Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification

Correct birth time forms the essence of an accurate horoscope and any discrepancy in the birth time will lead to a faulty natal chart. There are 3 parameters of locating the right birth time- date, place & time of birth. Albeit the date & place are easy to gather yet it’s the time of birth that creates confusion in most of the cases. If you too aren’t aware of your exact birth time and having problems in coming up with an accurate prediction, Astra Vikalp has got the answer for you thanks to its profound knowledge on KP Astrology.

How we predict Birth Time ?

Jyotishshastra says that it is possible to arrive at the specific birth time of an individual, years after his birth, by analyzing his major life events that he has experienced after passing through DBA & Transits. But this very process of identifying the birth time by tallying the life events is a perplex affair and not many astrologers carry proficiency in it. However, given our in-depth knowledge on Jyotishshastra, we have come up as one of those rare astrology portals who are equipped in detecting the perfect birth time by analyzing the life events.

What is required ?

You would simply need to provide us the month, day, place & year of birth, accompanied by the approximate birth time. You can mention whether you’re born in morning or night or noon or mid-night or evening etc. Then, just support us with the data on your significant past events like marriage, education, love affairs, separation, illness, property, children – or whatever you deem important in your life- and we would take care of the rest.

A Complete Service ?

Astra Vikalp would match up your major life events with horoscope & if these seem compatible with birth time submitted, the birth time provided is right. In case, the tally refuses to match with provided birth time, we will support you with all the necessary rectifications.

This service is chargeable and to know about charges & payment procedure, please fill the below form with your message.