Career consultation

Career consultation

Career consultation covers topic like Which career is best for you? Your destiny and Dasha time supporting career for you. Time for job change, promotion or job loss. Good and bad phase in career. Job or business?

In a horoscope , career and money is ruled by 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house , For career, 2nd , 6th and 10th house are main factors, this trine is called Arth Trikona too , 2nd house is money , 6th is attempt to earn that money and 10th house is work place or platform for 6th (attempt) . 6th house is main house of promotion as it is 12th (loss) for your coworker (7th house),.

6th house is good for job and career as it is 5th from 2nd house of money and 10th house is 5th from 6th house, so this house is loss for your opponents and competitor as it is 12th from 7th house.

In career consultation we check strength of these houses with Dasha period and suggest best direction of career where your destiny will support you to reach maximum heights in career.

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