What is horoscope or Birth chart? Read and understand by own:

Dear friends, many of us do not know more than Sun sign and Moon sign in Astrology , you must know something about birth chart, which is unique for you, Horoscope is a map of your life and it shows the planetary position at the time of your birth , you can make your horoscope from any online software , you need to put your date of birth, time and place of birth and you can generate this. Select chart type north Indian.


birth chart

For example take this birth chart, I tried to make it simple as a normal person can understand this. You can see there are 12 signs and 12 houses, remember houses and signs both are different, 1st house is called Ascendant or Lagna, in this horoscope you can see where is 1st house, you will see a number there 7, 7 is the number zodiac sign which is falling in 1st house , then we have to count the houses from 1st house anticlockwise and we will get 12th houses, reminding again don’t consider those number written there in houses, they are zodiac sign number, any zodiac sign can fall in any house and it depends on your horoscope. So 1st house or ascendant will there always where it is written outside this horoscope whatever number is written there, it will be your 1st house, for example, this horoscope is of Libra Ascendant as number 7 is written in 1st house, in same way I am Virgo ascendant as 6 number sign is falling in my 1st house or ascendant. Planets are placed in the zodiac sign where they were at time of birth. For example when this person was Born, Planet Mercury and Venus are placed in 10 number sign, but if we have to see which house they are placed, it will be 4th house, Venus and Mercury are placed in 4th house of horoscope in 10 number sign which is Capricorn sign. Look at Saturn, Saturn is placed in 12 number sign which is Pieces Sign but if we look at house, this is 6th house, so Saturn is placed in 6th house in pieces sign. If you want to know that which is your Moon sign, look where is Moon placed, in this horoscope, Moon is placed in 4 number Sign that is cancer, so Moon sign will be Cancer. But if you have to see in which house Moon is placed then house wise it is 10th house.

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Remember 1st house/Ascendant/Lagna , are all same thing and It will there on top for every horoscope as shown in this image and from there you can count houses anticlockwise. Number written in a horoscope is number of Sign falling there not house. If you understand this well then you can get more knowledge from posts about planets and houses.


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