4th House in your Horoscope


4th house is the house of our childhood, mother, domestic environment, our primary education, quick learning phase etc. It is house of mother and family, you know well that mother is our 1st teacher who tells us who is our family members, relatives, how to do daily routine, what to do or not etc, so many things, it is house of primary teaching that’s why Jupiter is gives best results in this house because we need Guru or guardian in early phase of life. 4th house is a house of comforts also like hotel, restaurant, vehicle, property etc.  

The fourth house corresponds to the feminine sign Cancer (Kataka) ruled by Moon identified by Hindus as Goddess Parvathi. Hindu sages have therefore attributed the fourth house to the mother. Westerners however consider the fourth ‘house forfather which is not supported by the wise Hindu astrologers The fourth house relates to one’s home, residence, domestic environments and general condition of the native in the later part of his life. This house is also, called the _grave’, meaning thereby that it is concerned with all hidden things such as private affairs, curious secrets and secret life. One.may hoard one’s savings if the beneficial Saturn were to occupy this house receiving good aspects from the lords of 2 and 11. The fourth also shows one’s landed or immovable property and those holdings which one takes on lease or rent as also those rented or leased out to other people. The fourth denotes whether one will have vehicles of one’s ‘own or enjoy others, vehicles. All permanent possessions such as fields, pastures, com-fields, farms, orchards, mines, real estate, gardens, buildings, ancient dwellings, monuments and antiquities are influenced by this house.


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 This house has a bearing on education and qualifications of person. In this respect the fourth house may be taken to indicate school and collegiate education in contra-distinction to higher education and research denoted by the ninth house. The third house relates to mental inclination to study a particular subject. The fourth house hears significance to the termination, conclusion and end of every undertaking whether in the nativity or in horary astrology.

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If the fourth house and Mars are favorable during their conjoined periods one will buy lands. If they are unfavorable, he may sell away or there can be loss through the investment on land, buildings etc. If the 4th house and Venus are beneficial one will possess a car or any other vehicle when he runs the conjoined period of the significator of the 4th house and Venus or any planet connected with Venus. If there is an evil aspect, then in their conjoined period one can occur heavy expenses due to the vehicle or meet with an accident or sell away the conveyance and suffer for the usual .transport, he enjoyed. If the 4th house significator and Moon receive .good aspects, he will have long-Jiving and helpful mother with good understanding and relationship. If they are afflicted by adverse aspects, one loses his or her mother or be unfriendly etc.

4th house indicates. the bank position of the younger brother the health of mother, the Joss to children (children may go to another place) gains to maternal uncle ; inherited property, popularity, -prosperity and profession of the partner ; danger to. father as it is the 8th house to the 9th the open enemies of the elder brother, since 4th house is the 6th counted from the 11th house. 12th house indicates secret enemies Their speculative activities, their children etc., are also shown by the 4th house.

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