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Welcome to world of Predictive Astrology

Welcome to world of Predictive Astrology.  Predictive Astrology is different from normal astrology what we see or watch on Television and Social media like forecast based on Sun Zodiac sign , name sign, number sign . There are 12 zodiac signs only and population of people are in billions , one zodiac sign , number etc will cover millions of people , so predictions based on this is not considered more than entertainment or time pass, which is not good for Astrology as people do not take it seriously . You can see nowadays that not only general forecast but gemstones, colors, nature, love matters and even I have seen astrologers are suggesting that which color you should use while using colors in Holi, so all these things are not more than entertainment or time pass with name of Astrology.

Predictive Astrology works on real factors based on individual horoscope or Prashna Kundli and predicts about strength of the horoscope and timing of events like Career, job change, marriage, love matter, child birth, litigation, property purchase etc. As per me , every person is different from others , even twins who are born within minutes are different in destiny and nature from each others and Predictive Astrology can predict it well but if you think that both are born in same zodiac sign and both will have same destiny and nature, that will be wrong.

Another interesting part is remedial astrology which covers gemstone, Graha Shanti , Rudraksha, healings, Vaastu change etc.  It is said that remedies like this can solve your problem and change your destiny. There are some sure shot remedies too (Totake) , these totake are given to native to change his destiny. But the truth is “ No Remedy or person in this world can change your destiny.” Destiny is result of your previous Karma of past births. Here is one example:

Mr X and Y , both are equally qualified and about to go for an interview , both decided to visit temple for blessings and they visited ( Any temple like Sai baba or any other local temple) , and went for that Interview , Y got selected and X got rejected . Why ? both are equally qualified and talented and Both took blessings from same temple . It’s only the destiny and time which favored Y, but Y may think it is because of that temple visit . And what about X ? He was not going under good dasha period and time.

The same happened in case of remedies too. Remedies are there just to manage the problems in bad period or improve the chances in good period, remedy cannot override destiny.  We personally do not promote or sell Gemstones, Yantra, Graha Shanti Pooja etc type remedies. We provide simple remedies which a professional person can do easily and get betterment.

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