IAS and IPS, these 2 are very respective posts in India and as for as I know, around 6-7 lacs candidates apply for IAS exams every year For the vacancies of 1100/1200 posts, in all 6-7 lacs candidates, there are hardly 50-60 thousands serious candidates who keeps trying from many years.  Apart from this, there is reservation system, subject scaling etc.  A person has to clear Pre-exams, Mains and Interview so if someone wants to clear, he/she should be blessed with Destiny, smart work and hardwork, in which destiny plays very important role. Recent example is Tina dabi . Tina Dabi is the UPSC Civil Services 2015 topper. She achieved this feat at the age of 22 years. On other hand another hand another candicate Ankit Srivastava , who scored more than Tina Dabi in Pre-exams , could not clear Pre-exams because of reservation system as Tina dabi falls under SC/ST, she was eligible for Mains exam. In mains exam, she used her talent to get the top position. So who is responsible? Only Destiny and smart work! Tina Dabi knew that she can clear pre-exam with little effort as she can get SC/ST Kota, so she did hard work for Mains exams. We salute her smart work, she must have well placed Mercury in her horoscope and might be going under very good dasha, that’s why her calculation converted into results. So no need to curse reservation system for this, It is destiny mainly. I hope she will use her smart work in her career too.


You cannot achieve anything on basis of your hard work, You need to be destined to get that, if it is promised in your horoscope then only you can get it via your efforts. What about those who cannot succed in this exam after hard work of many years? They are destined for some other things. Better to try in those fields for what you are destined and get advantage . Only IAS or IPS are not only the post in India. Mr Arjun Tendulkar, son of Sachin, will never try for UPSC exams because he know he can make big name/fame,Power and  money by playing cricket. So story does not come to an end if you could not clear such exams, better to try in those fields of your interest. There are many failed people who are teaching this subject and making good name and money. This is the reason why a person should take astrological guidance because trying something against your star, will give you hard work and pain, better to sail with the wind.


Now coming to the main topic, What should be promise in a horoscope for such posts. IAS and IPS, both are different things, Jupiter is important for Indian Administrative services and Mars is important for India Police services. Saturn should be well placed for any type of govt service and Sun gives higher post . If in any horoscope, most of these planets are connected with Artha-Trikon houses as 2nd , 6th and 10th houses or in Upachya houses as 3rd, 6th and 11th houses, in a comfortable sign, then there is good promise, but all these combination can be found in many horoscopes, so all these combinations should be checked in D-10 and D-60 (If birth time is correct up to 2 mins).


These are the combination which any astrologer can tell you, bit as per me this is incomplete information, so what next? Dasha is very much important , Dasha should be connected with 2,6,10,11 houses up to 3 level dasha , Dasha-anatrDasha-Pratyantar Dasha along with transit of those plants who are supporting and are in Dasha.


Mostly people ignore Mercury , Mercury is the most important planet for me, Mercury gives a person smart mind, presence of mind, analytical and calculative mind, so to clear any written or verbal exam, Mercury should be well placed in 1st, 3rd 5th or 10th houses and sometime 2nd and and 6th are also fine. Connection of 3rd, 6th  and 11th houses are very important to clear any such exams. Tina Dabi might have well placed Mercury which blessed her with such a mind, which led her to the top in this little age, otherwise many hard working and intelligent people keep doing for 10-12 years but could not reach.


Jupiter (Knowledge) , Saturn (Hard work) and Mars (Courage) are not enough to get such results unless Mercury is well placed, because Mercury teaches you how to take advantage of your education and how to use your skills and how to do smart work.


But intelligence is also not the guarantee for success, it is destiny only, one should be in Dasha of such  planets during exams and results who are supporting for such big event. Remember the story of Akbar and Birbal, Birbal was an intelligent but Akbar was the King. So people like Rohit Srivastava should not lose the hope, may be you are destined for some other good work in which your destiny will also support. Reservation system can be or cannot be in future but only those people will be selected who are blessed with Destiny for this. Destiny is outcome of your good karma of past birth, you can take advantage of your destiny but you cannot override it and if you are suffering that means you are clearing your backlog of bad karma, so unless it is cleared you may not get results of good karma. An Astrological guidance can help a person to get advantage from his/her destiny.

Astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha 

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