lunar month of Magha, is auspicious in sense that one receives blessings from world of ancestors. Worship of Kali or Shiva is best way of mastering energy of this Nakshatra. 

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