Naag Panchami is a Hindu Festival observed throughout India on the Shukla Paksha Panchami day in the hindu month of Shravan( July/August ). On this day Snakes or Serpents are worshipped with full devotion. Naag Panchami is popular with other names also like Bhratru Panchami,Nagavardhini Panchami, Bishari Puja, etc.


Why do we celebrate Naag Panchami?

The main reason of celebrating this day is that snakes are a great threat to mankind during these months. They usually come out of their holes as rainwater seeps in and while looking for shelter they might harm humans. Snake is the God of every month’s fifth date, but, on panchami tithi of Shukla Paksha in Shravan Maas, snake God is offered special worship.

naag panchami


Esoteric Stories related to Naag Panchami

There are many stories behind the observance of Naag Panchami. The stories mentioned below may interest you !!

As per the Mahabharata, Janamejaya who was the son of Parikshit, was performing the     rituals to take revenge of his father’s death which was known as Sarpa Satra. He wanted     to take revenge with the king of snakes Takshaka because his father died due to snake        bite. But Takshaka escaped from the power of Sarpa Satra and went to Indraloka.That      time other Gods prayed to Manasa Devi to save Takshaka. Then Maa Mansa devi on the      request of  Gods sent Aasteek, the son of Jaratkarus( Sister of Takshaka ) which at last        convinced Janamejaya and that helped in saving Takshaka and also the Indraloka.

The Lord Krishna and Kaaliya snakes’s story is also famous in which Krishna defeated       the big snake Kaaliya, a monstrous black serpent that was killed by Krishna in the                 yamuna river. Kalia had terrorized the villagers and Krishna was assigned to tame him.     It is believed that the tussle that happened between Krishna and Kalia- the serpent is         so famous that when Krishna emerged winner,he stood on the hood of the snake and          the Snake acquired the feet impressions of the Lord as a mark of servility. The story is        called   as the “Kaliya Mardan”.


Importance of Naag puja


* To nullify Nisantan yog for childless couples

* Gain from ancestral property

* Removes fear of snakes

* To unearth and obtain hidden treasures.

* To eradicate vastu dosha

* Helps in removing harmonal disturbances of human body

* One of the importance of Nag panchami puja is that it helps to pleased lord Vishnu and    lord Shiva.


Naag Panchami Astrological Significance                                                                              

Naag puja is essential for individuals going through:

*   Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu Graha

*   Mahadasha or Antardasha of Ketu Graha

*   Weak or malefic Shukra Graha

*   Troubles caused due to Visha Yoga

*   is carried out for third house shuddhi( For parakarma and wellness of siblings ).


Do’s and Don’ts on this day


*  No digging of land or Ploughing of field should be done. The serpents live beneath the         land and if person digs the land then it may happen that snake could get hurt.

* People put the snake idols in front of their house in order to protect themselves from all the evil energies as it is considered that God snake shields the person from negative vibes. It is believed that Lord Krishna righted with Naga Kalia to put an end to his evil deeds on the day of Naag Panchami. Therefore, along with the Lord Snake Lord Krishna is also being worshiped to get the power like him to destroy the evilness in the life.



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