According to you who is Karaka (significator) planet for husband in female horoscope? Venus, Jupiter, Mars or Sun or any other? This is the magic of Hindu Vedic Astrology that most of the concepts are confusing, as in ancient time people have mentioned their own logics about every subject. It makes me to remember a story of six blinds and an elephant, where every blind said different things about how elephant looks, because they touched different parts of elephant’s body. Few said elephant is like a pole, who touched the feet; few said it is like a broom, who touched the elephant’s tail and so on.

Karaka for husband

In the same way many astrologers give different views about Karaka planet for husband in female chart. Few say Sun, few Mars, few say Jupiter and rest say Venus. According to me, there are many reasons behind this.

In ancient time in India, after marriage girls were fully dependent on their husbands for everything. They were not self dependent and educated, like in modern days. So, different astrologers gave their views about girl’s expectations from their husband.

Sun: Many astrologers considered Sun as a Karaka for husband in female horoscope and they considered Sun as a Karaka for father in male horoscope. The reason behind this is that in ancient time, after marriage girls used to seek protection and dependency from their husband, like their father (Sun) before marriage. Because it was husband who took care of a lady after her marriage, so few people considered Sun as the Karaka planet for husband of a female. But now in modern time, females are matured and educated enough to take care of themselves.


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Jupiter: Few people consider Jupiter as Karaka for husband. Jupiter is the planet which is Karaka for any expansion in our life, be it family, guidance, and wealth. In ancient time, ladies were dependent on their husbands for money, guidance, and education etc. So, Jupiter was also considered as Karaka planet for husband in a female horoscope. Jupiter is planet for expansion and Jupiter is Karaka for us to get married and childbirth, means expansion in the family. However, it does not means that Jupiter is Karaka for husband. But nowadays, females are educated and self dependent so this concept seems wrong.

Mars: Specially in South India, many astrologers consider Mars as a Karaka for husband in female horoscope. As in ancient time, women were fully dependent on their husbands for protection, courage, taking decisions etc. But nowadays women can take care of all these things, so this concept also seems to be ruled out.

Venus: Rest astrologers including me consider that it is Venus who is Karaka for husband/wife in both male and female horoscopes. The reason is that because, there cannot be different Karaka for life partner in male and female horoscopes. It is sex and love which comes from husband/life partner only.

Jupiter can make you to get married, but after that Venus takes the charge of your married life and partner. So, as per my views Venus is the ultimate Karaka for life partner in both male and female horoscopes.

Astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha 

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