Moon in all 12 houses in Vedic Astrology

Moon is the closest planet to earth and it works like a satellite to transform energy from other planets.  It is a female planet and lord of Monday. In Vedic Astrology, Moon rules mental capabilities, wealth, happiness and affection etc.

In body parts, Moon rules left eye, water elements and chest. In relations, Moon rules mother and childhood teacher. Moon can give diseases like mental stress, gynecological problems, menstrual disorders, cough & cold, weak chest etc.

The main color is while but Moon also represents silver and pale yellow too. Moon is Vaishya by caste and rules north-west direction. Moon owns Cancer sign, gets exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. Moon has 7th direct aspect. , Sun and Mercury are friend for Moon and Rahu, Ketu are enemies, Mars, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn are neutral for Moon. In places, Moon rules watery places and Pearl is the gemstone to empower Moon.

Here are general results of Moon in all 12 houses.  Specific results can be overridden as per sign ascendants and other matters as per individual horoscope.  


Moon in 1st house:

  • The native can be powerful with a good nature and a tranquil mind.
  • Good looking with a bit feminine nature.
  • Can be wealthy and enjoy domestic happiness.
  • There can be mental worries and urinary infections.

Moon in 2nd house

  • The native can be rich but extravagant too.
  • Good family life in general.
  • Good in speech but weak in eyesight.
  • Will like to travel.


Moon in 3rd house

  • Good in travelling.
  • Attached with siblings.
  • Wise but may be poor in decision making.
  • In general, good health.


Moon in 4th house:

  • The native can have property and vehicles but will like to shift house.
  • The native may enjoy motherly or domestic happiness.
  • Prone to cough and cold.
  • Attached with family, motherland and friends.

Moon in 5th house:

  • The native can be intelligent and good advisor.
  • Native can be fond of speculation and sensual pleasures.
  • Can be good learner but timid too.
  • Can have some progeny related issues.


Moon in 6th house:

  • The health may give troubles in daily life.
  • Health issues related stomach, kidney or skin can be there.
  • The native can get favors from govt.
  • Quarrel and court issues can give troubles.


Moon in 7th house:

  • Overall married life can be questionable.
  • Good looking spouse and good income from daily business.
  • The native can have cool nature and artisictic talents.
  • There can be progeny related issues or sexual problems.

Moon in 8th house:

  • The native can be intelligent with good intuition power.
  • Health issues related to stomach, eyesight or diabetes.
  • Native can lose money in gambling or speculations.
  • Can be attached to mother.


Moon in 9th house: .

  • The native can be obedient to elders and devoted to god.
  • Can be fond of travelling.
  • Native can be wealthy and charitable too.
  • In general, good health.

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Moon in 10th house:

  • The native can be a respected and charitable person.
  • Can be fond of good food and jewels.
  • The native can be dutiful and successful in business.
  • Native can get favors from government too.


  Moon in 11th house:

  • The native can have comforts like vehicles, servants and houses.
  • Native can good friends and support from friends.
  • Native can be popular with many gains.


Moon in 12th house:

  • The native can have mental worries and hidden enemies.
  • The native can be occult sciences and sensual pleasures.
  • Health problems related to eyes can be there.

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