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Nitish Kumar took oath as a Chief Minister of Bihar 5th time on 20th November 2015, many people asked me to give my insights on coming years for this government. As we analysis a birth chart based on Date of birth, birth time and place for individual horoscope, we consider oath taking time, date and place as birth of new government and try to forecast on basis of that chart.

As per details I got it was 20th November 14:04, Patna , Bihar where Mr. Nitish Kumar took oath. At that time, pieces ascendant was rising. Lord of 1st and 10th house is placed in 6th house in Leo Sign, (Fixed sign and fiery sign), Jupiter is placed in Scorpio Sign in D-9 (Navamsa chart), Scorpio is also a fixed sign but watery sign. In 1st view it seems good as it seems that Muhurat was suggested by some astrologer but we should not judge a book by it’s cover only, Just have a look on 7th house of Partnership , There is dual sign Virgo, Debilitated Venus is there with Rahu and Mars, 3 planets are Parked there. So chances of Multiple affairs are there. So it will be hard to handle multiple affairs for Nithish Kumar ji and few of them can be scandals too as Venus is lord of 8th house (Secret, illegal, hidden activities scandals, hurdles etc).  Mars is always bad in Virgo in 7th house. in political language, many planets in dual sign means lot of controversies in partner , In D-9 chart, Leo Ascendant rising with Sun, Mercury and Ketu there, again we have Rahu in 7th house. It seems most of the time of government will be wasted in fighing and satisfying to partners. 7th house is not only house of partnership, it shows your opponents too, so here Partners will act as an opponent too . We should never forget that 7th house is Maraka and Badhaka house too for Pieces ascendant, so this is never easy going for Nitish Kumar. Though Ascendant lord Jupiter in 6th house, will try to fight and adjust with  partners but we know that Rahu gives a lot of desires and when Rahu is with Mars and Venus, picture can be more be more bad  . In spite of Jupiter parking in Leo, it seems govt will not be stable and most of the time of this government will be wasted in handling & satisfying partners.

ntish kumar oath chart

As per Krishnamurthy Paddhati chart analysis, Ascendant Sub lord is Mercury (A fast moving planet which is not a good planet for longevity), Mercury (4,7,8) is parked in 8th Cusp with Sun, in star of Saturn (9,11,12) which is parked in 9th cusp , this indicates medium longevity & hurdles for this government . 10th Cuspal sub lord is Rahu, Rahu occupied in 6th cusp with Jupiter and aspected by Saturn, Rahu is placed in star of Sun, Sun is in 8th cusp, so litigations, corruptions, delay and hurdles will be there, which will give slow work and growth. Moreover Public may feel cheated.


As per Dasha , Rahu-Moon period from June 2016 and December 2016 and Rahu-Mars from December 2016 to December 2017, these 2 periods will be very hard for this government . Transit of Jupiter in 7th house after July 2016 and transit of Saturn in 10th house from December 2016 not looking good. So period from July 2016 to December 2017 is very challenging and hard for this government ,even after that Jupiter Dasha is also challenging and we should not be surprised if there can be some unexpected damage . Overall it will not be a good government from public view.

I wish all the best to Nitish kumar and may god bless him to tackle all these challenges so that he can fulfill expectations of Bihar.


Astrologer Mrityunajai Ojha

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