12th House in your Horoscope

12th House

The 12th house shows loss and impediments, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses outweighing income and drudgery and deception. Hindu sages have averred that the ownership of houses 6, 8 and 12 which are termed ‘Dussthanas’ is productive of evil. No house is unfortunate or evil, unless afflicted, and this is true for the 12th house too . Each house holds sway over certain distinct affairs and when it is afflicted, one cannot expect matters signified by it to manifest fully. Such contrary results will be experienced only when the native runs the period or sub period of the planet afflicting the house under consideration and on the days, nakshathras and lagnas ruled by it and not otherwise.

When the period or sub period of the planet which is beneficially connected to the house under consideration follows, there is bound to be improvement in the matters denoted by that house. The 12th house deals, among other things, with loss, expenses, purchases, investments, donations, charity and association with philanthropic institutions For instance, one may Purchase costly jewels if the planet connected has anything to do with the 2nd house, or incur expenses in connection with short Journeys or writings and publications if the third house is connected. He may invest his money on landed or immovable property or go in for vehicle when the 12th house will be connected. Also he may be forced to spend on his mother going on a long travel the 12th house being the 9th from the 4th house. One may speculate and lose or take up an insurance policy for his children’s education or marriage and may be paying premium if the 5th house has any relation.

Therefore, there are various sources through which one may spend . If one has borrowed,then the 12th indicates repayment of loan. In Ultra Kalamritam it has been said that the 12th house has to be investigated for repayment of loan. Discharge of loan is to be determined not only from the 12th but also from the 8th house. The 6th house indicates borrowing in the native’s horoscope and the 7th he who lends. The 6th house is the 12th to the person who has lent money represented by the 7th house. The native’s 12th house is the 6th reckoned from the 7th and so has to do with discharge of debts. Suppose one has lent money to someone. In his horoscope the 7th house shows the person to whom the money has been lent. The 12th house of the native being the 6th reckoned from the 7th, indicates increase in income to the person denoted by the 7th house and to the extent deterioration in the native’s bank position. So one may lend money to some others and thus incur expenses.


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Expenses are therefore incurred in various ways. Whether such expenses will be pleasant and expected or unpleasant and unexpected, will depend upon the nature and lordship of the planets found in the 12th house or of the planets in any manner connected with the 12th house. Such results will come to pass only when the period or sub period of the significators connected with the 12th house operate and not at all times. Furthermore, it is not the occupation or lordship of the 12th house that matters most. What is more important is the constellation (nakshatra) in which a planet was posited in the 12th house and what houses are owned by the constellation lord to that particular horoscope. A planet in the 12th house in the constellation of, say-lords of 2 and 9, portrays long journeys-and separation from family and going to a place far removed from home.

Sorrow and sin, edition and segregation, obstacles and impediments in one’s way, misery and misfortune, poverty and persecution, intrigue and imprisonment and secret toil of mind are some of the unfortunate matters coming under the influence of the 12th house.

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The 12th house has also relation to fear and inferiority complex anxiety, misgiving, suspicion etc. The house is known as the house of solitude, secret and silent suffering and self-undoing. The 6th house focuses on ordinary service or help given to others while the 12th represents profound service rendered to mankind. The 12th house rules the extremities and shows the amount of freedom one enjoys and the degree to which one will be forced to submerge his own personality in his sub-service or service to other people. More appropriately, it is the house of the greatest self-sacrifice and shows unselfish deeds unconsciously prompted by conscience probably as amends for wrong committed in the previous lives It is through the 12th house that one has to decide all questions regarding one seclusion and social barriers, the limitations and restrictions in one’s way and the unseen or unexpected troubles that he may suffer from.

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The 6th house, according to our sages, is related to inimical activity of an open nature, petty quarrels, etc., while the 12th house shows secret inimical activity. It would be illogical to ascribe to the 7th house one who is dearest to the native, namely married partner, and in the same breath call it as the house of open enemies The 7th house stands for those who compete with the native in election, litigation, etc, but who are not unfriendly towards the native so that they cannot be dubbed as inimical.

The 12th house is the 4th house reckoned from the 9th which rules the higher mind counting inversely; it is the 4th house from the 3rd which is concerned with lower or ordinary mental processes. Therefore, the 12th house has to do with secret working of mind. It has a bearing with such things as secret plots and schemes, conspiracy and cunningness, envy and malice, fraud and treachery, intrigue and deception and suicide murder or assassination. it is also connected with exile and extradition and matters concerning these.

Neptune has to do with secrecy, mystery, medium ship, psychic research and occult investigations ,so Neptune’s position here with good aspects from other planets bring success in matters carried on in secret. The native will be best fitted for detective work and will gain through secluded and quiet methods If afflicted, it gives a liability to confinement in hospital due to a chronic disease or insanity due to perverted practices or detention in prison or a public institution. Neptune being a secretive and deceptive planet. It shows that one will have many secret enemies. Also nefarious schemes, deception, fraud, scandal, disgrace and secret sorrows are denoted. One often lives in vague dread of some unknown danger.

Uranus occupying 12 and well aspected, tends to success through occult affairs and by the invention of chemical processes which remain secret in spite of being promoted by planet. If afflicted, it denotes danger from animals, accidents causing detention in out of the sight places disgrace and troubles from psychic or occult sources, sudden illness defying diagnosis, restraint in public institutions and even exile from the country. One may face strange and sudden enmities. One will feel irritated and annoyed by the underhand actions of eccentric people. Saturn, the planet of seclusion, placed in 12 and aspected well, points to success in seclusion or quiet are self invited. Taken alone the position shows that secret enemies will steadily work for the down fall of the native. There is the likelihood of danger or contusions and bruises through animal. Saturn rules reserve and restriction and so one is inclined to prefer work in a quiet and peaceful way unnoticed by others.

If Saturn is afflicted, some lingering illness to the partner is denoted, as it is the 6th house reckoned from the 7th. If Mars seriously afflicts, there is the liability to danger of violence, robbery or even suicide. Mercury rules the mental system and its affliction to Saturn causes mental disorder, also loss by theft, etc. Uranus in adverse aspect is a very bad indication as all the malefic matters, mentioned in regard to the 12th house will come to the fore. The benevolent and philanthropic Jupiter well aspected in the 12th house gives one gain and success through those occupations carried on in `seclusion such as in asylums, hospitals, public or philanthropic institutions It ensures success in places remote from the place of birth and with large animals.


Jupiter in 12 enables one to eventually succeed over enemies and gain from them. Jupiter is expansive in nature and those having Jupiter in 12 will be recipients of big aid from charitable institutions of a nature. If they are already rich, they will give away lavishly to those in need and to philanthropic institutions. Mars in 12 in dignity and well aspected makes one an administrator of an estate or in a public institution. Generally, Mars here causes grave trouble through impulse, loss of reputation or treachery from enemies or misplaced affection. If afflicted, it portends danger of violence enemies in a fight and danger of injuries through big animals. Mars has voice over violence and blood. 12th house is connected with big animals and beasts. So effusion of blood can be expected as a result of kicks or thrusts from animals provided there is affliction to Mars. This is suggested by way of a brief to the discerning students as how to blend the nature of the house and the characteristics  of a planet and one should not rush to a conclusion “Oh! Mars is for violence and 12th house shows  animals So danger of violence through animals is denoted.” If Mars is well dignified by sign position and  connected with the Sun and the 10th house, one may serve as a surgeon in a hospital (Mars for surgery, sun for medicine).

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One’s station in life should also be borne in mind before coming to a conclusion. If one were connected with a circus company daily dealing before big and beauty animals and undergoing the on joint period of Mars in 12, weak by sign and by house ownership and the planet afflicting Mars, then one can expect danger of violence from animals and even ‘death. In fact, in the horoscope of one gentleman connected with the circus, there are afflictions to Mars in 12 and on a certain day when he was playing with a lion in, the circus ring, he was kicked and mauled by it. .

Mars in 12, seriously afflicted by Saturn, may lead to imprisonment or illness caused by lingering disease and confinement in a hospital for a long time. If a factory manager were to have Mars in this position, then he will have recurring labor troubles often and the labor class will secretly work for his downfall. Venus in 12th, well aspected, contributes to success in occupations connected with jails , hospitals or charitable institutions or by work in a chemical laboratory. One benefits by pursuing obscure occupations He will be inclined to investigate the secret arts. or study and practice the occult. Venus, the planet of love in this house, makes one love and enjoy voluntary seclusion. One finds pleasure in dealing with large animals like horses and one will love hunting.

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The 12th house indicates ‘Suha sayanam’. So Venus here with good aspects from others show comfort in bed. Generally, this position of Venus makes one go after the opposite sex and if Venus is afflicted it leads to enmity of women. Neptune or Uranus afflicting Venus suggests peculiar love affairs and sudden change of affections leading to sorrow, suspicion, disappointment and divorce. Saturn afflicting Venus is said to cause separation generally, while Mars makes one a moral wreck overindulging in passions Suppose Venus is in the 12th house identical with Scorpio (Vrischika) and is afflicted, then it can denotes confinement in hospital due to disease caused by overindulgence of passions, as Scorpio rules the generative organs. Taurus also governs, by reflex action self-abuse. So Venus even if it occupies its own sign Taurus in the 12th house, will, if severely afflicted, force one to undergo hospital treatment for venereal complaints.

If Mercury is in this house, it gives a mind peculiarly suited to deliver into the Mysteries and success in scientific or occult research. When well aspected by Mars and Saturn who are themselves dignified by occupation, one will be admirably suited to detective work. Mercury has to do with publicity, but the 12th shows limitations and so one is better fitted to out-of-sight work and in occupations requiring seclusion rather than sociability publicity. Mercury is an intellectual planet and will certainly give one the faculty to. go into the most intricate to details in matters which seem trival or microscopic to others.

Harmonious aspect from Herschel ,enables one to pursue unusual lines of thought. Take alone; Mercury here indicates petty worries, annoyance and small enmities caused by writings or scandalous reports, as Mercury rules correspondence. The mind is self-absorbed and narrow. Afflicted especially by malefics like Saturn or Mars, it points to nefarious schemes, forgeries plots and conspiracies.

Sun in 12, dignified and well aspected, secures one success in occult and psychic matters and gives uncommon tastes Sun is otherwise called Dhanwantri and so work in hospitals is favored. One loves and succeeds in some quiet, secure but obscure occupation such as in chemical laboratory or in prisons or other institutions of confinement. Well aspected Sun is -12 is a sure sign of sympathies and self sacrifice and that one will use steadily out of obscurity but didn’t of one’s own merit and effort. Scholars say that Sun here vanquishes enemies. Generally, Sun in 12, weak by sign an afflicted, shows enmity of influential people, life in remote ‘places and separation from one’s kith and kin.

Moon rules the public but its situation in this house of seclusion and solitude favor success in such work as it performed in hospitals, or prisons, provided it is well aspected Moon is emotional inconstant and changeful and, consequently, there is a liability of the sense dominating reason involving one in clandestine love affairs, but, if Moon is in a fixed sign and well aspected, one well keep the secret to himself. Moon rules voyage. If Moon is in a watery sign in 12, one may be connected with occupation concerning shipping , etc. , This indication is strengthened if the Moon is in conjunction with, or receives favorable aspect from Neptune, the Sea Lord.

Afflicted Moon in 12 signifies limitations, hindrances, fears, enforced retirement ,also petty enmities with womenfolk causing worry and trouble.

The 12th house signifies issue of cheques. The 8th house is the receipt of the cheque by the person denoted by the 7th. Hence benefic planets in the 12th and 8th houses, with good aspects between them, promise return of loan. Sudden and unexpected demands, pressure for money, uncommon expenses far in excess of income, gift, charity, donation, construction of well, reservoir etc. , virtlous or sinful actions for a person, punishment from any source fines, losses, etc., come under the domain of the 12th house- Death may result during the period of the planet that has connection with the 12th house in any manner.

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The 12th house is related to such places of segregation as jails, asylums and other institutions of correction or detention or any enclosure where liberty is curtailed. It denotes association with hospital, sanatorium or nursing home and also mental institutes. It has to do with convent or monastic life. One may be confined to bed in hospital on account of ill-health or he may himself be a medical attendant therein. Therefore, a careful examination of the 12th house and of the planets connected with it is called’ for. If the planet in the 12th house has anything to do with houses 2,6,10 and service in Hospital is indicated.

If the planet in 12 has no connection with houses 2 and 10 but has to do with the 6th house alone, then one may be admitted for treatment in a hospital. Thus should one proceed? The 6th house and the planets connected with it explain ordinary ill-health and disease, more especially of an acute nature, the duration of the disease and recovery from it. The 8th house represents the fatal nature of the disease causing mental disturbance and anxiety tolife. The 12th has sway over chronic diseases, requiring confinement to bed in connection with treatment.

The 12th house indicates life in a foreign place, change of place or a thorough change in surroundings and environment. It is not necessary that one should go to a foreign country and settle down there. Any place other than the native’s permanent place is to be construed as foreign. If the 4th house lord goes to the 12th, it denotes that one will have change of one’s residence or a thorough change in environments If the 9th house is in any manner connected to the 12th house, i,e., if the lord of the 9th is in 12 or is conjoined with the lord of 12, of the planet in 12 is situated in the constellation ruled by the lord of 9, it is a definite indication of a long journey and life in a foreign place.

The 6th house is said to signify pet animals, birds and small cattle generally. while the 12th stands for large cattle, beasts, etc.  Kidnapping arson, loot, rape, poisoning, bootlegging, smuggling, blackmailing etc., come under the influence of the 12th house.

In horary questions, the 12th house has to be looked at in questions connected with Grief persecution, secret mental toil, envy, malice misery etc., also sedition, treason, assassination, suicide, etc. All matters concerning deceit, sorrow, weeping, blackmailing, etc,have reference to the 12th bhava .

 In State Astrology, the 12th house deals with all philanthropic, charitable or reformative institutions, jails, asylums or homes for the afflicted and hospitals. It refers to crime in general criminals, underground movements and secret enemies of the nation at home or abroad. Secret and occult societies are governed by this house. It also concerns monasteries and other forms of institutional religion. This house signifies substance or money of elder brothers or friends, being the 2nd from the 11th. As it happens to be the 4th from the 9th, it represents father’s permanent property, vehicle, etc. It signifies the sickness of wife or husband, her or his debts, etc,, being the6th reckoned from the 7th. Being the 7th counting the 6th as the first, it represents the litigation, etc. , of the servants. Being the 8th from the 5th house it denotes danger, difficulties and disappointment to children. It denotes long journeys to mother, her foreign travels and success achieved in writing, etc. , being in 9 to 4. Since it is the 10th from the 3rd house, it shows younger brothers or sisters profession, popularity, prosperity etc.

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