Nakshatra/Star: Poorva Aashada (13°20’ – 26°40’ Sagittarius)


Poorva Aashada is the 20th Nakshatra/Star of Zodiac ruled by planet Venus, often known as “The Invincible Star”. Poorva Aashada means the undefeated( Aparajita ) or unsubdued one, with Early Victory. These natives are very proud people with the ability to influence and empathize with the masses. This nakshatra usually brings fame, wealth, fertility and much wisdom. It is a purely Jal nakshatra. The planet Venus reaches its highest individual energy here. So, the natives born under this nakshatra have a prominent influence of Venus in their lives and characteristics.They are Fashion Freaks; artistic, beauty, fame, glamour, show off takes P.Aashada fancy like no other thing. Highly Compassionate, Kind hearted and Empathic People they are, having sacrifice attitude for others without expecting anything in return. These native may go through lot of difficulties but they live their lives with high dignity, self respect and have an attitude of supremacy. They may not be interested in settling for smaller issues and always try to learn higher aspects of life. The shakti revealed here is “Varchograhana shakti: the Power of Invigorating“.


This Nakshatra has consciousness of Jupiter, the Rashi lord and imprints or impressions of its Nakshatra lord Venus. Both Jupiter and Venus are gurus in their own sense. Even though both are benefics, they are conflicting energies, so there will be some negative impact also. These folks go through lot of confusions in their lives and cannot take any decisions at one time. They take more time in taking any decisions. Sometimes it will be positive, but in most of the situations,  it will be delayed. They also cannot take criticism of others positively. Sometimes they think themselves as very intelligent and superior. There may be some obsession to achieve many things in life. If Moon is afflicted in this nakshatra, then this obsession becomes multifold and will be very problematic to them. Poorva Aashada natives have dominating personalities and possesses extraordinary argument capabilities. They can prove themselves right with this personality trait of being able to convince anyone and everyone, doesn’t matter if  they are right or wrong.

In General, These natives come across as friendly and concerned human being who are very much empathetic about other problems and tries to solve them to their maximum potential. It is their endearing behavioral characteristic that they possess which makes them quite popular in the people surrounding them. They are quite hard working and works towards their aim with full faith and achieve what they want. They are truthful, god fearing and hate hypocrisy. These natives will never come in the way of others prosperity or development. They are confident, self made and true to themselves and to the world. The confidence of these people sometime takes the form of arrogance and they cannot be deterred from doing what they have decided to do once. They enjoy varied interests, ranging from ancient art to music to mystics and occult sciences. But these interests are never properly planned till the end of young age. It is only in the middle age that Poorva Aashada born seriously start thinking about pursuing any of these interests.

The natives of this nakshatra would not receive any benefit from their parents while their siblings could appear as their support in their path towards their growth. Besides this, these people are perceived to spend their lives quiet far from their parental land due to professional responsibilities.

The arena of Poorva Aashada  is perceived to the ocean of immense courage and endurance as to the never ending extent besides which it shines with love, care and kindness. This enclosure possesses truly forgiving shades and is endowed with success and victory.

Symbol: Hand Fan, Winnowing Basket

Hand Fan’ signifies these people are very useful to the society. Sagittarius is a fiery sign but Poorva Aashada nakshatra people are relatively cooler. They know how and what to talk with others. Their communication will be soft and crisp. Even in adverse situations they know the art of keeping themselves peaceful.

hand fan

Winnowing basket’ is used to separate grain from chaff. Which signify separating good from bad, uncovering hidden talents.

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Star Lord: Venus( Shukra )

Ruling Deities: Apah( the Goddess of Water ), Varuna( the God of Rains )


Apah” is ruling deity of this Nakshatra .It is the divine water /elixir which gives life, key to immortality. It brings health and medicine, drives away and cures all madaies. A better healer than any physician.

Lord Varuna


Poorva Aashada  is one of the most Optimistic Nakshatra with Sagittarius Qualities like leaps of faith, ambitiousness, adventurous spirit, wild exuberance, philosophical zeal, wanderlust, most associated with Joy of living. These natives like to live each moment to its complete fullness without a care for past or future. They have strong desire to live a good life. Improvement of circumstances is always main concern for them. They can be honest at times, but they always like to keep a part of themselves secret, just as ocean gods and goddesses like to have a mysterious touch about them. They have a flamboyant way about themselves, which reflects through their dressing, communication and their work. They usually don’t fare well at formal education and are often seen dropping out of schools and universities.

Ascendant in Poorva Aashada: Proud nature, position of high respect, faithful to their mate, good marriage, humble, many friends and children, strong interest in law and politics.

The Moon in Poorva Aashada: Attractive, charismatic leader, obstinate, convincing power, dictatorial, intelligent, good communicator, highly philosophical nature, writing skills, strong attachment to certain friends.

The moon in Poorva Aashada indicates a person who is proud, independent, and invincible with strong influence and power over others. They are ambitious and fearless, with a strong urge to better themselves. They have deep emotions and are philosophical, but they can also be confrontational, angry and harshly spoken.

The Sun in Poorva Aashada: Leadership skills, philosophical, political interests, good speaking skills, slow but steady recognition and fame, humanitarian concern, charitable, interest in sports,competitive, strange personality challenges, zealous.

Career interests:  They generally have a variety of career interests, but generally the fields of medicine and fine arts are the most suitable ones for them. They are not recommended for ventures where important decision making is needed. Fields of science and philosophy are good career interests from the success point of view.

Sailors, navy personnel, marine life experts, shipping industry, fishing professions, entertainment industry, rock stars, professional motivators and inspirers, teachers & preachers of motivational philosophies, professional hosts & hostesses,  managers of all types, poets, writers, artists, painters, all industries processing raw materials, especially liquids, refineries, war strategists & weapons experts, costume designers, fashion experts, hair dressers, para jumpers, hot air balloonists, flying profession, especially in regards to civilian transport, beauticians, herbalists,those working in amusement parks, all professions associated with water and liquids in all its forms.

Health issues:  Bladder, kidney problems, Sexual diseases, Colds and lung problems, Sciatica, Rheumatism,uterine problems.


Shadowy side: Exhibiting over-expansive nature, doing things without considering others opinion, obstinacy to the extent of not submitting to others demand. Mental aggression and self-deception.

According to Varahamihira, Chandra in Poorva Aashada ”makes one have a loving and proud spouse, while native is of a proud disposition and steady in friendships”.


Remedy:  Best remedial measure is to worship goddess Lakshmi, and other venusian deities, like Lalita and Tripurasundari.





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