Nakshatra/Star: Chitra ( 23°20’ Virgo  –  6°40’  Libra )


Chitra is the 14th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac ruled by planet MARS. It is the Star of Wonder and Opportunity. Chitra translates as “The Beautiful One” or “Pretty Pictures” which reflects its ability to arrange things nicely with an artistic fashion. Chitra is associated with final appearance and form of everything in nature. It reflects the world of maya and delusions, which needs to be overcome. Its main symbol is a ”Big, bright, shining jewel”. Its alternative symbol is a ”Pearl”. Pearls, as we know, are formed in an oyster’s moments of irritation, in much same way art comes out of artist’s moments of irritation and depression. Chitra is thus related to mysterious essence behind creativity, using its clear understanding of laws of Universe. It has ability to fashion new, wonderful and delightful things out of seemingly nothing at all. In its higher aspect, Chitra allows one to see beyond illusion of form, thus giving access to pearl of true knowledge.


Essence of Chitra can be summarized in phrase ”create, create and create”. Chitra is a dynamic, energetic Nakshatra which has very little ability to sit still as Mars is being its Planetary Lord. It likes to involve itself in one creative activity or another. When this creativity is in harmony with universal functionings, all goes well for Chitra natives. However, when this is not case, Chitra natives can become unbalanced, selfish, indulgent creatures. Chitra is a very ambiguous nakshatra, thus hard to classify it ; in any fixed category of good, evil, crooked or saintly.

Chitra natives are obsessed with glamour, appearance, complexity, structure and form. Kanya part of this nakshatra is Logic oriented while Tula part is Relationship oriented. Chitra always has an element of doubt and uncertainty attached to it, due to Surya’s weakness in Rashi of  Tula.

Symbol: Pearl or Bright Jewel


Star Lord: Mars

Ruling Deity: Vishwakarma( Twashtar ), the Celestial Architect of the Universe


The Shakti revealed here is “ Punya Chayani Shakti ’’– Power to accumulate merit.


Vishwakarma( Ruling deity of Chitra ) is one of Brahma’s direct mind-born sons. In mythology Vishwakarma does building, architecture, aeroplanes , firearms, bridges, sculptor works etc., for the satisfaction of’ Tvastaa (or Tushti — satisfaction). Born of the sister of Brihaspati he gave his daughter (merit) Samga (correct knowledge) in marriage with Surya (the supreme creator). Samga could not endure the forceful look of Surya so Vishwakarma cut a portion of Surya and made Sudarshana Chakra for Vishnu, Trishul for Siva and Vallam for Kuber, that is to say, all the things that are necessary for sustenance, wisdom and things to protect industries for money.

The First half of this Nakshatra falls in Kanya ( a sign of intellect ) and the Later half is in Tula ( a sign of beauty and trade ). In Kanya, in relation to a person it gives the idea of one having knowledge or intellect in various subjects or a tactful person or an efficient surgeon. But in Tula, it gives an idea of an artist — in painting or in screen or an efficient performer. Kanya being an earthy sign the idea may denote one who is capable of good planning, an engineer. Vishwakarma, has special qualities of arranging things in order, things that are ready-made, fashioned either in the making of garments or in an engineering factory and thus it connotes the idea of collecting, gathering, piling up of various materials presenting beautiful appearance. It is conspicuous, excellent or distinguished.

A person born in this Nakshatra defeats his enemies gallantly, is an expert in politics and has extraordinary intelligence. They enjoy good immune system.

Ascendant in Chitra: Strong ego, engaged in variety of pursuits, wealthy, lives away from birth place, wears colorful clothes, jewelry, expressive nature, graceful, desire for spiritual liberation, honest.

Natives with Chitra rising or having prominent Chitra influences, usually have well-proportioned hairless bodies (if they have hair, they are constantly pruning it), bright lustrous eyes, thin eyebrows and alluring mannerisms. They always have a glint in their eyes. They are born with a natural ability to dazzle. They are usually passionate, but also have ability to fake passions when situation demands it. They hold themselves with a certain degree of dignity, which covers up their weaknesses. Chitra natives always make a special effort to come across as completely together type of individuals.

Moon in Chitra:  Beautiful body, attractive eyes, artistic, strong sexual appetite, great lovers, trouble with father, benefits through mother, good astrologers, intuitive, prophetic.

The moon in Chitra indicates someone with good opportunities in life, with charisma,charm, and glamour. They love bright colors, jewellery and beautiful things and are artistic.They are also spiritual and have great insight, and are good conversationalists and organizers.Many of them will pursue higher education and will retain a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

The Sun in Chitra:  Warrior nature, militant, cunning, harsh at times, interest in art, Photography, music, strong need for recognition.

Career Interests:  All types of craftsmen and artisans; sculptors; architects; designers; fashion designers; models; fashion industry; cosmetic industry; plastic surgeons; surgeons in general; photographers; graphic artists; composers; orators, compeers’ and broadcasters; all professions requiring special abilities and versatility; business experts; interior designers; jewelry makers; Vaastu/Fengshui experts; all professions involving invention and production of all kinds of machinery; builders of all kinds; landscapers; painters; screenplay writers; novelists; production and set designers; art directors; those associated with theater or theater groups; stage managers; performers of all kinds; jazz musicians; musicians with an original and out of ordinary approach; herbalists ; advertising industry.


Health issues: Ulcers, stomach, ailments like kidney and bladder troubles, psychiatric and brain disorders, sunstroke, forehead, skin allergies, wounds from insects, etc. Women should be careful about uterine problems.

Shadowy Side: Strong sexual desires, if not harnessed, can make him/her develop a passionate and seductive person. A smug, arrogant and self-indulgent nature can also develop tendency to give a reply on any matter without forethought and try to rectify one’s utterances when it is too late. Chitra also reflects the world of maya and delusory appearances, connected with the work of magicians and other masters of illusion. The word EGO stands for “Edging God Out” and ego and self-centeredness could bring in a lot of problems to the natives of this asterism if not checked or curbed.

According to Varahamihira, those with Chandra in Chitra are”found wearing bright clothes and garlands, with beautiful eyes and bodies.”

Remedy:  Worship of feminine deity who ride a tiger, like Durga, is best way of getting best out of Chitra. On a higher level, worship of these deities helps Chitra natives to see through illusions of Maya,an important step on road to enlightenment.


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