11th House in your Horoscope

11th House

11th house is the house of friends, gains & fulfillment of desires. It stands for all those who are allied to the native by likeness or sympathy of interest in society, community, etc. It includes one’s favorites, flatterers admirers, associates, advisers, adherents, supporters, well-wishers and close acquaintances .

Houses 9, 10, 11 and 12 are termed. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha house. “Kama” should not be construed to mean only passion. It also shows desire. Siddhi’ signifies fulfilment. From the 11th house should be resolved all questions concerning one’s hopes, wishes and aspirations and their realization. The 11th house governs success in all undertakings, whether it be in profession or business, higher studies or foreign collaboration, election, litigation, speculation, writings, health, etc. Suppose one is engaged in litigation at the time when he is running the conjoined periods of the planets favorably connected to the 11th house. He will then come out successful mostly by compromise, even though his case may be weak, as the 11th house stands for lasting friendship and gains.

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The 11th house is most commonly referred to as ‘Labhasthana’ denoting profit or gain. It is through this house that every accumulation of incoming wealth is to be expected. One may earn by one’s own exertion which is indicated by the lagna. His self-acquisition is determined by the 2nd house. Earnings through short writings, agency, writings, younger brother, etc., are shown by the third house. Money received through mother, vehicles, immovable property, treasure, etc , is described by the 4th. Gains in speculation, sports, lottery amusement interests like cinema, drama, etc., and through children are governed by the 5th house.

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6th house denotes income through service, pet animals or by borrowing. Income accruing to one through business partnerships, wife or husband, litigation etc, is indicated by the 7th house, The 8th house has to do with insurance, provident fund, wills, legacies, etc. One may derive monetary advantage through foreign collaboration, contact with strangers, father, or by doing research which is the influence of the 9th house. Lastly, one’s income through profession, business or inheritance is indicated by the 10th house.

The 12th house of a horoscope shows all expenses, investments and withdrawal or money from bank. Therefore houses 1 to 10 put together describe the various sources of one’s income; the 12th house deals with expenses. Adding the income resulting from house 1 to 10 and deducting the expenses indicated by .the l2th house, one gets the net balance called profit- This is what is shown by the 11th house. If one has lent money to someone, then the principal and interest are ruled by the 11th house. On the other hand, if one has borrowed then the 5th house deals with discharge of debt. Why? Because the 5th house is the 11 house Counted from the 7th house which denotes the person from whom the money has been borrowed.

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The desire to have reunion is denoted by this house and so one has to investigate this house to infer what sort of emotional attachments one will have. In fact, the lover is more accurately ascertained from the 11th house rather than from the 7th. This is so, as the 11th house stands for lasting friendship and intimacy that may end in marriage. One may also live with pleasure with a member of the opposite sex without actually contracting marriage (nowadays called Live in relationship) . The 7th house shows one to whom one is bound by ties of legal bondage and not necessarily a lasting friendship. If the significators connected to the 7th house and 11th house are favourably disposed, one may be so fast as to favour a successful marriage. In matters concerning marriage, the 11th house should also be a factor along with houses 2 and 7.

One has to investigate the 11th house to ascertain how far one will succeed in social and financial matters and whether at all he will succeed. The 11th house reflects the native’s attitude towards society and his interest more for group advantage as distinct from personal aims and ambitions. It also relates to reformative and unconventional activities. Another important feature coming under the domain of the 11th house` is progeny or rearing of children. The 5th house, chiefly, deals with children.


The 11th house is also considered as Badhaksthana for Movable Ascendants like Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Badhaksthana concept has nothing to do with gain and profit , it relates to the health problems. Hence 11th house for these Ascendants can give some health problems during Dasha period of those planets affecting 11th house.

Sun in 11 is an indication of lofty actions and desires and success in realizing them. One may associate with men in power and high position who will remain firm honorable and steadfast in friendship. The native is sure to reap immense benefit through them.. Jupiter in this house shows that one’s friends will be wealthy, virtuous, true and influential and render all assistance, Social success, popularity and credit will be secured through friendship. One’s ambitions will be achieved and hopes realized in full, Jupiter’s situation here with good aspects from others connotes social, financial and political success. If Jupiter is afflicted, then the friends may be sincere in their desire to help but will lack the ability to fulfill it or they may serve their self interest by such friendship.

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Mercury in 11th draws many acquaintances among literary and scientific minded people, but Mercury being mutable by nature, none of them will be sufficiently steadfast in their affections, unless Mercury is aspected well. If afflicted, one should not place any reliance on friends for assistance nor should he stand surety to them. Moon in 11, receiving harmonious aspects shows a large circle of friends, especially among the female folk, patronage of women and social success and popularity. Moon is changeful by nature and so one will have few lasting attachments unless Moon was well aspected at birth by planets in fixed signs or Moon itself was in a fixed sign. If afflicted, those extending their hand ot friendship will do so with the ulterior motive of deriving benefits from the native.

Saturn in 11, well dignified by occupation and aspect, attracts aged and serious friend. One may contract friendship with those in subordinate positions .Saturn shows restriction, Jupiter, expansion, Therefore Saturn in 11 shows few friends while Jupiter indicates a large number of friends. If Saturn is afflicted , one should be-careful with aged people who would make use of the native for selfish ends and desert him when he is no longer of any use to them.

Mars in 11th brings friends among the martial and athletic class. If well dignified, one works outrageously and enthusiastically to realize one’s desires leaving no stone unturned till success is sure. If afflicted, it makes one touchy and sensitive towards his friends. If Mars is afflicted, it causes  impulsiveness and rashness thereby denoting disagreement with friends. If Saturn or Mercury afflicts violation of friendship and treachery is indicated. Sun, Jupiter or Mercury aspect unfavorably friends may offer wrong advice landing one in trouble, Venus (or) Moon afflicting indicates over-indulgence with friends, especially female companions.

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Venus in 11th, favorably aspected, portrays friendship with those of the opposite sex and those in social circles who will be ever ready to assist one in realizing his desires. One’s friends may be humane and sympathetically and artistically ‘inclined. The 11th house shows fondness for society and Venus is said to be a social planet and so its situation here is conductive to success in social affairs. Afflictions to Venus often show that one’s friends may prove to be ambitious and time-serving and throw the native aside when opportunity offers.

Uranus in 11 is a strong influence to bring about strange, sudden and remarkable friendships. One will associate with those who are original, creative, or inventive who will prove immensely helpful to the native in case Uranus was well aspected at birth. Uranus being a progressive planet one’s hope will be progressive and peculiar. If affliction occurs, friends wilt turn out to be foes all of a sudden.  Neptune in 11, well aspected, gives a person high spiritual aspirations and will gift him with the ability to attract other persons of like nature who may aid him in realizing his ambitions. If afflicted, then those who pose as friends may prove deceptive ano treacherous. Those with this position of Neptune afflicted should be careful in cultivating friendships.


In Horary Astrology, as in natal Astrology, this house is connected with hopes and desires and their fulfillment. If the, 11th house is afflicted, the queries, will suffer severe disappointment in the matter examination. Being the 2nd from the 10th, it shows the financial gain derived from occupation. It rules over father’s short journeys gain through correspondence, editing, publishing his younger brother or sister, etc, being the 3rd counted from the 9th. It indicates the termination of a will or legacy being the 4th reckoned from the 8th house.

The 11th house concerns birth of children being the 5th from the 7th , also partner’s pleasurable pursuits, speculation, etc .It shows recovery from health and victory over enemies, being the 6th reckoned from the 6th representing ill-health, enemies and debts. As it is 7th house from the 5th, it signifies the daughter I law, the children’s competitors in examination, etc. Being the 8th to the 4th, it stands for danger, difficulties, disappointment and even death of the mother. To younger brother or sister represented by the 3rd it is the 9th house and hence is related to her / his long journeys in connection with education, etc. It is the house of success to elder brother or sister if well fortified. It also signifies freedom from misery and pain and discharge from hospital being in 12 to the 12th house.

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