3rd House in your Horoscope


The 3rd house shows your courage , firmness ,bad thoughts ,ear), especially right ear, Parakrama (Heroism), Bhratru, Sahodhara (brother or sister) ; younger one, Pourusham (mental strength) etc.

This house rules one’s mental inclination and ability, memory and the inherent propensities of the mind and intellect. The third house indicates inclination to study and the ninth house stands for higher education, research, wisdom and philosophical tendencies.

This is the house of courage, firmness,.valor prowess and heroism. If the lord of 10 or 6 has connection with the 3rd house in any manner, then the native may be a soldier or an army officer depending on other considerations. The third house is the Bhrathfusthana and represents the native’s younger brother or sister. Cousins, kindred, casual acquaintance and neighbor are also governed by this house. Being the sahayasthana, one should refer to the third house to ascertain whether the native has the assistance of others or is individually working hard.


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The third house also deals with short travel. If the third house is well connected, one may undertake small in land journeys such as travel by cycle, bus, tram, land, railway, crossing rivers and lakes and short air travel.. The 9th house has to be looked at for long journeys, journeys to far…off places and sea or air journeys to long distances. All kinds of correspondence and letters, papers, writing, accounting, mathematics, news of transit, means of communication such as cycle, bus, train, rail, etc., post offices, letter boxes, telephone, telegraph, , television, telecommunication, radio reports, signal, airmail, etc. belong to this house.

If the third house or its lord has any connection whatsoever with houses 2, 6 Of 10 one can take up agency and do commission business He can also be a broker, representative , mediator, messenger, publicity officer, etc. , If the 4th house or its lord has any connection, then the native can engage himself as an estate broker. Since the third house signifies books and publications (magazines), one can become an editor, newspaper reporter, news correspondent, information officer, journalist, etc. The third house also governs change of residence (being in 12 to the 4th house), restlessness want of peace).

 All movement. transition and change, library, bookstore, bargain, signature signing contracts or agreements, rumours of all kinds, conveying of messages, carrying tales etc. The parts of the body ruled by the third house are ears (especially right ear), hands, throat, shoulder blade, collar bone, arms, and the nervous system. If, in a lady’s chart, the lord of 3 happening to be a natural benefic is posited in the 2nd house, the native may put on jewels on ear, hand and neck ruled by the third house.

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If Rahu or Ketu. is conjoined with Mars or with the lord of the sixth house, or if Rahu or Ketu is placed in 3 along with Mars, then ,ear disease may result. Generally, malefics occupying any house will affect that part of the body ruled by the particular house. If malefics occupy the third house, there may be a mole in the part governed by the third house. If the lord of 10 is in 3, the native is likely to get employment. If he is a doctor, then he may deal in ear diseases CE.N.T. Specialist).

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In State Astrology, the third house shows neighboring countries and treaties with them. It also rules over transportation, whether it be aerial transport, rail, postal, road, telegraph, radio or telephone. This also represents libraries and public education.

While offering a prediction, e.g., as 3rd house denotes courage, one has to find out whether one will be bold or not from the 3rd hands-Saturn in the 3rd house makes one cautious and to some extent, he will wait and see and he will not boldly do anything. But people having Mars in the 3rd house are very brave. If two people stand on the bank of a river, find that some stranger-who is not a swimmer-has slipped and fallen down in the river, the person who has Saturn in 3 , he will be hesitating to assist as he wants to be sure of his safety whereas he who has Mars .in 3 on the spur of moment with plunge into the river and try to save one who is about to be drowned. Health of the younger brother, his success or failure, loss to or investment by mother, gains to his children or the friends of children, rank and position of the maternal uncle, long journey or higher studies of the partner, birth of children to the elder brother or sister is to be judged from the 3rd house.

It is a maraka house to father. In most of the horoscopes Rahu in the 3rd house causes father’s death during its period or sub period. Suppose one is running the period -or sub period of the significator of the 3rd house.  Here we go with an example , You have Rahu or Mars in 3rd house, your mother lost her ornaments or it was stolen.  Here 4th house is your mother, 3rd house which is 12th to 4th house means loss to mother. There is a friend of your son, who keeps visiting your home occasionally. Your son is 5th house and friend of your son , means 11th from 5th will be 3rd house, that can give an idea that your mother’s ornament can be stolen by friend of your son.  

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