Venus: The planet which can change your life with luxuries & comforts


Venus is the ultimate planet in Kaliyuga , depending on the placement of Venus in your horoscope , This is the one of the best planet to give benefit results in this Kaliyuga. Venus is the planet which enhances the beauty, glamour and cost of an ordinary thing.  For an example, water is ruled by Moon, but when Venus comes in contact with that water, that water is filled in a bottle with a brand (Bisleri) and we buy that water and spend 20 rs , sometime rs 50 in PVR cinemas . That is power of Venus. Venus has veto power for marriage and romance matters, even bad placed Venus can give marriage or love affairs it’s dasha , antardasha or transit.

The below Horoscope is a great example:

Venus example

In this horoscope, Aquarius ascendant is rising , Venus is lord of 4th and 9th houses.   Venus in 2nd house which is the house of its exaltation indicates person should be, moral, truth loving and famous for his grand deeds. H is fond of his  family and enjoy all the family comforts and happy from the wealth point of view. In D-9 (Navamsa) Venus is placed is Sagittarius, which is enemy and fiery sign, generally it is not considered good for Venus but in ascendant chart , Sagittarius sign is falling is 11th house of gain , so definitely Venus has to give good results.   




When he consulted, Jupiter-Venus period was going on , generally Astrologers say that Jupiter-Venus dasha is not good because Jupiter-Venus are enemy , but as per me it depends on individual horoscope, both planets are good for this ascendant , so his marriage and child birth , means addition to his family happened in this period as you can see exalted Venus is placed 2nd house of family , and during Venus Antardasha and Jupiter Dasha , these 2 major events happened . 

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