Sun in all 12 houses in Vedic Astrology

Sun is the main source of energy in Vedic Astrology.  It is a male planet and lord of Sunday. In Vedic Astrology, Sun rules physical strength, will power, authority, managerial ability and status etc.

In body parts, Sun rules heart, stomach, head, right eye and bones. In relations, Sun rules father, guardian and superiors etc. Sun can give diseases like weak eyesight, heart trouble, weak digestive power, weakness in bones and high fever etc.

The main color is gold but Sun also represents orange , yellow and brown too. Sun is Kshatriya by caste and rules east direction. Sun owns Leo sign, gets exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. Sun has 7th direct aspect.  Moon, Mars and Jupiter are friend for Sun and Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu are enemies, Mercury is neutral for Sun. In places, Sun rules temple and Ruby is the gemstone to empower Sun.

Here are general results of Sun in all 12 houses.  Specific results can be overridden as per sign ascendants and other matters as per individual horoscope.  


Sun in 1st House: 

  • The native will like to dominate.
  • Native may have conveyances.
  • The native can be lucky, short tempered and powerful too.
  • Native can have fewer hairs, Weak eyesight but prominent personality.
  • Native can get favors from government.
  • The native can be lazy but cruel, impatient and valorous too.


Sun in 2nd House: 

  • The native can be generous but extravagant too.
  • The native can waste money for pleasures like servants and vehicles.
  • Native may have eye troubles or any other skin issues of face or stammering problem.
  • Native can be egoistic and harsh in speech.
  • Native should be careful in money matters as he can lose money by theft or other matters.

Sun in 3rd House:

  • The native can be firm in his decision and bold in general.
  • Relation with father may not be good but native may prosper more than father.
  • Problems with male siblings.
  • The native can win easily over enemies.
  • The native can be wealthy and may like different kind of foods than normal foods. 


Sun in 4th House: 

  • The native can be mentally worried and quarrelsome.
  • Native can lose paternal property or vehicles due to his bereft nature.
  • The native can get support of government in his career.
  • Native can lose his friends and relatives due to his quarrelsome nature.
  • Should be careful from heart related issues.


Sun in 5th House:

  • The native can be intelligent and religious but fickle minded too.
  • Native may like to travel and spend his money for pleasures.
  • Delay in child birth or problems with male children but children may prosper.
  • Digestion related health problem or problems in intestine.

Sun in 6th House: 

  • The native can get help from government and good in career.
  • The native can get fame and wealth because of courageous nature.
  • Native can easily win over enemies.
  • The native can have good health with good digestive system.
  • The native should be careful from liver complaints and giddiness.


Sun in 7th House:

  • There can be disputes with partner (life partner or business partner)
  • Life partner can get health troubles and married life can get disturbed.
  • The native can get problems from government too.
  • The native may have health problems like urinary troubles or eye troubles.


Sun in 8th House:

  • The native may suffer from eye diseases or chronic ailments.
  • Native can stuck in litigation and suffer from punishments.
  • There can be less children or delay in child birth.
  • The native should be very careful I money matter, chances to lose money by theft or lottery.


Sun in 9th House:

  • There will be chances for back biting for the native.
  • Native can be spiritual and respect for God and Gurus.
  • Relationship with father or wife may be disturbed.
  • Relationship with friends and children may be good.
  • Wealth matter should be good , Luck will support.

Sun in 10th House:

  • The native can get success in business and succeed in elections.
  • The native can get name, fame and money due to his intellectual deeds.
  • Native can enjoy many comforts like conveyances and servants.
  • The native can be good judge and good father too.
  • There can be good support from government and society.


Sun in 11th House:

  • The native can have many influential friends.
  • The native can be wealthy, powerful and fortunate.
  • Income can be from many sources.
  • Native can be intelligent and have an authoritative post.


Sun in 12th House:

  • Native may not have good health, specially eye problems, week digestion and migraine.
  • Relationship with father may not be good.
  • Native can get financial strains and loss of energy and vitality.
  • There can be unwanted journeys and expenses.
  • There can be delay in child birth too.


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