Nakshatra/Star: Jyeshtha (16°40’  – 30°00’  Scorpio)


Jyeshtha is the 18th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac ruled by planet Mercury, often known as “The Chief or Elder Star”. This nakshatra relates to all those in authority positions. Jyeshtha Folks are generally obsessed of their image and very much concerned about how others perceive them. Those born in this nakshatra have excellent physical stamina and a good physical appearance. Easiest way to spot them is to pay attention to their penetrating and probing eyes. These natives are very Self Certain, Self Reliant, Control Freaks kind. The qualities make them appear like a very proud person, but sometimes facts are actually different. A revengeful and vindictive tendency is often noticed in Jyeshtha natives. They also fall prey to jealousy very easily and are always on lookout to put others down. A strong competitive spirit rather than an internal direction is what makes them manifest full extent of their abilities. Jyeshtha is not a good moon for sharing credit with others.


Goodness of Jyeshtha natives lies in their ability to be protective towards weak, subordinate, helpless and underprivileged. They can purge themselves headlong into danger in order to protect others. Besides sticking to their word, they have a responsible attitude to affairs that fall under their domain. However, at times they can also carry their sense of responsibility and protectiveness to extremes. In today’s day and age, most of Jyeshtha’s functioning is confined to military, police and similar martian pursuits. Since all these forces are guided and controlled by a dark elite, there is no real sense in zealously identifying oneself with these branches.

The primary motivation of Jyeshtha nakshatra is Artha or Material Prosperity. They are artistic, lover of ornaments, costly dresses, dreamers, brave, agriculturists, philosophical and well-talented. They are an expert at working with their hands and at fashioning metals. They can be involved in religious practices while simultaneously entrenched in materialistic pursuits. It is the nakshatra of the creative eccentric. Jyeshtha natives often finds social destiny as a politician or an influential religious leader. They possess a mix of the qualities of Mercury and Mars. The Shakti of this nakshatra  is Arohona Shakti  i.e.  “the power to rise, conquer, and gain courage in battle”.

Jyeshtha is reverential towards its elders (or those more powerful than itself) and is protective towards its juniors or subordinates. It  is Satvic in sense that it is ready to sacrifice a lot of pleasures and enjoyments for sake of its duties and commitments. Behind its fixed and stern Mangal exterior, Jyeshtha is pretty light, floaty and airy in disposition. Jyeshtha hankers for freedom and movement, but is usually constrained by its outer image, responsibilities or circumstances. For example, a police officer may like to join crowd in a rock concert, but he cannot do it because of his job and position.

One peculiarity of Jyeshtha is that it gives prosperity only through some occult, supernatural or extraordinary means. Reason being this whole nakshatra falls in Scorpio sign ( 8th House of Kaal Purusha ) so power comes through penance, other occult activities.

Symbol: Round Talisman, Circular Earring, Umbrella

hoop earring


Star Lord:  Mercury ( Budh )

Ruling Deity: Indra, the King of the Gods


A “round talisman” is seen as a symbol of Divine protection, also as an authoritarian position. 

A “circular earring” is also a sort of round talisman, and all kings of past were expected to wear big round earrings. Thus an”earring” be seen as a symbol of this Nakshatra.

An ”umbrella” is an alternative symbol of this Nakshatra. Most basic function of an umbrella is to protect one from rain, sun or wind , i.e. nature’s forces. In same way this Nakshatra is supposed to provide protection against universal forces. This is reason why all kings and queens in olden days never went out without an umbrella on top of their head. It was most visible royal insignia.

Indra comes out as a rumbustious, proud, vain, tricky and unreliable character in most of Puranic stories. Most of elements of his nature are conveyed through this Nakshatra. An afflicted Jyeshtha will tend to bring out negative qualities like depravation, misuse of power and authority, unnecessary vanity etc., while a well fortified Jyeshtha will bring about prosperity, genuine concern and protectiveness towards others.

Jyeshtha natives should avoid the temptation to believe that “one knows better” what is good for the partner or the people.

Ascendant in Jyeshtha: Honored, intent on their dharma, writing skill, smooth and respected, loose moral and much passion, many friends, well-liked, love of children, charitable.

The Moon in Jyeshtha: Virtuous, irritable at times, musical gifts, obstinate nature, good stamina, many job changes, trouble early in life, tormented.

The moon in Jyeshtha indicates a person with a sense of seniority and superiority, who is protective, responsible and a leader of their family. They are wise, profound, psychic, maybe with occult powers, and are courageous and inventive. They may experience poverty and hardship in life and can be reclusive and secretive.

The Sun in Jyeshtha: Attains fame but desires seclusion, ambitious nature, hard working, high social status, good executive ability, family obligations and responsibilities, imaginative and innovative mind.

Career interests: Self-employed, Management leaders, Military leaders, Musicians, Dancers, Police detectives, Engineers, Intellectuals, Philosophers, Administrative posts of all types, Occultists (mainly black magicians), Athletes, especially sprinters, Telecommunication industry related professions, Air traffic controllers and radar experts, Surgeons, Forest rangers.

Health issues: Ailments like pain in the joints, cough and cold, sleeplessness, genital organs, ovaries, muscular problems, neck pain, ear aches, stomach problems.

Shadowy side: If afflicted, causes poverty and fall from grace. They have few friends and desire seclusion. Secretive and hypocritical nature, conflicts of one’s self-respect and image, arrogance, pride and egotism.

According to Varahamihira, Chandra in Jyeshtha gives ” an angry disposition, few friends, lustfulness , contentment and a sense of responsibility ”.

Remedy: Paying reverence to higher authorities, elderly people, remaining good in one’s approach and conviction is the best remedial measure for getting good results of this nakshatra.




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