Gana and Guna : How to judge nature of a person via Horoscope & Astrology


Importance of Gana and Guna in Astrology

There are 2 type of qualities in human which impacts a lot on nature and karma of the person , they are called Gana (Nature) and Guna(Quality). To understand the nature of a person, we have to analyzed these both facts in the horoscope. In my personal observation, I use these steps to understand the nature of a person and I have found excellent results. Hope it will help everyone to understand nature of a person, whether you are going to be married or just a personal or professional relationship.


There are 3 types of Gana (Nature) in Astrological system, Dev (Divine) , Rakshas (Demonic) and Manushya (Human) , which type of Gana you belong it will depend on the  Nakshatra where Moon is parked in your birth chart.

Generaly Dev Gana people are the most humble and kind hearted person , they have good temperament and adoptability . They avoid quarrel and jealousy most of the time, they have kind heart and care for human and animals.

People born with Moon in Ashwini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Srawana or Revati Nakshatras are considered to be Dev Gana .

Rakshas Gana people are generally selfish and stubborn, merciless, eager to fight and jealous too. Most of the time they think about themselves only and hardly think about others human and creatures.

 People born with Moon in Krittika, Ashlesha , Magha, Chitra ,Vishakha,  Jyestha ,Moola, Dhanishta or Satbhishaj are considered to be Rakshas Gana.

Manushya Gana people have qualities of both Dev and Rakshas Gana, so sometime they are kind hearted and next time they may not, so we can say they are 50% Rakshas Gana and 50% Dev Gana.

People born with Moon in Bharani ,Rohini ,Ardhra ,Poorv-phalguni ,Uttara-phalguni , Purv-ashada , Uttar-ashada , Poorv-bhadrapada or Uttar-bhadrapada are considered to be Manushya Gana.

Gana is not everything which can judge the whole nature of a person,we have to see many other factors of the horoscope as  sometime a Dev Gana people can be cruel and Rakshas Gana can be humble too, but yes Gana is the basic promise of a person’s nature , which needs to be keep in the mind.


There are 3 types of Guna found in a horoscope, Satvik , Rajasik and Tamsik , all these Guna are present in zodiac signs and Planets .

Satvik Guna represents truthfulness , cleanness , forgiveness , kindness , peace etc, so you can see these qualiies are almost similar to the Dev Gana people we discussed above. 

All Dual signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces contain Satvik Guna

. Planet Jupiter and Mercury contain contain Satvik Guna.

Tamsik Guna shows ignorance , fear, cruel, quarrel, jealousy , anger etc.  So you can see these qualiies are almost similar to the Rakshas Gana people we discussed above.

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All fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are called Tamasik signs. All malefic planets like Rahu,Ketu, Saturn and Mars are called  Tamasik planets.

Rajasik Guna represents greed, enmity, jealousy, pride, egoism, arrogance, kindness, forgiveness etc. So we can see Rajasik Guna is mixed with Tamsik Guna and Satvik guna and very similar to Manushya Gana we discussed in Gana part.

All moveable signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn have Rajasik Guna. Planets Sun, Moon and Venus are called Rajasik planets.

How to use in a Horoscope:

As per me, Gana is the basic promise and Guna can makwe some changes in human nature, so I give 50-50 importance to both in judging the nature.

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 1st we will check Gana of the person from his Moon Nakshatra , suppose a person is born in Rakshas Gana. We will check the his ascendant chart like we will see how many planets are placed in Rajasik, Satvik and Tamsik signs, if majority of planets occupies Satvik signs  , they can improve qualities of this Rakshas Gana person towards Dev Gana, as a result, the person can be like Manushya Gana who carries both qualities. Placement of Majority of planets in Tamsik signs can lead a Dev Gana person towards Manushya Gana and a Manushya Gana person to Dev Gana.

In next step we can check the ascendant of the person, if Tamasik planets are affecting the ascendant then it will increase Tamasik qualities of the person and will affect Gana/Nature of a person, same time if Satvik planets are affecting the ascendant then it will increase Satvik qualities of the person. In same way you can check affect of Ascendant Lord and Sign occupied by Ascendant Lord .

Changes in nature of a person comes due to ongoing Dasha , if Dasha of Tamsik planet is going on, it can increase Tamasik Guna.



The given Horoscope belongs to Indian Cricketer MS Dhoni , Dhoni is born in Uttar-phalguni Nakshtra , which is a Manushya gana Naskshtra . Look at the placement of the planets , 5 planets are placed in dual signs, those signs caontain Satvik Gunas, Ascendant Lord Mercury is placed in Satvik sign Gemini with Sun. Mercury is a Satvik planet too .

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Look at the nature of MS Dhoni , He is called caption cool. You can hardly see him in aggression, always away from abuse or fights on/off the field. He gave chances to others and contributed for country . he might be selfish sometime too because ultimately he is Manushya Gana but mostly we have seen him cool and calm, so here we can see  how a Manushya Gana person poses Satvik guna qualities.

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