Nakshatra/Star: Anuradha (3°20’  – 16°40’  Scorpio)


Anuradha is the 17th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac ruled by planet Saturn, often known as “The  Star of Success”. The word Anuradha translates into “Another Radha or “After Radha as it follows nakshatra Radha( Vishakha ). Its alternative meaning is “Subsequent Success “. Anuradha individuals have the great ability to gather people together for social and spiritual activities. It has a deva temperament with the primary motivation of dharma or right action. The shakti here is “ Radhana Shakti or The Power of Worship ”. Anuradha is about love and devotion that inspires and  motivates all actions. Compassion, tenderness, romance and the desire to give and receive affection describe the nature and functioning of Anuradha. The principles of treating others as one would like to be treated, non-injury to others and truthful speech are all upheld by the Anruadha natives. They hold others to their high standards expecting the same treatment in return which can lead to many disappointments. They are highly emotional and devotional and seek transcendence through the heart.    


Keyword for Anuradha is”Exploration”. As this whole nakshatra falls in Scorpio, 8th house of Kaal Purusha, representing research kind activities, interest in occult, mysteries, digging out things more and more to reveal their actual functioning in universe, transformation etc. Anuradha is Nakshatra of revolutionaries, who rebel against outdated ways of thinking and being. In present times, Anuradha is one of Nakshatras which has ability to see through reality behind all fake media propaganda on social, and political levels. Ability of Anuradha to combine logic, intuition and freedom of thought, produces deep thinkers in every field. Numbers are something which takes Anuradha’s fancy like no other thing. These natives always try to broaden their horizons in relation to its area of interest.

Curiosity makes them travel a lot, especially to foreign lands. They have quite an easy time relating to and adjusting to foreign environments, in comparison to other Nakshatras. In fact, living in foreign lands is usually very satisfying and fruitful for them.

Anuradha is a Service orientated Nakshatra. A person born in this Nakshatra possesses lustre and splendour, achieves fame, is enthusiastic, a destroyer of his enemies, an expert in many forms of arts and a sensualist. They have to face several obstacles in their life, and  hence have a somewhat defeated look on their face. Anuradha people usually possess good health and vitality.Called the “Star Of Success”, Anuradha natives can demonstrate organizational skills and call others to activity.

Anuradha born, are not on good terms with their parents and other close relations. Some of them may be creative, especially in performing arts. Many of them will shine in social and political fields since it is the most reliable nakshatra as being ruled by universal friend deity, Mitra. Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from minor bodily ailments like asthma, breathing trouble, cough and cold and dental problems. They need to watch their dietary habits due to an inability to bear hunger or thirst. They have a strong appetite for life in general.

They are learned, have deep devotion, softness, musical talents, royal position, quickness. Anuradha can be a glorious deal-maker, often found in diplomacy, law, international finance and trade. In public life, Anuradha is guided by Shani’s cold realism and Mar’s Competitive thurst. They are incredibly hard workers. Anuradha is not only limited upto Self Enlightment but also supposed to share its experiences and accumulated knowledge with its fellow beings (souls). This spreading of knowledge is meant to be in a coded form, so that it only reaches those who are ripe enough to receive it.

Symbols: Lotus and Staff



Star Lord:  Saturn ( Shani )

Ruling Deities:  Mitra( One of Adityas of friendship and partnership ) and Radha, the consort of Krishna and the feminine manifestation of the energy of God who encourages all beings to serve the Lord.


Anuradha is symbolized by a “ Lotus flower , reflecting the ability to blossom in any life situation. Qualities of Purity, Auspiciousness, Knowledge and Enlightenment have been associated with lotus. In fact, Saraswati, goddess of learning, and Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity, are often depicted as sitting atop a lotus. A lotus has ability to grow in muddy waters.This represents ability of this Nakshatra to keep itself pure and Satvic in any surroundings. It also signifies attainment of knowledge through muddy puddles of mental, intellectual and emotional confusion. This Nakshatra relates to learning and retention of learning. It also relates to one’s relationship with Universal force.


A Staff ” is another main symbol of this nakshatra. Staff has always been seen as a symbol of power and protection. In Puranic lore, most of exalted Sages carry a staff. It is in fact only weapon that they carry. It is only used for self-defense purpose.

“ Mitra ” and “ Radha ” are the main ruling deities of this nakshatra. Mitra, is one of the twelve Adityas( Solar deities ) related to friendships, good faith, cordiality. Anuradha is Nakshatra which strives to create harmony and understanding at all levels of existence. Besides making humans work with each other, it has capacity to make gods, demons, humans, serpents and Sages all work together for a common cause, thus Anuradha natives are universal friends to every being.

Ascendant in Anuradha: Attractive, passionate, a wanderer, psychic, devoted to spiritual pursuits, secretive nature, moody, need to watch diet, promiscuous, fond of family life, groups, organisations.

Moon in Anuradha: Wise, trustful, kind-hearted, charismatic, hard working, brave, wealthy, handles difficult situations, problems with maternal relationships,come what may, they march forward.

The moon in Anuradha indicates someone who has balanced friendships and relationships and is co-operative, loving, popular, and successful. They are good leaders and organizers and are focused on their goals, but they are also good at sharing. They are sensual, and love variety and travel. They are faithful and devoted to those they love, but they can also be jealous and angry.


Sun in Anuradha: Leadership ability, interest in politics, important group affiliations, successful, wealthy, respected, responsible, athletic, physical strength, determined, gifts in the fine arts, creative.

Career interests:  Hypnotists & psychic mediums; occultists; institution & organization heads; astrologers; spies; all occupations involving night duty; photographers; cinema related professions in general; musicians; artists; managers; industrialists; promoters; counselors; psychologists; scientists; numerologists; statisticians; mathematicians; explorers; miners; factory workers; diplomats; all professions connected with dealing with foreign countries, travel and foreigners; all professions requiring group activity.

Health issues: Troubles related to the Stomach, bowels, Constipation, piles, Irregular mensturation, tender womb, Sore throat, colds, Breast problems.

Shadowy side: Issues due to jealousy and desire to control others, desire to change places, abuse of occult powers for selfish ends, low frustration tolerance, melancholic nature and inability to bear hunger.

According to Varahamihira, Chandra in Anuradha makes one ”wealthy, a traveler, living in foreign countries, and one needs to satisfy their appetite immediately, as they find it difficult to bear hunger”.

Remedy: For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this Nakshatra, best remedial measure is worship of twelve Adityas, especially  ” Mitra  or Worship of half Vishnu, half Shiva form, commonly known as ” Hari Hara ”.



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