Jupiter Transit in Leo 2015: The most practical analysis




Friends, as I promised few days back, I will tell you how you can analyze effect of this transit in your own horoscope. As we have seen many analysis on this transit, few people gave analysis based on Moon Sign and Few gave analysis based on ascendant.Those analysis are of no use, just seems good in reading But in terms of results, those analysis have no practical results. They predict everything based on one planet transit results like I said in my last post that if you read last 10 years of Jupiter transit results and apply , many of us would have get married 4-5 times and have children 3-4 times, part from this many other predictions . so before analyzing transit effect of Jupiter, keep these points in your mind:

jupiter transi


  1. Transit of any planet cannot override Dasha results, mean if your Dasha period is not indicating any event, only transit of planet cannot give that event alone, for example, if your Dasha is not saying that you will get married this year, then transit of Jupiter cannot give you marriage, reminding that we have to see dasha up to 3 level, Dasha/Antardasha/Pratyantar Dasha or in KP language Dasha/Bhukti/Antar.
  1. Jupiter transit is considered auspicious (Good) if it is transiting in 2nd, 5th 7th 9th and 11th houses from Moon and it gives bad effects if transiting in 3rd , 4th, 6th ,8th ,10th and 12th houses, There are confusion about 1st house transit from Moon but as per me, it should be better. So  by this way we can understand whether transit of Jupiter will be good or bad for us but these good or bad will happen for which event of house, We have to see this from our Ascendant , For example a person who is Aries Moon sign and Aquarius Ascendant , so Jupiter will transit in his 5th huse from his Moon sign in Leo and 7th house from his Ascendant , from Moon sign, Jupiter transit is good for him and as it is transiting from 7th house Ascendant so this transit can give him marriage or any other partnership gain if his dasha is also supporting for this, but if Dasha is not supporting then only Jupiter will trigger that event but that event will not take place, as you can meet some people for marriage or many people can come to see you for marriage but it will not happen. This is the same like we can see the clouds in sky but no rain as those clouds were flown away with wind. So any big event will take only place when Dasha will support.
  1. As I said in above point, you can check Jupiter transit is good or bad for you from your moon sign and for which house it will be good or bad, you can see from your ascendant. Jupiter transit will be more effective if Jupiter is in Dasha or antardasha.
  1. Jupiter in Leo will transit in 3 Nakshtras, Magha owned by Ketu, then Purva Phalguni owned by Venus and then in Uttar Phalguni owned by Sun, so we have to see where owners of these nakshtra are placed in our horoscope and whether they are good or bad, for an example if Venus is placed in 10th house in horoscope and good for career then when Jupiter will transit through Purva Phalguni Nakshtra of Venus, it will give good results for career, but we have to keep all above points in mind.


Best of Luck to everyone


Astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha