Nakshatra/Star:  Poorva Phalguni(  13°20’ – 26°40’ Leo )


Poorva Phalguni is the 11th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac, also known as “The Star of Fortune”. Comfort is the keyword for this nakshatra. The symbols associated with this nakshatra are:  a “swinging hammock, a couch and two legs of a bed” reflecting a place of rest and enjoyment. It is also symbolized by ShivaLingam( most commonly worshipped form of lord Shiva ).Fact that Shiva’s penis is worshipped more than Shiva as a whole,relates to penis being a regenerative symbol, representing creation and continuation of life, while Shiva as a whole is God of destruction. This is one of the reason, why Poorva Phalguni is also known as “The Star of Procreation’’ .The Shakti revealed here is “Prajanana Shakti”.

Bhagya( The God of fortune ) is its Ruling Deity. It bestows good fortune, welfare and fulfillment of consequences , attainment of rewards, rejection of evil, correction, cleansing, reformation etc. Surya and  Shukra  are two Grahas related  to this Nakshatra. Shukra is its main Planetary Lord. Shukra’s involvement with this nakshatra is obvious from fact that main functioning  of Poorva Phalguni is procreation. Shukra relates to force which produces attraction between opposite sexes.Surya, however, is  connected with one’s sense of self and is not very comfortable with idea of losing one’s self to another, something  which Shukra naturally stands for. Poorva Phalguni is  a battleground for conflict between ego, love and harmony. It helps to know that venusian energy is stronger in comparison to  solar energy here.Fact that Surya and Shukra  are natural enemies makes it a volatile and turbulent nakshatra. Decision to be made here is how much of self should be sacrificed, in order for love and harmony to find their rightful place. Creativity is only common meeting  point between Surya and Shukra. This is reason why this nakshatra is able to be creative and constructive despite a plethora of inner rages and tumults.

Symbols: Front legs of bed, Swinging hammock, couch, ShivaLingam




Star Lord: Shukra (Venus)

Ruling Deity: Bhagya( God of Material Biss and Prosperity )


This nakshatra is well suited for Business rather than Service. It is one of the most carefree and lazy nakshatra. Poorva Phalguni natives aspire for an easy life, full of comfort and luxury, have a strong desire to be noticed for what they are and for what they  do. They are usually in no hurry to begin day’s activities and like to lead lives of luxury,even if  they can’t afford  to.They are not overachievers,except in  areas where little physical discomfort  is  demanded of  them. They are happy idling about in office, in arts studio,making love or entertaining others with their personality. Most of their efforts go in trying to make themselves comfortable or exploring their own personal feelings, thoughts and emotions.They usually end up having a family but are often not very suited for parental role.Their self-obsessive aspect usually makes them cruel or unnerving for their children.

A person born in this Nakshatra is very brave, fosters many people, clever but cunning, lusty and rough. They have a long face and are generally handsome. They do not like underhand dealings and given a chance, would like to prevent others from indulging in those activities. Their independent nature often makes them difficult to enjoy the confidence of their superiors. These people eat a lot and tend to suffer from headache, sinus or high blood pressure. Poorva Phalguni natives are scrupulously honest and cannot stand back quietly and watch any illegal activity.

The Ascendant in Poorva Phalguni: Gifts in music, dance, drama, attractive, sensual nature, charismatic,creative intelligence, learned, good health, vital nature, leadership, government positions.


The Moon in Poorva Phalguni: Creative intelligence, love of drama, leadership skills, self employed, love of travel, a wanderer,sweet speech, generosity, beauty, mystical nature, teaching skill.

The moon in Poorva Phalguni indicates someone who is carefree, happy-go-lucky, attractive, sensual,affectionate, sociable, kind, generous and loyal. They are good communicators and influencers of others. They are artistic and relaxed in their approach, but can also be lazy and vain.They need to be in relationships and family life is important to them.

The Sun in Poorva Phalguni:  Gifted in the performing arts, vanity, sense of humor, playfulness, regal quality, self-confidence, recognition through connection with women, a showman, gifts in teaching and sales, athletic nature.


Career interests: Actors, musicians, models, business managers, retail sales, radio, television, photography, cosmetics, jewelry, wedding planners, government service, politicians, teachers, professors, sex and marital therapists.

Auspicious activities: Marriage, sex, romance, good for dealing with authorities and all kinds of Persuasion, a good nakshatra for clearing out air in relation to long standing disputes, good for confronting enemies in a gentle appeasing way, rest,  relaxation  and  enjoyment, artistic  activities  like painting,  singing  etc..  good for using charisma or personal  power for gaining  wanted ends, good  for buying  property,matters relating to property  and construction in general.


Inauspicious activities: Unfavorable for all activities which require lessening down of ego, not good for starting new things, not good for intellectual activities, not good for healing or curing  diseases, illnesses which start  at this time are hard  to overcome.

Health issues: Skin problems, lips, addiction issues, heart trouble, blood circulation, venereal disease, accidents with fire.

Shadowy side:  Vanity, narcissism and indulgence. Craving for stimulation and sexual excitements, resulting in a promiscuous nature  with an addictive personality.

According  to Varahamihira,those with Chandra in  Poorva Phalguni are “generous in bestowing liberal  gifts, have sweet speech, pleasing manners,  a habit of wandering and often serve government in one way or other”.

Remedy:  Worship of Lakshmi and other goddesses related to creativity and prosperity,worship of all fertility goddesses, worship of ShivaLingam – are all good ways to harness creative potential of this nakshatra. 


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