Jupiter Transit In Libra 2017

Jupiter transit (Gochar) from Virgo ( Kanya Rsshi ) to Libra ( Tula Rsshi) from 12th September  2017 to 11th October 2018. Jupiter is an auspicious planet which gives mostly benefic results even though it may be malefic in the Birth chart. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Libra which is the 7th sign and 7th house as per natural horoscope (Kal Purusha  Kundali ) ruled by Venus. Jupiter is a planet of hope for all human beings, essence of knowledge, justice, good fortune, auspicious events, political power, status, all around prosperity and governs digestive system. Libra signifies partnership, relationship, markets, justices, ect .Libra is movable ( char Rashi), cruel Rash, Air sign and forms Kama Trikon with other signs which are Gemini and  Aquarius. It is Moola Trikona sign of Venus (0 to 20 deggree)  indicating balance of beauty ( Venus) and brain (air element). Saturn exaleted (20) and Sun debilited (10) in the Libra.

jupiter transit

Transit of Jupiter in Libra will also activate Gemini and Aquarius sign also via its 5th and 9th aspect. Which means it will provide good opportunities to generate wealth giving combination are already present in your horoscope. Transit of Jupiter in Libra will be very good for bringing positive changes in Judiciary system, there will be implementation of some better law and order, Business and Business relation will improve, expansion in trade , Markets, efforts to balance economies of scale , balance relationship, expand business relation and globalization.

Jupiter will enter Libra on 12th September 2017, It will become retrograde on 9th March 2018 and remain retrograde motion till 11th July 2018 for 4 months after which it will resume direct motion till it moves  out of Libra on 11th October 2018. Jupiter will transit in Chitra star (Mars) up to 14th October 2017 at 08:23hr. Next Jupiter will transit in Swati star (Rahu) up to 16th December 2017 at 12:33hr. Next it will transit in Vishakha star (Jupiter) up to 11th October 2018. Jupiter will give the results according the placement of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter in the Individual chart.

Similarly, the Jupiter will also transit from 9th Navamsa in the Libra. We will see Navamsa Gochar. Navamsa is the ninth part of the zodiac and the fourth part of the constellation, dividing a sign into 9 equal parts of 3-20 each. Each star has 4 padas and each pada indicates a Navamsa. Libra sign contains following navamsa in it. In Libra sign the navmansa division starts from the sign itself as Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Tauras, Gamini. In Libra sing, the 6th Navamsa (Meen) and the 8th Navamsa (Vrishabha) are called Pushkar Navamsas.  When Jupiter will transit each Navamsa Jupiter will give results according the Navamsa Tulya Rasi in the Individual chart. 

Jupiter transit in Libra For Aries.

Jupiter transits for Aries 7th house favorable for marriage, partnership and contract during this transit. Gain through people and mutual relations and help. You will be able to scale up your business and find new opportunities through your friends. You need other person’s assistance which will be met by others. Your social circle is to expand here. Invest money in upgarding your talents and skills, this will help you. A close relation with a foreigner or partnership or expanded relation with opposite sex will give you advantage. Your health will tend to improve slowly in the coming year and there will be increase in positive vibes inside you. When Jupiter will be retrograde in Swati nakshtra, it can give health troubles.

Jupiter transit  in Libra For Taurus.

Jupiter transit for Taurus in 6th house making this transit not so good for health because the 8th lord is transiting  in the 6th house. It signals you to be health conscious now. The transit indicates for any kind of work and fulfilling duties that contributed to your personal growth but your potential to do work may be hampered due to health problems. This year there will be improvement in service or job or new job with better opportunities as Jupiter in 6th and its aspects on 2nd and 10th, but you don’t leave your jobs unless you have a good reason otherwise there can be a big gap for you. This transit also indicates avoid any kind of over indulgence. You may experience troubles from cousins, enemies, sickness, distress and disputes with relatives.

Jupiter transit in Libra For Gemini.

Jupiter transits for Gemini 5th house, your self-expression grows as never before courageous and expressive to others without selfishness and egotism. Relation with others will be greatly improved. This transit by itself is not usually enough to bring about a sexual relationship, but helps the native to be true in position, Success can be there in love marriage. There can good news from children and their development.  Your creative potential is increased to gain money. This year will be good for students as Jupiter in 5th and 9th will bless with good success in studies. This transit also will be good for spirituality, all your sadhana, gain knowledge, favors from superiors and success.

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Jupiter transit in Libra for Cancer.

Jupiter transit for Cancer 4th house will good for your peace and security.  It will be good for your career as directly aspect the 10th house. Your home, family, personal life, property and conveyance will greatly improve during this transit. You will acquire property or make additions, alteration in your house or you may expand your environments and gain. Investment in real estate can be rewarding. The aspect of Jupiter on 8th and 12th has spiritual importance and it will also make you spend money on right things. Personal habitual expenses are supposed to be increased. Relations with parents will be cordial and you may gain through them. The business person is to feel happy on striking good profitable deals.

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Jupiter transit in Libra For Leo.

Jupiter transit for Leo 3rd house indicating this year increase in your contacts in the immediate surroundings. Increasing  your self-worth and self-efforts. You can study the subject of fields and advance training. Gain through writing and communications. Favorable travels are indicated.. This is a transit to get married as Jupiter aspect your 7th house. You will reap tremendous gains and benefits if you are into business since this transit will also aspect your 11th house. This can be a golden opportunity for you. Do not spend more and be not self imposed which will be to your advantage. Plan effectively for gain but do not over do and go to extremes. Do not commit to projects which you cannot possibly do or fulfill otherwise will be loss of position, separation from loved ones, fear, obstacles in business or profession and ill health.

Jupiter transit in Libra For Virgo.

Jupiter transit in Libra for Virgo in 2nd house the native will acquire money, domestic happiness, gain of wealth and commodities. This transit will bless you with success in your career and finance, there will be abundance of happiness in family life. The aspect of Jupiter on 10th and 6th is going to be beneficial for wealth creation. The transit will be favorable in the sphere of material possession and resources. One will gain money or if you concentrate, you can increase your spiritual standards as well as other dimensions of your life. Do not mismanage the resources. Make necessary changes in your sources to achieve your desires. The aspect of Jupiter on 8th house and 6th house gives protective cover in terms of   health, legal matters etc. A good period for investment and purchase of property and articles of enjoyment.


Jupiter transit in Libra For Libra.

Jupiter transits in Libra for Libra in 1st house. This is beginning major cycle of growth in your life when Jupiter enters 1st house of your horoscope. You will feel more secure bout yourself, but do not exaggerate your importance. You can gain new experience and a good time for learning. Do not be childish or prejudiced otherwise you will have unfavorable circumstances, heavy expenditure, unfavorable journey, increase in enemies etc. You will experience peace and tranquility with entry of Jupiter in Libra, the aspect of Jupiter on 5th and 9th is the indicating that you will be bear fruits of your past karma and it is a time to perform maximum good karma to fill up your reserves. You will have help from others. The persons to whom you will be attracted or involved will be beneficial to you through mutual help. There will be advancement towards spiritual side. Self confidence will pave the way of progress during the year of transit. Those of marriageable age will find suitable partner, those who are expecting children will have good news this year. Libra will be best blessed in this transit.

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Jupiter transit in Libra For Scorpio.

Jupiter transits in Libra for Scorpio in 12th house, the benefits may not be obvious. Good for learning, spiritual and religious as the 5th lord in 12th will give good spiritual experience. Occult or metaphysical will be of great knowledge, supports and comforts. The money you earn will be spending in doing good karma. Purchase property / Investment in property are there as Jupiter aspect 4th house. In case of a malefic Jupiter aspect on 8th house can be bad terms of health, will have fear, mental anguish, grief and fear caused through property. Transit of Jupiter in Libra, this transit will be good for scorpions in terms of spiritual progress, foreign travels, investment in property or land etc. and may get promoted job.  

Jupiter transit in Libra for Sagittarius.

Jupiter transits in Libra for Sagittarius in 11th house can be blessed with a child (Depends on Dasha too); acquire new position, honor, domestic happiness and good health. It will be very rewarding for you in terms gains, successful travels, and successful communication. Gain of luxury items, pleasures, promotion, respect and prosperity. The aspect of Jupiter your 3rd and 7th, it is favorable for marriage prospects. Fulfillment of hopes, helps and benefits from friends and elders, brothers etc are there. Do not try to go alone for any work whereas group working will be beneficial. New acquaintances, broad outlook but do not be selfish. You have to make maximum efforts to appraise yourself, invest in yourself as much as you can upgrade your skill, upgrade your knowledge, and learn new things and hobbies. Those into field of media, communications, and writing will have an excellent year ahead. Students will have a good year in terms of education.


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Jupiter transit in Libra for Capricorn.

Jupiter transit in Libra for Capricorn in 10th house, there will be good results of your profession, career and social status etc. Any reasonable efforts with several cautions will lead towards a considerable progress. Avoid dominating, overbearing and arrogant attitude and inflated ego which indicates trouble with superiors, loss of respect, humility, danger to property, profession, position and children. One may have reward or recognition for his work; you can expect promotion and better avenues in public or Govt. recognition. You may travel and have change in profession. Health may require attention in this year. You are advised to starts financial planning for future. Jupiter aspect on 2nd house and 6th house you can give gain in wealth, loans, legal matters, health issues.

Jupiter transit in Libra For Aquarius.

Jupiter transits in Libra for Aquarius in 9th house, after having bad faced of finance and family you are in a period of relief. Jupiter enters your 9th house to activate your luck. This transit of Jupiter indicates prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasure and increased income etc. It is also good for spiritual advancement. There can be troubles through children. You may have opportunity for extensive and long travels, interest in studies of profound subjects, philosophy, metaphysics, religion etc. There can be gain through religion, correspondence; foreign travel or you will be involved in business, contract etc. This is very good for those who are expecting child. Students may have an excellent year for education. You will be in good health in this year and overall good for finance. This year can be good for writers, media people, and people in education sectors.

Jupiter transit in Libra For Pisces.

Jupiter transits in Libra for Pisces in 8th house is not very good position because rashi lord or lagna lord in 8th house so it will affect health. This house indicates inheritance so good period for joint ventures and resources such as business, partnership etc. A good time for requesting loan from bank or friends etc. Fortunate changes in your life can be through experience of occult, religious and spiritual uplifts. In case Jupiter is malefic, native will have fatigue by wearisome travelling, troubles physical and mental. There are chances for loss of money and accident during journey. The aspect on 4th house indicates possibilities of investment in new property/relocation to some other place or transfer from job. Jupiter aspect on 2nd house is good for financial gains through inheritance, insurance etc. Overall this is not good year for Pisces ( Meen rashi) people and they are advised to take care of their health and focus on living a holistic life.

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