6th House in your Horoscope



6th house is the house with mix results , 6th house is good for job and career as it is 5th from 2nd house of money and 10th house is 5th from 6th house, so this house is loss for your opponents and competitor as it is 12th from 7th house. Other hand, this house is bad for health in general, connection of 6th house with 2nd or 11th house can give loans from bank but connection with 12th house can make you defaulter from bank, so this is a very sensitive house in your horoscope. This is the house of your servants and pets too.

The sixth house is known as the ‘house of sickness’ It indicates disease and sickness, the real state of the disease, recovery from it and whether it is of a long or short duration. The sixth is concerned with disease, the 12th with hospitalization and the 11th  which is 12 to the 12th house and.6 to the 6th house governs discharge from hospital. This is an important house for those who have to do with nursing and treatment of the sick. This is also related to food and dietary habits and all health is often due to improper care of the body and inattention to the diet most suited.


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Mercury in the sixth house shows that the native has many fads and fancies regarding diet. Saturn in this Position shows under-nourishment generally. Mars occupying the sixth house causes over-indulgence in eating. Jupiter in the sixth is generally good for health matters but at times it denotes ill-health through. Love feasting ; Moon denotes that the native will be whimsical and fanciful in the matter of eating and over fond of liquids and spirits especially if the sixth house happens to fall in a watery sign and it has connection with Mars. If Venus is in this position, the native has a taste for nice food and drinks and may endanger his health through excess.

One should not predict sickness without considering all other factors The health will break down only when a person runs the periods or sub periods of planets occupying the sixth house or the stars of these occupants or during the` periods of planets in conjunction with the lord of the sixth house. In general, malefics occupying any house affect the part of the body ruled by that house especially so if the house happens to be the sixth.

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The sixth house is also connected with work and the service rendered by the individual and exhaustion caused to him thereby . If also denotes his employees, subordinates or servants -whether he is in the service of others or he has others as his employees. The condition and faithfulness of his inferiors is to be ascertained from this house. If benefics are posited in the sixth house, the native may gain by servants ; If malefics were to be there, then he may lose through his servants and incur expenses on them outweighing his income. The seventh house represents the person with whom the native transacts anything or banker, or one who lends or borrows If the native raises a loan, then the 7th indicates the banker or the lender and the sixth house being 12 to the 7th house denotes that the lender’s financial position deteriorates.

The sixth house is therefore the house of debt or borrowing The native will be successful in raising loans if benefics occupy the 6th or if ,the 6th house or its ford is connected with benefics in any manner. This house also governs pet animals and small cattle, domestic creatures, tenants (agricultural tenant or house tenant), enmity, dress and hygiene, sanitation, dietetics, herbs, food and clothing and the six flavors. Since it is said to be a upachaya sthana, it indicates favorable result in competition or otherwise.

The sixth is also the house of phenomenal magic and superstition : also matters likely to bring worry and annoyance.

In Mundane Astrology, the sixth house rules the working class, industries. sanitation and public health. In general diseases, enemies, bad habits and hurts are to be guessed from the sixth bhava. Sixth house is one which needs explanation as in one sloka, it is condemned as an evil house, whereas the same author takes it as a house which offers beneficial results when occupied by malefic calling it as upachaya sthana. How to interpret it, needs exhaustive explanation.

Sixth house shows the purchase or sale of conveyance, building etc., by younger brother or sister : short journeys of the mother, the bank position and profession of the first issue and his family, loss to the partner or investment or purchases made by the partner and the secret enemies of the partner or the partner’s changes and life in a foreign place or disharmony with or separation from the partner. It is the house indicating the name and fame, the occupation or business of the father. If, in the native’s chart, lords of 6 an 10 form good aspect and lord of 6 is strong, the native has the same profession as the father.

Sixth house is the house of danger to one’s elder brother or friend. Unless 6th house is auspicious, business people cannot have satisfactory assistance from the bank, the ‘customers etc. For over-draft facilities the 6th house must receive most favorable aspects.

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