Nakshatra/Star: Uttara Phalguni(26°40’  Leo -10°00’  Virgo)


Uttara Phalguni is the 12th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac, also known as “The Star of Patronage’’.  This nakshatra is very much alike to its previous nakshatra Poorva Phalguni, as it shares similar name, symbolism, nature and quality although there is slight difference in its functionality. Uttara Phalguni is all about linking between Soul( Sun ) and Intellect( Mercury ). The main emphasize here is on establishing a Social Identity rather than restricting itself upto Self individuality. It is Less Comfort-Oriented in comparison to its counterpart Poorva Phalguni. It relates to someone lying on a couch, talking, thinking, or contemplating, or involved in some kind of activity like writing, reading etc. As the first part of this nakshatra resides in Leo and rest three parts are in Virgo, So impact of mercury is more here which makes this nakshatra action oriented. Service aspect of this nakshatra comes out because of involvement of zodiac sign Virgo( 6th house of Service in Kaalpurusha kundali ). It is the “Social, Civilized and Cultured nakshatra’’ who is always ready to help the friend in need. It possess great skills in the healing arts and counseling fields. Uttaraphalguni is very much concerned about etiquettes and social graces.


uttar phalguni

This  nakshatra relates to Chayani Shakti – power of accumulation & prosperity, all types of gains made through family, partnerships and unions. It is Uttaraphalguni’s duty to utilize these resources properly, and be generous and fair in its distribution.

Symbol: Back legs of bed


Star Lord: Sun

Ruling Deity: Aryaman (God of Patronage, One of 12 solar deities, Son of Aditi)


This Nakshatra is believed to achieve lots of prosperity through marital union. Aryaman, (God of Patronage, Son of Aditi ) is its Ruling Deity . Aryaman governs marriage contracts and protects family inheritance. Aryaman means devotee of Surya. Aryaman refers to a person who is approached for any help; a patron. In a sense a husband is an Aryaman to his Wife; the financier is an Aryaman to a merchant who seeks finance; a physician is an Aryaman to a patient. Uttara Phalguni indicates both the need for union and for organizing the resources gained through it.

Sun is the Planetary Lord of Uttara Phalguni nakshatra. Most of warlike qualities, such as anger, valor, aggression, fearlessness, urge to conquer and competitive spirit, are commonly shared by Surya and Uttara Phalguni. However,Uttara Phalguni, unlike Surya’s other Nakshatra Krittika, has a more forgiving attitude and is always more interested in upholding harmony and honor, rather than final victory. Protective and nourishing aspect of Surya manifests through Uttara Phalguni. It is gentle but firm. This nashatra is always ready to serve, but only from a position of superiority.

A person born in this Nakshatra is charitable, kind hearted, possesses patience, and achieves fame. They are straight forward and do not like to be taken for granted by others. They have a strong physique, good eyesight and are generally very ambitious. The efforts undertaken by these people have a certain aura of royal authority around them. They will enjoy a satisfactory married life and they are happy with their family. Uttara Phalguni is more productive rather than a purely recreational, enjoyment oriented and indulgent energy nakshatra.

Ascendant in Uttara Phalguni: Attractive, wealthy, several mates, generous, proud, sensual nature, beautiful, intelligent, talent in business, skilled with hands, humanitarian, mystical powers, intuitive.

Moon in Uttara Phalguni: Well-liked, successful, stable, respected much comfort and luxury, good intelligence, inventive mind, happy, friendly nature, tactful, independent, clean-hearted.

The moon in Uttara Phalguni indicates a person who is helpful, kind, friendly, caring, sincere and courageous. They are stable, fixed and focused in their approach to life. They need relationships and family unity, and love humanity in general. However, they can also be dependent in relationships, stubborn and controlling.

The Sun in Uttara Phalguni: Humanitarian concern, leadership, fond of reading and writing, confident, strong pride, arrogance, love of the creative art.

Career interests: Social worker, philanthropists, writers, actors, media personalities, healing arts, state health employees, astrologers, astronomers, mathematicians, business minded people, sales.

Health issues: Lips and mouth, sexual organs, hands and arms, skin sensitivities, digestive troubles.

Shadowy side: Deep sense of loneliness is experienced if they are not involved in any meaningful relationship. Issues of co-dependency and over-giving, resentment and ingratitude. Danger in indulging in black magic and tantra.

According to Varahamihira, those with Chandr in Uttara Phalguni ”earn through their knowledge, are well liked and popular and live a life of comfort and luxury”.

Remedy:  For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this Nakshatra, best remedial measure is worship of Surya. Recitation of Gayatri Mantra is very helpful for natives under strong Uttaraphalguni influence.Worship of Durga and other warrior-like feminine deities also suit this Nakshatra.


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