2nd House in your Horoscope


The second house is the house of money and money matters are largely decided with reference to the second house. It denotes the financial circumstances or fortune, profit or gain, loss or damage and general financial prosperity of the native. This house shows what the person acquires by individual effort and the degree of prosperity which he will enjoy. In short, all that is acquired through one’s power and resources come under the purview of this house. The second house indicates the individual’s worldly attainments by means of possession of extrinsic value such as money or those things held to represent money such as jewellery, precious stones and metal’s (gold, pearls, rubies, diamonds, etc.), documents, bonds, securities; stocks and shares, promissory notes. Mortgages, bank balance or other negotiable or exchangeable assets, etc.

This house. deals with family It includes all close relatives of the native, his grandfather, grandmother, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, etc.. in the family without reference to any particular relationship. Is Moon is in the 2nd house receiving good aspect.from Jupiter and Venus, it suggests that the native has a good and big family. If the. Moon in the same position is beneficially aspected by Saturn, then it shows a small family : interval between one child birth and the next willbe above average : Rahu shows birth control. Another important influence of the second house is the native’s ability to express his thoughts. The second house rules “vak” meaning speech. If Ketu were to be in the 2nd house falling in a mute sign (Kataka-‘Cancer, Vrischika-Scorpio and Meena- Pisces are the three mute signs), then the native may be dumb. If, in a nativity Mars occupies the 2nd house receiving good aspect from Jupiter and Mercury, then the native may indulge in good conversation. If Moon happens to be in the 2nd house in good aspect from Mars, then the person will be out spoken. If Moon in the 2nd house is in good aspect to Mercury, then the native will speak clearly ; if Jupiter throws good aspect. to Moon in this position, then he will speak wisely . Venus throwing good aspect makes the native liable to talk about sex, cinema and pleasurable pursuits .the native will speak less if Saturn forms good aspect to the Moon in the 2nd house . Uranus forming good aspect to Moon in 2 shows that the individual will be eccentric in speech. if Sun forms good aspect, then the person will be a dignified speaker. Mercury, the planet of pure intellect, occupying the 2nd house identical with an airy sign, denotes that the native is likely to be a good conversationalist. 


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In this way one should read the results of a planet in any house The second house governs second marriage. This is so because the 2nd house is the 8th to the 7th representing the first wife and it is generally after the death of the first wife that one will go in for second marriage. Though marriage is largely the concern of the 7th house. the second house should also be referred to ascertain the time of marriage, description of partner and the state of married life.

The second house also represents (i) vision or the power of observation. (ii) the right eye (generally

eye) (the l2th house is said to govern the left eye), (iii) memory and (iv) imagination. The other parts of the physical body governed by the 2nd house are the nail, tongue, nose, teeth, cheeks and chin. Evil planets in the second house cause mole or scar in that part of the body, Mole is founded from infancy, but scar is formed when the person runs the. period of the planet afilicting the second house. One has to investigate the second house to find out whether the native protects others and whether he gains or losses through those dependent on him. Also whether he has good understanding or misunderstanding with family members If benefic planets occupy the 2nd house, then the native will have good understanding with his family. If malefics are there, then he will have no easy time with them, whenever he runs the periods or sub periods of the malefics, If the lord of 6 is in the 2nd house and afflicted, then estrangements with the maternal uncle or aunt will be common. The second house also concerns law suits, uses of ordinary or costly metal (the metal depending upon the planet), his or her trade and business.

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According to the nature of the planets posited and profit or loss thereby, the native’s ability to buy and sell and faith in ancient culture and custom (If lord of 12 is in2), This house suggests whether the person will be extravagant or economical. If Saturn is in the 2nd house he will be economical and slow in speech. If Mars were to be there, the native will be extravagant and outspoken in speech. If Jupiter were to occupy the second house, then one will earn through fair means and also spend rightly. Further, he will speak well. The 2nd`house has to do with loans, money lent or money borrowed by a person, money employed in speculation, etc. , money left with a guardian, trust etc. Being a marakasthana, the second house shows the death of the indivjdual ; the kind or type of death is influenced by the 8th house. 3rd house indicates one’s span of life. l2th to any house is the detrimental one to the house matters Therefore l2th to the 3rd house is the second. Hence 2nd house is a marakasthana. 8th house also signifies one’s span of life. l2th to the 8th house is the 7th. Hence 7th house is the other marakasthana. (Sthana means house ; Maraka means death).

This house, along with the 5th house, has to be considered to find out whether one has the aptitude for music. If the 2nd house is an airy sign, then the native may turn out to be a vocalist If Mars, Sat.urn and Venus are connected with the 2nd house, he may take to tabla or mridangam and prove successful. If the 2nd house falls in any airy sign and of short ascension, he will take to flute. Lord Krishna plays on flute. Why? His star was Rohini in Taurus. Second house is Gemini, an airy sign of short ascension. Hence he has flute If of long ascension, be would do well to take to nayanam (nadaswaram). If the 2nd house happens to be a watery sign then he may take to jaladarangam. Neptune shows stringed instruments.

In questions relating to affairs of nations, this house signifies national wealth , banking activities and all matters concerning revenue.

In horary questions, the 2nd house denotes the money of the querist, his loss or gain in speculations relating to business and pecuniary affairs or any question In particular (Ist, 2nd and Ilth houses); also, of loans, etc.

The following are to be guessed from the 2nd house :- Belief in sacred tradition, truth and falsehood, tongue, eyes, nails, garment ; copper, diamond, gem, pearl, trade, softness of speech, perfume (incense),to support others, effort in acquisition of wealth, miserliness or liberality, clear oratorical ability gold, good silver, corn , cereals, nose , look for pearls, ruby, gems, minerals, wealth, clothes and business from the 2nd house.

While second house shows gain to the native, it also indicates loss to younger brother and his changes, life in a foreign place etc. Malefics in the second house threatens loss to the native and imprisonment of the, younger brother. Second house includes gift by younger brother to the native. Mother’s gains and her’ elder brother are indicated by the second house as it is the 11th to 4th; rank, position, profession and success of children are judged from the occupants of the second Bhava and the aspects to the second house. Beneficial aspects give rise in its period and malefics do harm in their periods if there are both harmonious and disharmonious aspects and if both benefics and second house. Long journey of the maternal uncle, danger to partner or the share of profits to partner and the ommon disease of the native’s father are shown by the second house. Purchase of a house or land or vehicle by the elder brother is found from the maliefics occupy the second house of the native.

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