Learn Astrology

Learn Astrology

Google Hangout Classes

  • We conduct courses for Predictive Astrology regularly and you can register for same. Interested people can contact me on my email (Jaiojha@gmail.com).
  • The course will be online on Google hangouts in live classroom experience, so you can join it from all over the world.
  • The course will be based on KP and Vedic (Parashari) Astrology.


  • Duration of Course will be around 6 months and classes will be weekly for 2 hours on Saturday or Sunday.
  • If you miss the class, class recordings will be shared. Notes will be sent class by class.
  • If someone left the course due to some genuine problems, he can join the next batch from he left.

What you will learn ?

This Astrology course will cover all predictive subjects and chapters which a native wants to discuss, these subjects will be discussed after the class in my astro-students group on daily baisis on practical charts

Career Prospects

Houses, Planets, Transits Combinations for getting a job, Loss in Job, change in job, Success in competitive exams and written test, Success in Interviews. What can be the profession/business of Native etc.


Houses, Planets, Transits Combinations for Higher education, field of Education, Scholarship and awards, Professional Education, No education etc.

Property & Vehicle

Houses, Planets, Transits Combinations for purchase of Property, sale of property, Property thorough loan, re-payment of loan, paternal property, Construction of property, Timings etc.


Houses, Planets, Transits Combinations for Health problems, type of health problems, betterment in health, prolonged diseases, chronicle disease. Etc.


Houses, Planets, Transits Combinations for Mariiage, Divorce, no marriage, involvement of court in marriage and divorce, love-marriage, pre-marital affairs, extra-marital affairs, Sexual relation, rape etc.


Houses, Planets, Transits Combinations for birth of child, mis-carriages, no child birth, Adoption of children etc.

BTR (Correction of Birth Time)

How to get the exact birth time of native if not sure. We will u se past events of life and ruling planets.

KP Horary chart (Prashna Jyotish)

This is the most important thing how to answer about all above questions without birth details. We will also tell how to use Ruling planets in predictive short events like when I will reach home? When power will resume? When Internet will work? Etc. With KP horaray we can predict about lost items, missing person and many other events like this.

This service is chargeable and to know about charges & payment procedure, please fill the below form with your message.