Nakshatra/Star: U. Aashada (26°40’ Sagittarius- 10°00’ Capricorn)


Uttara Aashada is the 21st Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac ruled by planet Sun, often known as “The Universal Star”. Uttara Aashada and its predecessor Poorva Aashada both are Invincible Stars. Meaning of Uttara Aashada is “ Later / Final Victory ”.Poorva Aashada is all about experiments  but Uttara Aashada is getting the results of these experiments.  These natives are interested in higher aspects of life. It is a Career Oriented Nakshatra. “ Responsibility ” is the most important keyword which prescribes this Nakshatra well. The Uttara Aashad natives are generally authoritative  having leadership qualities and very dominating. They will be more interested in professional life rather than in their family life. They will take utmost responsibility in their endeavors and will be appreciated by everyone. The Shakti   involved  here is : “Apradhrisya shakti: the power to grant an unchallengeable victory.

Uttara Aashada

The animal symbol associated with Uttara Aashada Nakshatra is Elephant and tree is jackfruit tree, which signify big, royal, great, massive, vast etc. Their mind will think in terms of higher knowledge and they do not want to settle for smaller things. Most likely they would like to be in a position of authority, power, supremacy where  Mental Work will be more rather than physical. Also, the position of Uttara Aashada nakshatra  falls in 9th and 10th houses of natural zodiac, which again represents Dharma(morality) and Karma (actions). Hence this creates a Workaholic nature in these natives. Normally here power and authority comes with gentle or humane touch. But if Moon is even slightly afflicted, then they get  arrogant and of dictatorial nature. Lot of conflicts in the workplace or even in domestic situations. Also, ego problems will surface with these natives.

Sometimes with over emphasis on goals and over disciplined nature, Uttara Aashada natives become too much anxious and agitated. Also they become too self centered and over ambitious. Hence they sometimes become problematic to the family and become destructive. They have to be very careful in dealing with partners in partnership business. They get into conflicts very easily with their counterparts.

 People born with the influence of this nakshatra are able to relate well to others and care for the upliftment of humanity, deep absorption and penetration, they possess self-control, restraint, endurance and firm character. The people born under this nakshatra do not trust others easily and it is only after spending considerable times with them that others can get an entry into the inner circle of their friends.

Uttara Aashada has a lot to do with leadership issues. Here the Sun’s Energy is at peak level. It is the Nakshatra very much concerned with structures, order and makes one adhere to activities and behavior which are seen as respectable and sometimes as conformist. This Nakshatra is mostly concerned with attaining a place of position or strength in society. Here ego and individuality is sacrificed for sake of greater good. Since this Nakshatra lies in Rashi’s Dhanu and Makara, Guru and Shani have a strong relationship with it. Combination of expansive Guru and contractive Shani signifies moderation and practicality. Since Guru reaches maximum debilitation in Makara part of this Nakshatra, it is implied that this part of Nakshatra is not suited for too much hope, idealism, expansiveness or outer religious displays and rituals. In simple language, this is place for action, not words.

Inspiring others is one of main functions of Uttara Aashada, as its own goodness sets examples for others to follow. Every error one makes under influence of this Nakshatra is magnified, due to enormous capacity of this Nakshatra to influence material world. This nakshatra is suitable for performing activities of fixed and permanent nature like laying foundation, building house, sowing seeds, starting service, planting, performing rites for getting peace, wealth etc.

Symbol: Elephant’s tusk

Star Lord:  Sun( Surya )

Ruling Deities:  The Ten Vishwadevas, Universal Gods

Vishwa Deva's

In ancient cultures, Elephants were used as symbol of Royal insignia. All kings, including Indra( king of gods ) were supposed to ride on elephant during processions and sometimes even during warfare. Thus this symbol shows its direct relationship with kingship and all responsibilities it entails. Tusk is most prized part of an elephant’s anatomy. Besides ornamentation, tusk is useful to elephants for one practical purpose – fighting. It conveys a certain sense of fearlessness and a go ahead spirit.

Uttara Aashada Nakshatra is ruled by “ Ten Vishwadevas, The Universal Gods ”. The Vishwadevas disseminate different qualities (“goodness”, “truth”, “willpower”, “skill”, “time”, “desire”, “firmness”, “ancestors”, “brightness” and “peak”) to this Nakshatra. Because of these, the native becomes more balanced, impartial, bright, powerful, talented. They will be possessed with very charming and gentlemanly behavior. They will be very practical and realistic in nature.

Lord Ganesha, elephant headed god, is final presiding deity of this Nakshatra. Ganesha is always portrayed as having a full right tusk and a cut left tusk, as “Lord of beginnings” and “remover of obstacles” and his blessings are sought in all beginnings. Uttara Aashada therefore relates to all kinds of beginnings. It is seen that activities, started under positive influence of this Nakshatra, are blessed with success and permanence.

The males born in this nakshatra are good mediators in any dispute. A good Mercury placed in their natal chart can make them a good consultant or adviser in any field.

Ascendant in Uttara Aashada: Sincere and kind nature, honest, sharp intellect, read intensely, Fond of fun, wanderer with many mates, good public servant and counselor, becomes famous later in life.

The Moon in Uttara Aashada: A strongly placed moon in the natal chart of some Uttara Aashada born can give them a fair complexion. Virtuous, intelligent, charitable, well-liked, many friends, charming, grateful, leadership, military prowess, success after 35, trouble with early marriage.

The moon in Uttara Aashada indicates a person who is enduring, invincible, patient, righteous and responsible. They have great integrity and are sincere, committed to ideals, ambitious and good leaders. They usually have success later in life and have great stamina and constancy, but they can also be rigid and unbending.

The Sun in Uttara Aashada: Humanitarian, spiritual nature, desire to change societal values, research oriented, learned, philosophical nature, deep thinker, well-known but controversial, strong speech, fighter for a cause.

Career interests:  All professions requiring a sense of responsibility and ethics, Authority figures of all types, Teachers, Guards, High class servants, Government officials, Judges, Lawyers(of an ethical nature), Preachers, Priests, Counselors, Psychologists, Military Professions, Pioneers, Elephant trainers, Business executives, Organizers, Politicians.

Health issues:  Stomach problems, waist, thighs and hips, eczema, skin dryness, arthritis, bone problems.

Shadowy side:  Constantly active, if they are not fully engaged in a project then apathy can result, stubborn and self-centered, loneliness or melancholy, need to learn the quality of patience in confronting adversity, difficulties in early marriage or sexual incompatibility.

According to Varahamihira, those born with moon in this nakshatra are“modest, graceful, grateful, fortunate, abide by Dharma and have many friends”.

Remedy:  For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this Nakshatra, Best remedial measure is worship of Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles and bestower of wisdom.





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