What is an astrology consultation?

Astrology consultation is not that you go to an astrologer and get desired results or to change your destiny, Astrology consultation is to understand your destiny and get maximum benefits from your destiny. As we believe in past birth and karma, So our destiny is the result of our past karma in last birth, our 70% destiny is fixed and our 30% is our karma and free will , so one can understand that most of the things in our life are fixed, because what we have done in past, we will get that as a destiny, according to that we take birth in such planetary position, date, time and place to get results of past karma. We have 30% of our free will and karma , that plays important role in our life to be successful by doing karma according to our destiny.

For an example, you are trying to clear an exam from many times but unable to clear it after so many efforts , An experienced Astrologer can check the promise of this event in your horoscope, may be you don’t have such promise to clear that exam, or you may have promise to clear that exam but current time/Dasha is not supportive and it may not be right time to clear that. Here astrology consultation can guide you about right path, don’t think that if you don’t have such promise to clear that exam then an astrologer can make it possible, An astrologer is destiny reader, not destiny changer, and if someone says that he/she can change the destiny then he/she is the biggest liar on this earth.

An astrology consultation can guide you about your destiny and coming time, few simple remedies; change in behavior/attitude according to your destiny can give best results in life. When Karma and destiny both clicks same time and same direction then it makes a person successful. Destiny and Karma both should be clicked in same direction. For an example, Rahul Gandhi is a blessed person with destiny but he could not be the Prime Minister due to lack of Karma. On other hand Narendra Modi did hard work and his destiny also supported then He became Prime Minister of India. There could be many hardworking people like Modi ji who did so much hard work and died , nobody knows them because they were not destined or blessed with Destiny , so hard work is not the guarantee of success , it can be waste of time and energy if you are trying something against your destiny.

If your son can make good money and fame as a dancer then why to force him to be a doctor? He can do much better in dancing if you give him dance related education.

What has been general trend of Astrology till now, People think that Pandit ji of temple or the pandit who perform marriages etc, are astrologers too, both are different , Reading a horoscope requires very good analytical, mathematical and logical skills on other hand doing Karm-kaand, pooja etc is totally different.

Our Astrology Consultation Services

We provide consultation on following matters/Aspects of Life

  • Career/Business/Profession
  • Marriage/Relationship/Love matters
  • Health/Child Birth
  • Education
  • Property/ Litigation/Foreign travel & settlement
  • Ask Specific question

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This service is chargeable and to know about charges & payment procedure, please fill the below form with your message.Make sure to enter correct email address.