Nakshatra/Star:  Shravana (10°00’ – 23°20’ Capricorn)


Shravana is the 22nd Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac ruled by planet Moon, often known as “The Learning Star”. The word Shravana means ‘to listen’ and it signifies the art of hearing or the education which is propagated through audible means. Listening is one and only way one can learn anything. The natives of Shravana Nakshatra will keep seeking knowledge throughout their life and so on would emerge as learned personalities and for the same they possess variant attributes besides which they are good advisers as they carry enough maturity to see everything with a right vision and so on will be able to solve problems in a right way. It is a Socially Active Nakshatra which revels in public dealings. Shravana nakshatra promotes travel, mostly in relation to career. Natives under its strong influence go touring as part of their job, which may involve lecturing and teaching. This nakshatra relates to Samhanana shakti: Power of linking people together to their appropriate paths in life.


It is the birth star of Goddess Saraswati. Shravana natives usually have a sharp inclination towards music, dance, acting and other forms of art. It is believed that the influence of Devi Saraswati who is believed to be the Goddess of Knowledge and talent makes them so.

These people would have quiet smaller height while they would carry some identification mark like mole at some visible place or some other noticeable mark. In some cases it has been noticed that black mole beneath shoulder. Their one smile is enough to attract and be remembered by others .

These natives are very liberal in giving charities to the needy and they are persona of their words. Living by their words is their utmost priority; come what may they don’t like stepping back from their words even in adverse situations. One of the very important personality traits of Shravana natives is they are very warm and affable in nature. They respect their parents a lot and take care of them with the utmost sincerity. They generally are very sincere to their duties and responsibilities and do not need constant monitoring or reminders to ensure that they complete all their tasks on time. They take good care of their friends and family and are always there when people need them and do not ever hurt or pose problem to anyone willfully. Their being extremely religious, pious and honest comes across as a personality trait that is very much revered by the people around them. They always maintain peace with their surrounding situations and people. They do makes calculations and planning for achieving higher goals of their lives, but they will never compromise with their truthfulness and generosity towards others. They are kind of perfectionists and are extremely conscious about their work which is devoid of flaws most of the times. They expect their surroundings to be very clean and dislike persons who do not have the tendency of maintaining neatness. They like to have very neat and delicious food  and this quality of theirs makes them ; themselves very good host too. Some of the best qualities in them that set them apart from all others are their high degree of sincerity, honesty, spirituality and religiosity. There may be tendency of extreme following of morality and they get into troubles because of this. Too much of charity work will lead them into debt and eventual poverty. Generally they have large network of friends. Most of them will be drawn to working for social and philanthropic causes.

Since they have to shoulder much responsibility and spend for fulfilling responsibilities; these natives will always be in need of money.

Symbol:  An Ear, Three Uneven Footprints


Star Lord:  Moon (Chandra)

Ruling Deity: Lord Vishnu

lord vishnu

The deity of Shravana Nakshatra is Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. The one of the symbol of this star is three footprints. There is a story associated with three footsteps of Lord Vishnu. During the incarnation of Vamana avatar, there was a demon king called Bali. He had conquered the three lokas or worlds. Once he was performing Ashwamedha yagya and as per the rituals he was supposed to give donations to brahmins. Lord Vishnu in the form of a brahmin priest (Vamana) came and asked for the land which will be measured from his three steps. King Bali agreed. Now Lord Vamana started growing up and became so gigantic that he could acquire all the worlds.


The story reveals the cleverness and at the same time cunningness of this nakshatra.  Shravana natives are very clever and intelligent in their approach. Moreover, the sign of this star Capricorn is Earthy sign. These people are preserver of the knowledge or tradition. They are very perceptive and observant in nature. These people can be very good administrators. They don’t believe in hurrying with things and are ready to sit and wait until time is ripe.

Ascendant in Shravana: Religious nature, scholarly work, excellent character, well-to-known, may live away from birth place, charitable, kind nature, few children.

Mature in their approach, cunning, well mannered and receptive with an alert look. Appearance is a mix of moony softness and saturnine rigidity. Such people are usually clever in conversation and are skilled at putting others at ease quickly.

Moon in Shravana: Intelligent, good speech, fame, wealthy, creative, genius, art interests, charitable, a good host, principled, political interest, overly zealous, generous,religious, perfectionist, eats good food.

The moon in Shravana indicates a person who is good at listening and learning and is on a quest for knowledge and information. They are intellectual and wise, and make good teachers and counsellors and are good at conversation, but they can also be gossipy and restless. They are interested in the past and their heritage and are extensive travelers. They can suffer troubles and disappointment early in life.

Sun in Shravana: Political, pragmatic nature, successful, difficulties with superiors, rebellious, gifted in  the communication field, strong constitution, good health.

Career interests:  It is observed that these natives perform well in the fields of technology and engineering. Professions related to oil and petroleum often proves beneficial for them.

Teachers, Preachers and Educators in all fields. Language translators and Interpreters, Story tellers and narrators, Comedians, those involved in music business and recording industry (mainly producers and sound technicians), Telephone operators and all those earning their livelihood by some kind of phone job, Gossip columnists, News broadcasters, Talk show hosts and others involved in Radio / TV business, Radio operators in different fields , Modern day counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysts and Psychologists, , those connected with Charitable Organizations, Clubs and societies, Travel agents and all those involved in transportation and tourism industry, those working in Hotel / restaurant business etc.

Health issues: Hearing problems, ears, skin sensitivities, reproductive organs, knees, rheumatism.

Shadowy side: Rigid or obstinate nature, enemies due to issues of jealousies, gossiping, sensitive and easily hurt by others opinions, face disillusionment in early life, feeling of inferiority. Once they achieve financial security they are free to pursue the higher goals of enlightenment and spiritual liberation.

According to Varahamihira, Chandra in Shravana makes a person “Learned, rich, famous and prosperous, and gives native a liberal minded spouse”.

Remedy: For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this Nakshatra, best remedial measure is worship of Lord Vishnu, preserver and maintainer of all creation. This worship can be done through use of Mantra and meditation on any or all of Vishnu’s incarnations and aspects.





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