Nakshatra/Star: Moola (00°00’ – 13°20’ Sagittarius)


Moola is the 19th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac ruled by shadowy planet Ketu, often known as “The Foundation Star”. The centre of our galaxy lies in this very nakshatra. The meaning of “Moola” is root and its symbol is a “group of bunch of roots that are tied together”. As we know that no plants can flourish without its roots, similarly every event or happening in the world is associated with some reasons at its very root. Thus, the Moola nakshatra has a strong inclination towards research and quest. As the roots of the plants are not visible, similarly this nakshatra indicates the deeply buried or hidden facets of one’s life. Moola has a lot to do with investigation into things unseen or unknown ; in short getting into the root/core of everything is their main concern. Its motion is finite and limited; it often does not allow too much freedom or scattering away of energies, and makes one delve deeply within a limited sphere. Due to the influence of duality of the Sagittarius sign these natives in their lives get both spiritual and material success. Here their quench of thirst be either digging for earthy treasure/materialistic things like gold or petroleum or it can be Self enlightenment ; all depends in which way guru and ketu is functioning. The shakti involved here is “Barhana shakti: the power to ruin, destroy and break things apart.


Moola combines energy of Guru and Ketu. Guru’s involvement with this nakshatra makes sure that transformations under Moola happen for better. Due to the influence of Guru’s optimism these natives generally come across as care free individuals who do not think much about the future. They most of the times leave the future in the hands of the God and try to make the most of the present with their sincere efforts towards their work and other areas. Optimism or positive thinking and handling things with a firm belief to succeed make up their imperative behavioral characteristics.

The people born in this nakshatra gain the wisdom and knowledge through their hard work. They cause destruction to their families. They are peace-loving personalities, but will not hesitate to fight for what rightfully belongs to them.

Symbol:  Tied bunch of roots, tail of a lion

Star Lord:  Ketu( South lunar node )

Ruling Deity: Nirriti, Goddess of dissolution and destruction


Moola nakshatra is ruled by Nirriti, the Goddess of destruction. Some religious texts see her as Alakshmi, opposite of Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth, abundance and prosperity). So, from that’s prospect Moola does not indicate fortune or luck and  is considered as a unpleasant nakshatra ; but still this nakshatra lies in domain of rashi of Dhanu( owned by Jupiter ) so everything is not that bad. In fact after crossing 8th house of scorpio; materialism is at its peak and journey towards  higher realm like Spiritual and Religious pursuits start here.

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Moola is a very powerful and magical nakshatra . It can give worldly status, prosperity to the native. The people born in this nakshatra will be financially successful and lead a materially comfortable life. The only unlikely thing here is that all is taken away from native at some point of time. Moola born people have multiple skills and hence, change of professions is a regular feature for these people and they spend their money recklessly. These people do not enjoy good equation with their parents. They are ambitious, learned, wavering, writers, proud, talkative, travelers, very helpful, prosperous in foreign lands.

It is a very impulsive Nakshatra too. Moola natives don’t waste too much time in converting their thoughts into actions. It is in Moola’s nature to quickly cut out and destroy things that have lost their value. They have peculiar ways of looking at any given situation, which often puts them at odds with those around them. A degree of over-eagerness is seen when it comes to taking drastic actions or measures to resolve situations or problems. Sarcasm, boldness and reservedness go hand in hand in Mula’s behavioral patterns. These natives, however, are unable to comprehend their own power and abilities.

The Native born in Moola Nakshastra is with a good physical appearance and a pair of bright eyes. A fast walker, an optimistic and never accepts defeat. They always help others without any rewards, and skilled in several subject, knows how to make money even with a pen and paper or with a hammer and a pliers. Most Moola natives are self made, without having any monetary support from the parents, but may have unexpected progress after the marriage. They are with strong creative powers and new ideas in any field. They will be most lucky when they moved away from the birth place. They are loved by many opposite sex, but fail in sexual satisfaction. They are honest, humble and sincere in the society with an inquisitive mind to explore the truth and the root and lead a very good religious life.

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Ascendant in Moola: Ambitious and independent, learned and philosophical, skilled, clever, suspicious, marital turmoil, issues with anger, health complaints.

The Moon in Moola: Proud, attractive, fixed mind, gives spiritual advice, peace loving, good oratory skills, success in foreign lands, wealthy, luxurious habits, soft and charitable disposition.

The moon in Moola indicates a person who has a passionate desire to get to the truth and is good at investigation and research. They are direct, ardent, truthful, shrewd and ambitious, but they can feel trapped and bound by circumstances and so feel resentment and a sense of betrayal. They can also suffer extreme reversals of fortune that may involve pain and cruelty.

The Sun in Moola: Fame, success, wealth, powerful, strong, dictatorial nature, psychic, mystical interests, athletic ability, courage, humanitarian concern, spiritual leadership.

Career interests: Detectives and investigators, Judges, Researchers, especially in fields of microbiology & genetics, Astronomers, Morticians and those who perform autopsies, those involved in selling herbs, roots & root vegetables like carrots, potatoes etc., bodyguards, wrestlers, homicide squads, Politicians, those practicing Tantra (especially Aghoris), gold diggers & treasure hunters, horse trainers & all those involved in equine sports, psychotherapists, astrologers, ascetics, mining, coal & petroleum industry, all professions involving investigation of any kind, professions involving destructive activities.

Health issues: Hip and thigh problems, sciatic nerve problems, Obesity, liver issues Mental vacillation, etc.

Shadowy side: Infliction of pain to attain God-realization, indulging in black magic, casting spells, exorcism, punishment and even murder.

According to Varahamihira, Chandra in Mula makes one ”haughty, rich and happy besides giving a fixed, luxury loving and compassionate disposition”.

Remedy:  For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this Nakshatra, best remedial measure is worship of fierce deities like Kali and Rudra. Contemplation and meditation on death in all its forms leads to constructive utilization of Moola energy.

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