10th House in your Horoscope

10th House

The 10th house is described as the house of lordship, honor, dignity and public esteem. It is called the apex of the horoscope, since it denotes man’s worldly attainments achieved through name & fame, power & prestige, credit & conduct, success & status, rank & renown, respect & reputation, and ambition & authority. One’s public life and popularity, his worldly standing in terms of material responsibility and his connection with people in high position should be judged from an examination of the strength of the 10th house, the occupants of the 10th house and those in their constellations (nakshathra), 10rd of the 10th house and those in his constellations and the planets conjoined with the 10th lord and those aspecting the 10th house. All questions concerning one’s worldly activities and moral responsibilities are determined with reference to this house.

The 10th house presides over preferment or one’s inclination permanency, promotion advancement appointment etc., and shows how one acquires superiority or affluence – whether by being engaged in independent pursuits or business or in professional service, or by occupying an exalted elective office or appointment. The chief influence of the 10th house is profession, occupation or business .One cannot arrive at a judgment in regard to what pursuits one will follow from an examination of the 10th house alone. In this aspect, house 2, 6 and 10 have to be investigated and studied together. These three houses are called the material trinity of houses, principally because they correspond to the 2nd, 6th and 10th signs of the zodiac which are earthy signs representing material gains.

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In day-to-day life it is not unusual to find people who follow avocations for which they have neither the requisite aptitude nor the qualification required (Indeed, people have no choice in choosing their vocation). There are others who change their occupation several times. Some others carry on two or more different lines of activity at the same time. In the vast majority of cases, one is forced to take to a particular vocation not because of any interest in it or any particular liking but solely for monetary gain.

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If Neptune occupies the 10th house with good aspect from other planets, the native will fit well in occupations where secrecy mystery and inspiration are employed, such as secret service, inspirational writing, singer, musician, artist, etc. Neptune is called the Sea God and so one may have connections with sea and related industries. When Neptune in 10 is will dignified, it portrays a highly inspirational nature making the native capable of attaining honor and position through some unique achievement. It threatens danger to the life of one of the parents.

Unfavorable aspects to Neptune denote disgrace, discredit and scandal, deserved or otherwise. Uranus is said to be independent, erratic, eccentric, unconventional but original by nature. If it is posited in 10 and is aspected well, one will originate new plans of work and follow uncommon pursuits and come out successful.  If Mercury indicates talent, Uranus denotes genius. Many Inventors, reformers, explorers, astrologers and great scientists are born with Uranus in 10, Uranus rules suddenness and so sudden changes in occupation are indicated. Being bold, independent and changeful, One invites opposition from public and Government-bodies.

Uranus afflicted denotes discredit and reverses and extraordinary experiences in public or professional affairs. Unless Saturn is strong by sign and aspect, it inclines to a subordinate position generally. Affliction to Saturn brings public discredit. The native may possess merit but lacks opportunities and encounters impediments in his path. Dull periods in business and disappointment in professional matters are denoted especially when Saturn’s period or sub period is in operation

Mars being the planet of inexhaustible energy and enterprise will, if well fortified, make the native fit in lines where courage or daring is necessary or where skill is combined with muscular energy. If Mars is afflicted, one will exhibit excessive ambition, authority, arrogance and aggressiveness and invite opposition and incur disfavor.

If the mutable Mercury happens to be in 10th, success in commission business or agencies and in trading may be expected. All mental and occult occupations will be fruitful. Mercury points to plurality and one may engage oneself in several occupations at a time. One may be a rolling stone changing occupations often. Generally, one succeeds In a subordinate capacity as Mercury is a messenger and not a master. One may be employed in Engineering, Postal Communication, Export, Import, International Trade are connected with any of these as a contractor or supplier.

The passive and peaceful Venus, placed in the lath with good aspect from other planets, is a sure indication of good will and patronage among ladies and success in social, artistic or musical pursuits. Popularity is acquired more by affable and good humored nature than by merit. Venus has sway over those occupations which deal with artistic refined and entertainment matters and with all those businesses where women’s needs are catered for success in such professions or occupations is a certainty.

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The dignified Sun, unaffiliated by any, is the surest sign of success, honor, distinction, authority, power etc.  Good and bad aspects to Saturn show a good rise and sudden fall. The Jupiter well connected to the 10th house is a definite indication of high honors and favor of those in high position. Jupiter being the planet of justice and high morals, one’s moral standard will be high. He will earn through right means. This is a very good testimony for political, social and financial success. Depending on other considerations, it denotes positions such as judges, trustees, ministers, ambassadors, philosophers, stock brokers, bankers, merchants, etc. It includes all positions of distinction, trust and responsibility. If afflicted one may occupy subordinate positions in banks, courts, etc., or serve as a cashier.

The militant Mars in 10 well dignified with good aspects, gives one energy and enterprise, force and courage and good executive ability. One will be well qualified to captain any industry or conduct and business, especially if Mars were in a movable sign.

 The inconstant Moon is said to rule the general public and so her position in the lath house is a favorable indication for Pubic life, but Moon being changeful in nature several changes an public life are also shown. If aspected will, it brings the person prominently before the public and ensures their favor but popularity is generally unstable. There is the liability to fluctuation in business, occupation or profession. Moon indicates changes and voyages an so one may have many changes in connection with profession, etc, or be engaged in professions or occupations which demand travelling about, especially if the Moon were in a movable sign .Moon rules public commodities, shipping, travailing and affairs connected with common people and women and if it is aspected well, it denotes success in professions concerning these. If moon is afflicted, public scandal and censure are not ruled out.

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The tenth house is termed ‘karmasthana’. It includes doing the last rites to one’s parents, to do religious functions, yagnas etc. , and to work and make money. Sometimes is a coincidence that, at the very time when one gets advancement one also 10ses either of the parents. The 10th house is the 2nd to the 9th house denoting father and the 7th house to the 4th indicating mother. Houses 2 and 7 are marakasthanas or death. Inflicting houses and so it is not unusual that during the period or sub period of the planets connected with the 10th house .

The 10th house has reference to the employer, superior, master in trade or profession, judge and the Government. Being the 2nd house to the 9th representing father, it is said to govern patrimony or one’s inheritance. The 8th house suggests one’s unearned income; the 4th house is the 8th to the 9th representing father. Hindus refer to the 4th house for hereditary income which descends to one from ancestors. The 10th house is called ‘Agya’ and rules orders or command are issued . The 9th house governs long journeys, while the 10th is related to pilgrimage to holy places.

In horary questions, this house concerns the judges, Judgment and the substances taken away by the thieves (being the 4th to the 7th denoting the thief). The 10th house stands for the stewards and their president in the race clubs, the aristocracy of the owners of the horses and the trainers.

In Mundane or political astro10gy, the 10th house deals with Government in a general sense, its affairs and its chief executive. It signifies the head of the State, whether monarch or President. Also royalty, the party in offlce, the national leaders, the upper strata ‘of society and those in authority, eminent and distinguished persons and the aristocracy It governs national trade, the nation’s honor, integrity, credit, power and status among the community of nations. This house provides the clue to guess the political situation prevailing in the country at any time.

The 10th house signifies father’s self acquisition being the 2nd reckoned from ‘the 9th. It is also the maraka house to both father and mother; to father, because it is in 2 to 9 and to mother because it is In 7 to 4. Being the 4th counted from the 7th house, it shows the permanent possessions or conveyance of the business or married partner. It rules the speculative and pleasurable pursuits of servants and their children, being the 5th from the 6th denoting servants. As the 10th house happens to be the 6th house taking the 5th as the first, it portrays ill-health to children or the debts incurred by them. Since it is the 7th to the 4th, it refers to mother’s opponents In litigation, election, etc.

Danger to younger brother or sister, his or her legacies etc, are described by the 10th house which is the 8th house counted from the 3rd. It is the house of loss and secret inimical activities to one’s elder brother or one’s dear friends and their hospitalization.

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